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CPAlead Review

I first heard about CPAlead when Jehzlau mentioned it to me last year. He was so excited about his earnings and he convinced me to try it. So, I applied for an account immediately.

CPAlead LogoHowever, during that time, an account is reviewed manually and approval takes 2 to 3 days. I did not receive any approval or denial of my application. My excitement went down and forgot about it until 3 days ago.

Three days ago, my wife got interested on CPAlead after reading about it on Facebook. She immediately applied for an account and got approved instantly! She asked me for help understanding it. How do we create the widgets? How do we add it on our blogs? She gave me her account credentials and let me do the job of installing the code.

I installed the code on her blog and on some posts on this blog. Those post under Premium Post category on this blog are the only posts with the CPAlead code on it. And guess what happened? How much did we earn?

For the full 24 hours yesterday, here is the screenshot of our earnings:

CPAlead earnings

She earned $20+ from her blog alone. (Mine is obviously around $10). Considering that she only earns an average of $3/day on Google Adsense on her blog, that’s a big improvement! Now, she’s more motivated in blogging. 🙂

Ok. Enough of the testimonial. Let’s talk about CPAlead and why my wife’s blog earned that much on her first 24 hours.

What is CPAlead?
CPAlead is a cost-per-action ad network, where you get paid when your visitor completed an action, on this case, filling up a survey. Each completed survey costs between $0.20 to $10.00. What makes it different from other ad network is that it forces your visitors to complete the survey, otherwise, they will not be able to access your content. It blocks your visitor from reading your post / accessing your content unless he finished a survey. Surveys are targeted for each country. There are surveys for US, UK, Canada and many more.

What if there’s no survey available for my country?
If there’s no available survey for your visitor’s country, you have a choice to just let them in or to block them completely. In our case, I just let them in so that they can read the posts and gain access to my other ad networks’ advertisements such as Chitika, Infolinks and Adsense.

What kind of sites works well with CPALead?
CPAlead works best for website with quality content where visitors would be motivated to fill up the survey just to access your content. In my wife’s case, she blogs about Facebook cheats most of the time. Since many people are addicted playing Farmville, Cafe World, Fishville, etc., they are very much motivated to complete the survey just to read the cheats she blogged about. According to some CPAlead veterans who earn as much as $1000/day, TV sites and movie sites convert very well. That is, visitors must fill up the survey to watch the movie or TV episodes.

Is it allowed to use both CPAlead and Adsense on the same page?
According to CPAlead FAQ, it works well with Adsense. But your Adsense CTR and earnings will be affected. Since your visitors are blocked first until they answer a survey, the chance of your Adsense ads getting clicked is very low. That’s why I only used it on some of my posts and not sitewide.

They pay via check, wire transfer if you are in the US, and via Paypal.

If you have a blog or website with quality content, where your visitors will not mind filling up a survey just to access your content, this is for you. I think, this will also convert well on flash game sites, tutorial sites and download sites. Try it. Sign-up here!

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. excited na kong itry to kuya, pero first i increase ko muna traffic sa blog ko.

  2. eto pala un. ma-try nga

  3. siguro dapat mataas ang traffic ng blog ko bago ko i try to..pero exciting ha.laki na kaagad ng kinita niyo..

    Kuya Marghil, ask ko lang if pwede ko ba pagsamahin ang adsense at adbrite sa blog ko. pwede po ba? hindi ba xa conflict?

  4. ok i’ll try this …
    i trust your recommendation naman eh

  5. I don’t know if they have approved my application. After I filled up the forms, a page displayed with the Mailbox, Affilliate ID and the word Logout, which means I’ve logged in, right? I’m quite confused kasi sabi mo kuya eh 3 days ka na approve but I saw the user page at an instant, hindi ko lang sure kung yun na nga yung user/affiliate page…

  6. @llama… pwede sila magkasama, basta magkaiba lang ng format, yung distinguishable ang adsense ad at adbrite ad. ayaw kasi ng adsense na kapareho yung format ng ad nila.

    @mangalary… instant approval sila ngayon. misis ko, ganyan din eh. so, you’re already logged in.

  7. Thanks sir macuha! been thinking kung kuha ako account sa cpa lead. Thanks to your post, ayun sumali na ako 😀 Im still waiting kung mapagkikitaan ko ito haha 😀 Mejo nacoconfuse pa ako panu gamitin ung widget ng cpalead wah! haha 😀

  8. Actually last year ko pa alam ito.

    Pero kagabi ko lang sinubukan nung nabasa ko ito. Approved agad ang application ko after ko nafill-up ang data ko.

    When I checked my earnings today, may $2.57 na ako in half-day. Cool!

  9. huhu ang gulo pala mag-setup nito =( wah

  10. OK, thanks for this info., Macuha… I will try my new luck on this new online opportunity…

  11. Naku nagtry din ako kapatid and it looks promising talaga. Napagawa tuloy ako agad ng another site. This is better sa mga niche blog lalo na yung movies, mga merong downloads, tv series etc. Pero dapat me content talaga kasi mababan ka agad sa site nila pag fake ang content. So far nireredirect ko lang yung ibang post ko sa mataas na traffic to the new one. 3 days akong gumawa ng bagong site at sinalpakan ko ng laman aba nung inaapply ko approved agad. Oks to magandang kitaan talaga.

  12. I’ve been earning money through other CPA networks but seeing that you have been successful with CPALead, i’m gonna give it a try. Thanks

  13. ang galing! grabe, your 1 day worth is equivalent ng months ko with cpalead hehehe..

  14. zalds introduce me to this one but di ko pa gaano pinansin, natatakot kasi ako na baka ma ban sa adsense. I tried to contact adsense regarding this but they have not replied. I tried searching for information in the net but I cannot find a clear reference if this is suitable for Adsense..

  15. Dexter, create pages without Adsense in your site. On those pages, place CPAlead. You can use your other webpages to drive traffic to those new pages.

  16. Ok, yung dati kong comment dito e nahirapan ako mag implement ng CPA LEad sa website ko. Madali lng pla! may plug-in specially designed for this. search nyo lang sa net. 😀 Galing! naka $3 na ako. HAHA 😀

  17. Kuya Marghil, ask ko lang po kung pwede ba ako sumali sa buyblogreviews.com gamit yung blog ko na may adsense?

  18. Thanks sa link Spitfire.

    Actually, napansin ko, auto approve ang application sa cpalead ngayon. Di katulad dati, kung talagang wala kang website na matino, di ka maapprove.

  19. hello po,kelangan pla tlga mlakas ung traffic b4 ka maaprrove sa cpa lead?

  20. maganda ang cpa lead kaysa adsense

  21. nice post. brief and concise. you got me interested with cpa lead. i’ll try it now. thanks.

  22. Nice review dude. I’ll give this one a shot. Post ka naman ng update mo regarding your cpalead adventures. 😀

  23. Thanks for the info. I’m searching po kung pano i-insert ung widget ng cpalead per post sa wordpress blog para di sa main homepage magre-reflect yung widget. Kindly help for more details.

    Thank you

  24. I’m not sure how this works, but I will be signing up now. Will let you guys know how it goes.

  25. being a non-techie, i’m finding it hard to incorporate this into my websites/blogs. but i’m not giving up.

  26. Hi,

    i am signing for the program today. sana maka-earn di ako dito. thanks…

  27. wooooooot! u mentioned me here pala ngayon ko lang natanggap ang magical ping. wooot! 😀 hehehe.

  28. and oh, sulit ang cpalead pag may mga live stream ka na totoong live stream talaga ng mga different events like boxing, olympics, etc. 🙂 Maraming mag fifill up ng survey. 😉

  29. Bakit wala ng cpalead ang Premium Post category ng site mo idol?

  30. dati ko n rin naririnig to pero di ko ginagawa, ngayon lang. instant approval, hehehe… pero medyo di ko pa alam gagawin after ma approve… abangan ang susunod na kabanata… hehehe

  31. Honestly the best way to make money right now, thank you for the article, some useful tips just remeber if you are looking to make big money with CPAlead you need to customize your widgets, with a new gateway design and change the default wording…Great way to get some of those leads to actually turn into profits.

  32. bakit po parang i got disabled from CPA lead, when i tried to login, this message appears

    i have validated my account the day i joined the site, i cant even contact madison eh, help

  33. hello po kuya…nag sign up po ako last week kaso lang not sure ako dito…until nabasa ko itong blog nyo po…nag ka interest ulit ako….tanong ko lang po ..pano at saan ko ba imarket ang cpclead???pwed ba dito sa pinas??salamat po

  34. I tested it on my blog ..pero ang nakalagay ” sorry no offer available in your area”bakit po itoh??

  35. can you just say me approximately how many page impression was served to earn this $30.56 ???

    i think nearly 3000 page impression ?? am i correct ??

    thanks is advance …

  36. please reply .. please…

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