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SEO Smart Links Plugin Makes Link Building Easier

SEO Smart Links plugin is a must-have for a SEO-conscious blog. Why? Because it makes internal link building easier and automatic.

Like if I want every mention of the word “make money online” (edit: the plugin added that link! 😀 ) on this blog automatically links to this blog homepage, I will just set it there and WordPress will comply automatically. Even category pages can be automatically linked once the category name is mentioned on the post, all you need is to configure it on the plugin settings page.

You still have some control on the plugins, like setting the maximum number of links it will generate in a post and the maximum links for each keyword. It also have exclude option where you can specify pages and posts you don’t want links to be generated automatically.

And one more thing, you are not tied to simple internal linking. You can also use it for external linking. Like if I want every mention of a word to link to an affiliate link or an external site, it’s possible.

You can download SEO Smart Links here. It’s compatible up to WordPress 2.9.1.

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. Thank you kapatid! Will try this one. Happy New Year nga pala!

  2. wow , so does this edit your posts literally? or once you remove the plug-in, so does the links go too?

  3. @allen… it adds the links “on the fly.” if you remove the plugin, the links will go too. if you edit the target URL for a keyword, it will take effect immediately.

  4. alex madlangbayan

    nice tip again Marhgil. tnx

  5. I am using this plugin..but however, there seems to be no links appearing on my posts..

  6. wow. now im finding more and more reasons to migrate to a hosted WP blog.

  7. I’m currently using a similar plugin. It makes typing in SEO-baited posts quite a lot easier. Pantamad in short hahaha.

  8. I am using this plugin for some time now, when I saw it in one of the seo blog, on my blog it affects only at the post page and not in the home page.

  9. I am also using this plugin. I just already forgot where I learned about it. It is really helpful for internal link building.

  10. i couldn’t resist not to comment.. thanks ng marami sa share marhgil! thanks!

  11. I’m quite confused as to how this plugin will work..Will it put links automatically or you will have to do it by yourself? I have the plugin installed but..I do not see any linking within the post..

  12. Just bookmarked this page. Thanks a lot for sharing!


  13. WOW nc one heheh hey marghil tnx for the tip

  14. thanks for sharing this post. I used it in my website. more power to all pinoy bloggers! cheers

  15. Thanks! I will try to download and use it. Regards!

  16. Nice info man I will try this on my blog astig na pinoy

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