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The Tale of the Missing 20 Pesos aka Smart Unlisurf is NOT Unlimited Afterall

I checked my Smart balance this morning and I was surprised to see that I got a deduction of 20 pesos. Yesterday, it was 256, now, it’s only 236. I did not make any calls yesterday and I still have free texts to any networks, so, where did that 20 pesos go?

So, I called Smart hotline *888 and ask why am I deducted that 20 pesos. The agent checked my last transaction and then informed me that that 20 pesos is for Unli-Facebook subscription. So I told them that I did not subscribe for Unli-Facebook, besides, I’m on Smart Unlisurf plan which I only registered 2 days ago. I paid 300 pesos for a 7-day Unlisurf plan. Then, this agent, named Cathy Magio, told me that it’s because I visited m.facebook.com. That’s what triggers the automatic subscription on Unli-Facebook and automatic deduction of 20 pesos. But hey! I’m on UNLISURF plan! I should be able to visit any website without worrying of any unwanted charges, right?? Well, she said, that’s the case, except if I visit m.facebook.com where I will be automatically subscribed to their Unli-Facebook plan! Well, that’s wrong! Why would I subscribe to unli-Facebook if I already have Unlisurf? Our talk just goes like that all over again, the agent telling me that it is really the case and I am insisting that it should not be, then, I asked to talk to her supervisor in which she put me on hold and then disconnected me for no reason!

I tried calling them several times, and each agent I talked to seems clueless on this thing. Do I really need to avoid m.facebook.com to avoid getting additional charges despite me being on Smart Unlisurf already? Logic tells me that it should not be the case. I am on Unlisurf, not on Unlisurf-except-FB plan. So, I should not be charged anything when I visit m.facebook.com since I already paid 300 pesos for unlimited surfing. UNLIMITED means no limit, right? So, why give me some limitations?

I already sent my concern thru Smartcares and thru Smart Webconnect. Let’s see their replies since I can’t get a decent answer from their call center agents. It’s only 20 pesos, but imagine if a million subscribers get deducted 20 pesos everyday without them knowing it?

I’ll update this post when I get a reply from them.

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. Smart Communications, when it comes to hidden charges, is KING! And their customer service hotline is bad too. A lot of agents are rude and clueless. Kaya nga I switched to Globe.

  2. NOt only sa hidden charges. Smart is well-known sa mga naglalahong load. DI ko pa nasubukang mag-Smart, but my Dad complains about this all the time! laging nawawala ang load nya… tapos ngayon eto, the not-so-unlimited-unlisurf!

  3. tama ka sir macuha hindi talaga unlimited kc my kakilala ako na gumagamit ng smart at 700 people a day ang tnitxt nya eh nauubusan daw kaya ngswitch sya sa globe. sabi nya mas honest ang globe kung unlimited unlimited talaga….

  4. badtrip talaga yang Smart…. marami silang autoregister ek-ek…. na experience ko na rin yang autoregister na yan… imagine araw araw nakakareceive ako ng 2 job alerts kahit wala akong subscription sa kahit anong job agency… tapos 2.50 ang bawas kada job alert… nagreklamo ako sa kanila pero hindi ko na rin nakuha yung mga nabawasa sa load… after nun nag switch na rin ako sa globe… may mga experience na rin ako sa globe na nababawasan ako ng load pero kahit papano nababawi ko naman.

  5. Go Marhgil! We need a popular blogger like you (and others out there) to express our consumer rights to the big players in the industry for us to be heard. Thanks!

  6. hay naku yang smart na yan, kakaload ko lang kinain na agan ng mga walang kwentang pinapadalang messages nila na di naman ako nag subscribe. saktong emergency pa naman un. smart? not so smart at all. leche

  7. Aside from this issue, i just registered to their unlitxt for 5 days promo and what do you know after a few hours i just got this very shocking message, “Check Operator Service” not to mention I should still have about 40 pesos remaining since I loaded 100 pesos. Anyone knows where to file a complaint?

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