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The Tale of the Missing 20 Pesos aka Smart Unlisurf is NOT Unlimited Afterall

I checked my Smart balance this morning and I was surprised to see that I got a deduction of 20 pesos. Yesterday, it was 256, now, it’s only 236. I did not make any calls yesterday and I still have free texts to any networks, so, where did that 20 pesos go?

So, I called Smart hotline *888 and ask why am I deducted that 20 pesos. The agent checked my last transaction and then informed me that that 20 pesos is for Unli-Facebook subscription. So I told them that I did not subscribe for Unli-Facebook, besides, I’m on Smart Unlisurf plan which I only registered 2 days ago. I paid 300 pesos for a 7-day Unlisurf plan. Then, this agent, named Cathy Magio, told me that it’s because I visited m.facebook.com. That’s what triggers the automatic subscription on Unli-Facebook and automatic deduction of 20 pesos. But hey! I’m on UNLISURF plan! I should be able to visit any website without worrying of any unwanted charges, right?? Well, she said, that’s the case, except if I visit m.facebook.com where I will be automatically subscribed to their Unli-Facebook plan! Well, that’s wrong! Why would I subscribe to unli-Facebook if I already have Unlisurf? Our talk just goes like that all over again, the agent telling me that it is really the case and I am insisting that it should not be, then, I asked to talk to her supervisor in which she put me on hold and then disconnected me for no reason!

I tried calling them several times, and each agent I talked to seems clueless on this thing. Do I really need to avoid m.facebook.com to avoid getting additional charges despite me being on Smart Unlisurf already? Logic tells me that it should not be the case. I am on Unlisurf, not on Unlisurf-except-FB plan. So, I should not be charged anything when I visit m.facebook.com since I already paid 300 pesos for unlimited surfing. UNLIMITED means no limit, right? So, why give me some limitations?

I already sent my concern thru Smartcares and thru Smart Webconnect. Let’s see their replies since I can’t get a decent answer from their call center agents. It’s only 20 pesos, but imagine if a million subscribers get deducted 20 pesos everyday without them knowing it?

I’ll update this post when I get a reply from them.

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.

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