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Manny Pacquiao Lolong Panot Bruhaha

Update: Noemi updated her post and explained more on thepoc.net. Like what I’ve said below, I still don’t think Pacquiao’s reply to her is appropriate being a congressman of the country. But as a human, it’s normal to get irked when someone tweeted you “why the f*ck…”. He should have thought twice though before replying magreklamo ka sa lolo mo, because he’s a congressman and not just an ordinary citizen.

I just like to say my 2 cents regarding this issue. Apparently, I was monitoring this issue and read Noemi’s post about Pacquiao’s strange tweets. At first, I was surprised on why would Pacquiao would reply “@momblogger e di mag reklamo ka doon sa lolo mo hahahaha” after she asked “Why are you not in plenary?”

That’s basically the story on Noemi’s post. She asked Pacquiao a harmless question, and Pacquiao replied the infamous tweet. Noemi even said: “I don’t understand why he would retort to such language when my question was not hard to understand. Perhaps he got offended with @RAandRat’s tweet? Still I asked a valid question. He could have easily gone down to Manila to vote.”

Is Noemi’s story accurate? Did she simply ask a simple question and Pacquiao replied “e di mag reklamo ka doon sa lolo mo hahahaha”.

Looking at the curated tweets at Noemi’s storify which I embedded below, you’ll see that her story is not accurate. Here are the tweet storyline (removing tweets not significant on the story)

Pacquiao tweeted “I’m watching impeachment trial very interesting topic good night everyone thanks”

Noemi (@momblogger) asked Pacquiao, “Why are you not at the plenary?”

Neverending replied, “@momblogger If I remember right, @CongMP has a fight in a few weeks.”

RandRat reacted, “@nerveending to hell with @congmp. Why the f*ck did you run for congress when you know you’d barely be present? @momblogger”

Noemi RT’d RandRat,”wondering too RT @RAndRat: @nerveending to hell with @congmp. Why the f*ck did you run for congress when you know you’d barely be present”

Pacquiao replied “@momblogger e di mag reklamo ka doon sa lolo mo hahahaha thanks”

As you can see above, Noemi retweeted RandRat’s tweet, complete with expletives. That part, was not mentioned on Noemi’s version of the story.

Now, imagine you are Pacquiao and you logged in to your Twitter account. You checked your account to see the @replies on your account. Which one will you read first? The harmless question, or the retweet with expletives? Twitter arranges the @replies in chronological order, with the LATEST tweet first.

Miss Noemi, Pacquiao is replying to your RT with the expletives and not with your harmless question. He read it first, followed by RAndRat and maybe, after getting irked, chances are he might not have read your harmless question. Notice that he replied to you first before he replied to RandRat.

Although I still think Pacquiao’s reply was inappropriate being a Congressman, still, I think, Noemi’s post with her RT not mentioned on her story was also inappropriate. That RT made the difference. Without mentioning that RT, Pacquiao looked like a fool replying to a harmless question. With that RT in the story, I see a normal person responding to someone disrespecting him.

Kung tanungin ka ng pabalang, sasagot ka ba ng matino?

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. Good analysis, I must say. That RT must have taken its toll on him making him to reply that infamous tweet. I have watched @CongMP account since day 1 at nakita ko kung paano niya pinagpasensyahan mga hindi magagandang tweets sa kanya sa umpisa pa lang. Pinagtawanan ang grammar niya at tinatawag pa siyang “bobo” pero hinayaan niya yun kahit obvious naman sa mga tweets niya na affected din siya. He even wanted to delete his account on the second day but his fans begged him to stay. For me, it’s really advisable for these big celebrities to have assistants who can manage tweets for them.

  2. nice screen captures margil, pero mukang nag delete na ng twitter account si pacman, nabwisit ata. hehe.

    Tama c Frenchy dapat kumuha na lang sya ng assistant nya na mag tweet para sa kanya.

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