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Google Adsense and P!nay $candal

Last October, 2007, I started a SEO campaign about P!nay $candal. It was a success, with lots of bloggers joining the campaign blogging about it. Some people are even messaging me up to these days if they can join it.

Today, however, after more than 3 years, I was informed by a friend who joined the campaign that his Google Adsense account was disabled (not banned). Google contacted him and told him that the reason is his p!nay $candal post. This happened 2 weeks ago, he already deleted the post and made an appeal, but up to now, Google has not replied to him yet, and his Adsense is still disabled on his particular site, but it still works on his other sites.

It seems like Google Adsense is becoming stricter with their policy. Although we don’t promote adult-content, getting flagged, having your Adsense disabled and appealing is not a good experience. According to some forums, an appeal can take days, weeks or even months before Google respond.

So, although I started it, I’m recommending everyone who joined the campaign who has an Adsense ad on it to delete the post so as to avoid getting your ads disabled and go thru all the hassles of appealing.

I guess, this is the end of this campaign. Thanks for all the support and I’m sorry to anyone who joined the campaign for any trouble that it might have caused you.

Please spread the word and inform those people who joined the campaign. Thanks.

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. my p!nay $candal post was some sort of blogger’s baptism of fire for me.

    Sad ending for the campaign 🙁

  2. Thanks for the info.. My P!nay $candal post is now located at blog where no adsense ads on it..

  3. in addition about adult articles, also kindly delete whoever has an article about hacking. My adsense account last month has been disable because of my hacking post. Now I already deleted my article about hacking and already implemented my second adsense account, hope it will not ban me again…

  4. I don’t want to risk so I delete all those posts.

  5. Hi! Thank you for informing me regarding this. I’ll just probably unpublish it and save as draft. ^^

  6. one of my blogs is suspended rin because of a hacking post 🙁 ngayon lang, 2 hours ago

    we need to clean up our acts! hehehe

  7. my pinay scandal post is always on my top traffic post.
    that will be true for a small blog like mine.
    so sad to know na dapat na pala siyang idelete.
    maybe we can tweak the content and just said that we had deleted the content, just to avoid some 404 error.

    i agree, with a lot of publishers nowadays, we really must be careful.

    but one thought lang po, baka naman wala siyang traffic with other topic?

  8. but yup, i had deleted the pinay $candal related posts, about 10 of them.

  9. hmm. my ads are back. wala pa naman akong ginagawang action

  10. ngayong lang ako nakapag comment dito.
    btw, binura ko na rin ung post ko about PS last year pa.
    pero nang hihinayang ako sa traffic na dala nito araw araw, buti nalang anjan ang ebook mo marhgil salamat.
    hanap nalang uli tayo ng panibagong hitlod keywords.

  11. thanks for the heads up! sayang lakas pa naman ng traffic nun

  12. That’s why pala I search the keyword P!n@@y $k@nd^L ( using the right spelling of course ) using the google adword keyword tool, about 135,000 nalang ang search result worldwide and local result.. Also I had a post using the keyword, my ads were not disabled but the ads do not show up in that post only. I’ll stop using that keyword from now on…:((

  13. buti nalang wala ako nun hehe.. thanks for thes post. dpo ba may post din kayong pinay scandal sir macuha?

  14. I encountered same problem with my other blog. Mahigpit talaga ang adsense sa ganyan buti nalang hindi din ako na banned. Disabled din lang sa isa ko blog. Wala ako ginamit na term na P..nay S..cndal. The reason kung baket na disabled is gumawa ako ng article about paid to click naman which is hindi naman ako nagpromote about ptc. Dinelete ko agad then I made an appeal pero talaga mahigpit. Gamitin ko nalng daw adsense ko sa ibang blogsite.. hehe

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