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AS/400 and Blogging

After more than a week on training, I learned the following common AS/400 commands: STRSEU, EDTLIBL, WRKLIBPDM, WRKOBJPDM, WRKMBRPDM, WRKSPLF, STRQRY, RUNQRY, CRTPF, CRTLF, STRDFU, WRKSBMJOB, DSPFFD. Marami pang iba pero yan pa lang ang naaalala ko.

AS/400 On The Internet

I am currently attending an AS/400 training, and part of the training is hands-on exercises. Syempre, dapat lang na may hands-on dahil walang kwenta ang training kung puro salita lang. I find the training really challenging. Kasi naman, the development environment is so jurassic that you need to familiarize (or …

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