My First WordPress Theme

Remember my Kukote In A Jar blog in Blogspot? Here is what it looks like in the Web Archive. Well, I did not totally abandon that design, and one night while I was bored, I tried to convert it into a WordPress Theme. I’m not going to use it here … Continue reading

Job Openings

Our company needs programmers. I voluntarily post this job requirements here in my blog because we urgently need these people. Be my officemate! Apply now! Here are the details:

Maz Jobrani Video

Maz Jobrani, who is he? He is a standup comedian from Iran. And he is funny. I’ve worked in the Middle East for at least a year and I understand his sentiments. Not all Middle Easterners are terrorists, just as the same as not all Filipinos are Abu Sayyaf. Ok, … Continue reading

Call Center Tricks On Building Rapport

In a call center, one way to close a deal and make a sale is to build rapport to a caller when talking to them. When the caller already feels comfortable talking to you, asking him to avail the product you are offering will be easier. Here are two tricks … Continue reading

Cellphone Wish On Rainy Days

Rain, rain go away. Just come back on Saturday. A bright sunny morning greets me everyday. A thunderous rain shower accompany me every night. That is the climate here in Manila, Which made me wish that Nokia make a cellphone with built-in umbrella. Rain, rain go away Just come back … Continue reading

CPA Licensure Exam Results

Update (October 22, 2007): If you are looking for the October 2007 results, check my latest blog post here. The results are out! Here is what is written on the Official List provided by PRC: The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) announces that 1,406 out of 4,654 passed the Certified Public … Continue reading

The Traffic That Miss Universe 2007 Brought

After being indexed by Google last night, this blog got huge traffic today because of people searching for miss universe 2007 winner. It just hit the first page of Google for those keywords, and since today is the Miss Universe 2007 Coronation Night, people started searching for it. That’s why … Continue reading

Who Will Be The Winner Of Miss Universe 2007?

Well, that is the question and we’ll find the answer tomorrow when Miss Universe 2007 finally concludes at Mexico City. I think, ABS-CBN got the right to air it live on their channel, and they even have a pre-pageant show on HomeBoy at 8:30AM tomorrow.

AdAuction’s Forget Password Page

Yesterday, I found a security hole in AdAuction forget password page, reported it to them, and finally it is fixed now, thank you very much! I did not blog about it yesterday because the risk is too big that someone can easily crack my AdAuction account by just knowing my … Continue reading

New SEO Contest With A Team-Based Point System

After the success of two SEO contests organized by Marc Hil Macalua, a third SEO contest is on its way now. Tukayo already announced it in his blog and he said, “…,we’re breaking new grounds by introducing a team-based point system that will revolutionize the way all future SEO contests … Continue reading