JVC 21″ Super Slim CTV, Model AV-21ST27

We bought a new television at Abenson last Tuesday. It’s a 21″ color TV from JVC, model AV-21ST27. They say, it’s Super Slim, but for me, it’s not that slim. It is still a CRT TV and not an LCD TV, so, there is still some bulky space at the … Continue reading

Watch Michael Phelps On Beijing Olympics 2008

No doubt, Michael Phelps is the best swimmer in the world right now. While the Philippines is still dreaming of getting an Olympic gold medal, this guy has already won five in Beijing, making him the greatest Olympian ever with eleven golds. (Source) And he’s not finished yet.

Hello World, I’m Back!

I’m back. The past few days had been one of my busiest days ever. Here are some of the things that happened:

Macuha Mojana Nuptial Trailer :)

This will be my last blog post being a single. I’ll be blogging again after the wedding on August 8, but for this coming week, I’ll be in hiatus mode. I’ll be in Davao by tomorrow afternoon.

How To Disable Image Hotlinking

Image hotlinking is when other people display the image hosted in your web server on their own website. That is, they directly use the image from your website, instead of downloading it and uploading it on their own server.