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Tito Ortiz Versus Rashad Evans Resulted In A Draw

I saw it on Solar Sports yesterday. After 3 rounds of wrestling, punching, kicking and anything they can do under the rules of UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship, not the ketchup! hehe!) it all ended up in a draw. Tito Ortiz dominated the first round, but he was dominated at the last round. The middle round seemed like Ortiz’s round, but a point was deducted to him after grabbing the fence for leverage. That point deduction costed him the draw, otherwise, it would have been his win.

I like watching UFC because unlike WWE, this one is true. Real fight, it was quite gruesome sometimes where you see both men oozing with blood, but they don’t end up killing each other. Once a player is badly hurt, they stop the fight and proclaim the winner.

I think, talks for a rematch between Ortiz and Evans is going on right now.

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