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Smart Money Card Renewal Experience

I went to Smart Wireless Center in SM Batangas today to renew my Smart Money card because it just expired yesterday. Here is what happened:

Customer Service: Sir, how much money is loaded in your Smart Money now?

Me: Eight pesos. Why?

Customer Service: Sir, you need to have it loaded first, at least 200 pesos so that we can automatically deduct the payment for your card renewal. For the mean time, I will make the request for your card renewal. Just make sure that you reload it so that we can deduct your card renewal payment.

Me: Huh? You need to deduct it from there? Why can’t I pay it over the counter?

Customer Service: That’s the standard procedure sir. (Then she handed me a reference number.) You need this to follow up your card. Make sure you reload your card today.

Me: Ok.

Seems ok, right? No. Why? My card is already expired, that’s why I need to renew it, right? How can I reload an expired card? Well, this is what happened after waiting around 20 minutes until my number is called on the Smart Money Loading counter.

Customer Service 2: Sir, I am having a problem with your card. I can’t reload it. The machine says it is expired.

Me: Huh? But the other customer service told me to reload it today here so that you can get the payment for my card renewal.

Customer Service 2: But how can I reload it if it is expired?

Me: But how can you process my card renewal if I don’t reload it? I will not be able to pay for it, right?

Customer Service 2: But how can I reload it if it is expired?

Me: Ask that customer service who told me to reload it.

Customer Service 2 went inside and after around 5 minutes, she told me that I don’t need to reload my expired card. The payment for the renewal will be deducted automatically after I received the new card once I reloaded it.

Ok. Ok. So, that’s it. The first customer service I talked to is dumb, and I am such a dumb to believe her. Hahaha! Smart should train their customer service people to live up with their company name, otherwise, they should change their company name to Dumb.

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Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. taga batanags ka pala. Ako taga Taal

  2. wow, classic chicken and egg experience! hahaha.. 😀

  3. At least you accomplished something that day you went there. As for me, this customer service staff asked me to call tha smart money hotline! Oh my, i find it super nonsense. Considering I was already there personally. Til now i haven’t renewed my card. I agree that smart SHOULD train their staff. Especially those who are frontliners.

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