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Earning Opportunities For Everyone Aside From Google Adsense

Aside from Google Adsense, I joined the following program and already earned some decent amount from them.

1. Blogtoprofit. I already earned more than 5000 pesos here via link assignments and referrals. If you want to join, put marhgil(at)yahoo(dot)com on the referrer’s email. I wonder why they are not giving me link assignments now. But I think, they are still alive because I still see some people doing some sponsored post from them, and their site is still up. 🙂

2. Text-Link-Ads. Nobody has bought a text link for this blog yet. But I already earned from their affiliate program. At $25 per successful referral, you should not miss this opportunity. I already earned $150 from them since I joined.

3. ReviewMe. Already earned more than a $100 for this one. I forgot the exact figures. As the name implies, you will make a review of some sites, and they will pay you for the review.

4. Kontera. Their ads are the double underlined ads on this post. They also pay per click. After joining them last February, I finally reached the $100 payout amount last September. Yes, it’s not that big, but $100 is still $100.

5. Widgetbucks. I just joined a week ago, and I am seeing a better future on this one. With a higher pay per click rate and good looking ads, this one is currently one of my top earners next to Google Adsense. I already earned $20+ on my first week. They also pay per click, and they give $25 sign up bonus.

6. Pay-Per-Play. This is a new advertising model where the publisher earned every time a 5-second audio ad is played on his website. No need for visitors to click anything.

7. Chitika. This is another pay-per-click ad model, more like Widgetbucks, but has more number of products and good looking ads.

8. Project Wonderful. A wonderful ad model where advertisers bid on an ad placement. They pay for every second their ad is displayed on your site, no need for clicks.

To make your life easier on getting payments, I suggest applying for a Paypal account if you don’t have one. Apply for a Paypal account here.

I also joined MadCrowdMedia, but I haven’t received an advertisement offer yet. I’m still waiting for further developments.

That’s all for now!

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Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. Wow naman ako malabang ma approve sa Kontera.. sa blogtoprofit denied din.. hahaha! sa Text link ads.. wala akong kita.. sa bidvertiser lang meron at adsense.. hmmp!

    I’ll try that widgetbucks! ngayon ko lang yan nabasa! thanks for sharing 😉

  2. widgetbucks is so coOOOL! 😛

  3. uy dami mo na ring ads! amf waaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

    marhgil pa change naman ng link ko from jehzlau.blogspot.com to http://www.jehzlau-concepts.com


  4. Mukhang ok yung mga opportunities ah. :mrgreen: Buti ka pa naka reach na ng $100 marker sa kontera. Ako malabo talaga. hehehe.

  5. TLA, Reviewme and Widget Buck.. This now what I am using.

  6. Pre Tanomng lang..

    Doon sa banner mo sa taas .. di ba problema ang magkapatong na Adsense at Widget Bucks

  7. @dexter… di ko tinanong ang adsense team about it. Anyway, they’ll contact me naman if they found it in violation of the TOS. sa tingin ko, hindi naman. coz, allowed naman nila na pwedeng may ibang ads with them. properly labeled naman, bordered and spaced yung widgetbucks, so, i think, walang problema dun. well, that’s just my opinion, you can ask adsense to get a straight answer 😉

  8. Thanks for the post..At least if I get turned down by Adsense I know where to go!hehe

  9. You also have to include sponsored reviews

  10. Some I hadn’t considered before in that list. Thank you. I have only used Adsense in the past. We all know this is risky as one step out of line and you are back to zero earnings!

  11. wow.. angyaman muna… hehehehe… ako kya kelan magkakaganyan.. hayyyyyy!!!

  12. dapat yung pic mo sa project wonderful na may dollar dapat nandito din,, para ala Shoemoney hehe

  13. i tried applying to pay per play but I’m lost, how does it actually work and what do i look for in my site to see that it’s working?

  14. malapit ko nang makompleto iyang line-up mo 😉 cheers

  15. hi! marghil!!
    i am totally new here.. Where you gonna get your earnings coming from this money-making sites.. just asking so that i know everything before i joined with this sites.. ipapadala ba nila yan thru my debit card or by cheques or western union etcetera.. Hihingan ba ako ng debit card number or what.. Can you explain to me all about it.
    I highly appreciated if you response to this message..

  16. Kaialang ba bago ako mag join dyan.. dapat may sarili akong blogs.. Ano sa palagay Mo?

  17. Hi Marghil! Isa ka rin sa mga tinitingala pagdating sa online money making! Sana maabot ko rin yung mga kinikita niyo online. I also invite you to visit my blog.

  18. I downloaded the ebook and found it very informative. The moment I get some dough into my Paypal. I’ll buy you that bottle of beer. Cheers!

  19. Hello,

    Got read your guerilla tips, ebook. Thanks for the insights in making money cash online.

    Thank you.

  20. Nice Post. Thanks for sharing. I think to earn through Contra blog needs more pageview…

  21. You shared some new ways to make money….thanks! A few of the other ones I have tried are just not working out because I have yet to hear from them!. 🙁

  22. Review me and pay per play sounds really good. I will definitely give them a try. Thanks for sharing these useful earning programs.

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