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Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 Housemates

I watched the “Red Carpet” premier of Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 last night. I just wanted to know the celebrities who took the courage entering the Big Brother house.

Here is the list of the celebrities who entered the house. I actually don’t list all of them as I watched them, I took them from this ABS-CBN News article which gives full details of who they are.

1. Will Devaughn – True Lover
2. Megan Young – Princess of Charm
3. Riza Santos – Desirable Diva
4. Ruben Gonzaga – Komedyanteng Promdi
5. Victor Basa – The Lonely Dreamboy
6. Yayo Aguila – The Mom in Distress
7. Baron Geisler – Wild Child
8. Marylaine Viernes – Brainy Babe
9. Jennifer Da Silva – Despised Babe
10. Donald Geisler – Good Brother

So, it’s only Day 1 and there are already some twists. Viernes and Da Silva are “2-in-1 housemate”, which means that if one is nominated, they are both nominated, and if one is evicted, they are both evicted. Hmm. So does this mean that if one becomes the Big Winner, both of them are Big Winner?

I’m wondering who among these celebrities already got some special instructions from Kuya? Remember Mickey last season?

To my loyal readers: don’t worry, this blog will not be converted to a PBB blog. A once a week or a once a month post about them is enough. Anyway, this is an anything goes blog, blogging about anything interesting for me, so, I’m not out of topic. Hehehe!

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