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Maximize Your Earning Potential On Widgetbucks

Since I already have 29 Widgetbucks referral, I think, it’s best for me to share what I’m doing that despite having a non-shopping niche blogs, I am still earning from Widgetbucks. So far, I already earned $54 on this since I joined, excluding the $25 signing bonus. So, that’s already $79 in total. One of my referrals who joined yesterday informed me that he earned $10 in one day!

Here are some of my tips to maximize your earnings in Widgetbucks. These are based on my experience for the past 2 weeks, and some previous experiences during my entire carreer on pay-per-click programs.

1. Avoid the 468×60 banner ads. It’s good looking. It takes little space. But no one clicks on it. People are already accustomed to this type of ad format that people avoid this ad as soon as they see it. Imagine, I used this ad format before, got 7000 impressions but zero clicks!

2. Avoid putting your ads at the bottom of your page, or at the footer. Why? Studies show that only 22% of your visitors scroll down all the way to the bottom. Which means that if you have a 100 visitors, only 22 of them will see that ad and for a normal click-through rate (CTR) of 3%, you’ll be lucky if one of those 22 will click your ads. Now, don’t complain if your site got a hundred visitors but no click on your ads on the footer. Compare that to putting your ads above the fold (portion of your website seen by visitors without scrolling down) where 100 of your 100 visitors will see your ad and 3 of them will click?

3. Use the wide ad format. For me, the 300×250 inline with the content, 728×90 on the header, and 160×600 on the sidebar work best.

4. Give cool names to your widgets, because your widget name appears with your ads (except for the 468×60 format which you’ll not be using anyway.) I used Recommended Products, Related Products, Best Buys as the name of my widgets.

5. If you are on a highly targeted niche, choose the category that best suit it. Like for my text messages blog, I chose the mobile phone ads. Do you think, they’ll be interested with jewelries? 🙂

6. Blend your ads with your site. Choose the same color schemes you use in your site. This will give your visitors a pleasurable surfing experience by not irritating their eyes with incompatible color combinations and will be attracted to reading the ads on your widget and probably clicking them when they are interested.

Ok, that’s enough. Do what I recommend above if you haven’t done so, and see if it improves your earnings. I hope, my 29 referrals are reading this.

Be my 30th referral! Join Widgetbucks now and get your $25 sign-up bonus.

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Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. i’m your #29 referral and already earned 11$ today. what good is, i have not yet maximize the use of widgetbucks. I’,m still using adsense in most of my ads. SWERTE!

  2. ako ewan ko pang ilan ako.. hehehe pero oo nga.. konti lang nag ciclick sa 468×60 hayyyyyyyyy… 😛

  3. Great observation Marhgil. Kaya pala! I’m using the 468×60 ad in my site. I have very low click throughs! I’m gonna work on this right away.

    Anyway, I already linked to your personal blog with Make Money Blogging. Also with Paradise Philippines, Blogtimizer and Inspirational Text Messages.

    If possible, please use the anchor text “Ways to Make Money” for the links to my site. Thanks man. I already subsribed to your Feeds. ^^

  4. Nice info bro..
    I’ll try it..
    I’m still enjoy with adsense 😉

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