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R4DS Skins, NDS Themes Or Layouts For Your Nintendo DS Lite

Want to personalize your R4DS? Who doesn’t? So, where can you download a decent R4DS skins? Here are some sites that I found that provide free download of R4DS Skins with a little review from me.

Skins For Your NDS. This site provides at least 7 NDS themes but promised that there are more to come.

R4DS Skins By Aceman Online. Aceman got some cool collections here that includes babe skins, game character skins, manga/anime skins, Spongebob Squarepants skins and even Vista style skins!

NDSThemes. This one has the largest collection I found so far. I think, it contains hundreds if not thousands of R4DS themes ranging from Super Mario themes, Bleach theme, Naruto theme, Pokemon theme, Zelda theme, Anime and many more! This one is such a large website dedicated for NDS Themes.

Jehzlau has also his own list of sites that provide free NDS Themes here. Check it out for more.

Now, if you want to create your own R4DS skin, it is so easy. All you have to do is watch this video. It’s more of a copy-paste-edit activity. I actually have my Nintendo DS Lite with my picture in it as a theme. 🙂

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