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Why Am I After The Blog Post?

Some people are asking me, why a blog post ranking contest?

Well, because if you really want to increase your visitors everyday on your blog via search engine, you must learn how to optimize your blog post’s permalink pages, not the homepage itself. As we all know, we blog different topics everyday. Your homepage changes from time to time, and if your blog is a personal blog where you talk about different topics everyday, you’ll only rank high on the search engines while your blog post is on your main page, and visitors will drop after your blog post gets buried on the archives.

I experienced this before on my old blog. Everytime I post a lyrics of a popular song, I could see traffic increasing. But after the post disappeared on my home page, the traffic is gone.

If you know how to optimize a blog post, your traffic will remain even if your blog post got buried on the archives. Look at my pinay $candal post. It’s been more than a month, yet, it still drives traffic to my blog everytime someone’s searches for pinay $candal.

Try to optimize at least one blog post in your blog even once a month. And you’ll see your traffic increase every month. Make it twice a month to double your chances, or every week to speed-up your blog growth. It all depends on you. Each blog post gets new traffic. They simply add up every time a new blog post hits the first page of the search engines for a popular keyword.

That’s the reason why this blog started from nothing to more than a thousand visitors everyday. I focus more on optimizing the permalink pages, not my home page. I don’t even target a competitive keyword on this blog’s main page. Unless Marhgil Macuha became a competitive keyword someday. 🙂

Blogging about a popular keyword and optimizing your permalink page is much easier than creating a new niche blog for it, isn’t it? You’ll get the same result anyway, traffic and more earnings.

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. that’s one of my major concerns mar. i have a long way to go. thanks again.

  2. thanks for the tips ha pero totoo bang mod ka sa seoph? bakit di ako maka post don? paki check naman po ty 😉

  3. @joanjoyce… limited lang din access ko dun eh, mod lang ng isang thread. 🙂 try contacting marc macalua, sigurado, super mod yun 🙂

  4. i did na, nag email ako, kaso walang reply kaya ayon lurker lang ako madalas hehehe tnx 😀

  5. uy member din ako jan sa seoph hehehe. wait mo lang ung email ng moderator joyce. ganun ako dati eh. tagal ka na ba member dun?

  6. Haha the pinay scandal post has been my biggest traffic earner so far. 😀

  7. well i would like to take this opportunity to thank you (naks) haha

    really! im enjoying every thing about this mini seo thing, i may not hit the number one spot.. but this really opens my eyes on how to get enough traffic…this is really the first time i watch my post’s performance on the SERP

    and yeah.. i really need to learn a lot of things pa 🙂

  8. hello SEO idol, member din dyan sa seoph, but lately win i login it says my account doesnt exist… my time period ba dun pag di ka active dedelete ang account mo? just asking…

  9. marhgil, totoo na ba yung top 1 ko? hehe pag search ko ng Marhgil Macuha, tapos di me naka login.. top 1 na talaga! yey!!! ^__^

  10. hi marhgil! love your blog 🙂 hope you could give me advise. how do i make search engines turn up the title of my blog instead of my website address? just noticed it when i tried to search for topics in my blog.

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