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Are You Looking For Qoutes?

What kind of qoutes do you want? Christmas Qoutes? New Year Qoutes? Love Qoutes? Well, there are many sites offering these qoutes, but you have to spell it correctly. Hehehe. Remember, in English, Q is always followed by U. So, it is spelled as quotes, not qoutes, ok?

Well, I’m blogging about this because I just found out from Google Trends that qoutes are searched many times in the Philippines! Yes, Philippines is the #1 country searching for qoutes!!! Check it out here. Are we really that bad in spelling? I can forgive those people searching for vedio because they don’t really know English, but for people in the Philippines searching for qoutes? Wow! Calling DepEd! 🙂

Hello people! Hello Filipino bloggers! Let’s educate our fellow Filipinos who don’t know how to spell quotes. As usual, let’s exchange links and go to the first page of Google for that keyword. LOL! Imagine, they are searching for qoutes, then landing on a blog post teaching them how to spell it correctly? Hehehe.

Again, again, again. Qoutes is a wrong spelling. Quotes is the correct one. Qoute qoute qoute is wrong, ok? 🙂

If you are looking for quotes for your cellphone, you can find it here.

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Marhgil Macuha

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