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My Precious Keywords Are All Yours For Free!

I am actually thinking of whether to give these to my readers or not. This blog lives by SEO. I’m not an SEO expert, but I’m an SEO addict. 🙂 These keywords are the one that drives traffic to this blog. Many people, especially SEO experts advise people not to reveal their keywords. It will increase competition. It might kill my source of income. I should keep it for myself. Hmm.

But I believe otherwise. It’s better to give than to receive. The more you help people, the more you’ll be rewarded. So, I’m letting this out. I’m giving you access to my precious keywords, the keywords that sent 2000 unique visitors to this blog everyday. Well, only the top 100 arranged alphabetically. 🙂 If you can optimize for most of these keywords next year, you’ll have the same visitors by December as what I’m having today, and by that time, I’ll release another set of keywords. Of course, I’ll not stop blogging and will try to search for more profitable keywords. 🙂

Ok, enough of too much introduction. Here are my precious keywords, all yours to optimize!

  1. 800106ba
  2. answer peter
  3. boybastos
  4. christmas text messages
  5. de la hoya vs mayweather video
  6. deathly hallows pdf
  7. download ds lite games
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  10. erap plunder case
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  13. eyes like an angel
  14. eyes like an angel -notpron
  15. eyes like an angel smile like a devil
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  17. eyes like an angel smiles like a devil lyrics
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  20. filipina scandal
  21. free ds lite games
  22. free friendster skin
  23. free myspace skins
  24. free naruto porn videos
  25. free nintendo ds lite games download
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  30. gretchen barretto
  31. gretchen barretto john estrada
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  34. gretchen barretto scandal
  35. harry potter and the deathly hallows pdf
  36. illegal system dll relocation
  37. lgku250
  38. macuha
  39. malou fernandez
  40. malu fernandez
  41. marimar
  42. marimar episode 39
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  44. mayweather vs de la hoya video
  45. miss universe 2007 winner
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  51. nds themes
  52. nintendo ds games download
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  55. oscar de la hoya vs floyd mayweather video
  56. pacquiao barrera rematch
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  59. peter answer
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  74. plunder case of erap
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  78. rthdcpl illegal system dll relocation
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  90. scandal
  91. skin for friendster
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  93. smart bro
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  95. tito ortiz vs rashad evans
  96. vedio
  97. winky wright vs bernard hopkins
  98. www.peter answers.com
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  100. youtube marimar

Some of them, I rank high before but not today. Some of them, I rank high on Yahoo but not on Google. Some of them are searched many times last year, but probably not next year. Just use your better judgement. Use Google Trends.

Wait! There’s more!!! Actually, these keywords are not secret. There’s a link on this blog that gives access to my statistics where you can get all information on this blog as gathered by a 3rd party service, just open your eyes and see. 😉

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. sheeeeeshh.. ang dami.. katamad mag optimize.. hehehe…

    pero sarap nyan.. yum yum yummY thanks for sharing 😀

  2. Oo nga, ang dami. Thanks for sharing. I think the keywords Marhgil Macuha would be enough to draw traffic to you rblog. Sipsip!

  3. Thanks a lot Marhgil!!! ang bait bait mo talaga..

  4. Optimizing a keyword will take time. You have to work on these keywords everyday to be successful 1 keyword can take you 2 to 3 months optimizing depending on the competion for that keyword. . unless you do the spamming or blackhat SEO. hahaha… hey, marhgil, what tool do you use in optimizing your keyword? well, for me i use the directory submitter gold, submit equalizer, comment kahuna, and bookmarking demon. these are used for whitehat seo. how bout yours?

  5. @shannon… yup, korek ka dyan. it all depends on the competition. meron dyan, nahit ko after 2 to 3 months. meron naman, after 1 week lang. about the tools… manual lang ako sa pagsubmit sa mga directories. more on buzz marketing and link baiting ang focus ko. 😀

  6. ang dami nga nyan ah…ahaha… tnx sa pg share marhgil..
    anu yan, hanggang ngaun lahat yan inooptimize mo prin? or as is na lng? dami ksi..ahaha…

    try ko nga iba dyan…

  7. @babaface… hindi ko na inooptimize yan. nasa first page na eh. maintenance na lang 😀

  8. hello machuha.. alam mo thankful talga ako dito sa sayu at sa blog mo.. dahil sayu nagkaroon ako ng visitors kahit pinay scandal hehehe… salamat..

  9. thank you for sharing that marhgil.. that’s so nice of you to do that.. i know you rank well in the keyword pinay scandal. i also joined the cause but i think my blog stands at 70 plus..

    anyway, Jan.4 is fast approaching.. is that the final day for the contest? so Jan 5 you’ll be announcing the winner? i just hope I had known about your contest a little earlier.. my blog is now on the first page. I wrote the post last december 26. Anyhow the contest is extended I think I have good chances..heheheh..so incase the contest is extended do let me know.. thanks a lot..



  10. kay macuha ako natutong magblog para sa traffic, try ko yung nintendo keyword :D. thanks

  11. Nice post Marhgil and thank you for sharing the keyword

  12. sayang di ko inabutan ang mga keywords na ito. salamat sa pagshare!

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