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Google’s Personalized Search and Some Contest Clarifications

I was suprised this morning when Jehzlau informed me via twitter that his entry for my mini-SEO contest just beat my blog on the number 1 spot. However, when I tried googling, I could see that my blog is still number 1. You can’t beat me that fast. Hehehe.

But how come Jehzlau saw his site on number 1? The reason is because what he saw is a personalized Google search result especially for him.

When you are logged in with your Google account, Google keeps a record of your searches and the sites you click after searching. With that data on their hands, they can now give you a personalized search result based on your past search history. They track your preferences, they track which search results make you happy and take note of it. Maybe, Jehzlau kept on searching for the contest keyword and always clicked his own entry when seeing the search result. 🙂 Because of that, Google find Jehzlau more interested on that particular page than the #1 search result. So, the last time he search, Google’s algorithm on personalized search make his site number 1 for him.

But of course, if you are logged out of your Google account, Google will show the search result without bias. Only when you are logged in that Google will give you a personalized search result based on your past searches.

So, make sure you are logged out of Google when checking for the contest standing. Otherwise, you’ll get a different search result customized for your search preferences.

I could see that someone registered marhgilmacuha.blogspot.com. Again, just to remind you. I’m after the blog post ranking high, not the domain itself. This means that even if you register marhgilmacuha.com, ranks #1 using that domain name yet your blog post didn’t make it, then, you did not win. Ok? Again, this is a blog post ranking contest. The rules are clear.

And another reminder, submit your blog post links on the comment form here, not the domain name, either by commenting or ping. Entries not submitted are disqualified. And another, it’s ok not to submit your full name on the comments, as long as you clearly identify yourself in your blog. If there’s no way people can clearly know who you are, then you are disqualified. Let’s be fair. I don’t want to be accused on joining my own contest. 🙂

Ok, let’s get it on!

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.

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