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Google Adsense Is NOT For Everybody

The most common misconception of a new blogger wanting to earn from Adsense is that simply putting the Adsense code on his blog and blogging will give them the money. No. It is not as simple as that.

To earn from Google Adsense, you need lots of visitors. Not just hundreds, but thousands of visitors. If you are just an average blogger with just more than a hundred visitors per day, it is not for you.

Imagine, you need at least 667 pageviews a day just to earn a dollar a day (if your CTR is 3% and your average CPC is 5 cents). If you want a monthly payment from Google Adsense, you need to earn at least $100 every month. And to achieve that, you must at least earn $3.33 per day, which can only be achieved if you have 2200+ pageviews per day.

Now, tell me. Can you achieve that pageviews by simply blogging? Well, if your mother is not Sharon Cuneta (Hi KC! 🙂 ) and you are just an ordinary blogger like me, simply blogging about your daily life will not drive your blog that much traffic. Do you have that much number of friends that will come everyday to your blog just to read your nonsense talks? I don’t think so.

I’m writing this not to discourage you. I’m writing this to tell you the realities behind Google Adsense. It is not an easy money. It is not as easy as what you think it is. And if you are not determined to work your a$$ out to get that much traffic, then Google Adsense is not for you.

Now, you might say, I’m not one of them. I’m determined to get that much traffic! But how? Here’s another free e-book for you. Promise yourself to read it and apply it on your blog. Yup, don’t just read it. Take actions! Apply it! And see your traffic increase everyday.

Update: Manuel Viloria thinks otherwise. Check his blog post, he got some very interesting arguments.

Update: Darren Rowse confirmed that it is not that easy to earn from blogging. Check out his Reality Check post here.

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. P.S.: oh my.. di pala pwede adsense sakin.. waaaaaaaaaaaa!

  2. @jehzeel kaw pa, SEO addict ka rin kaya 🙂

  3. uy! salamat sa free e-book… mukhang magkukulong lang ako sa bahay ngayon weekend 😀

  4. A blogger should really decide what his goal is when he blogs. Does he want to earn money? Or does he simply want to express himself or be known as an authority for a particular topic?

    If the goal is the first one, then the blogger should really be concerned with SEO, techniques to drive more visitors to the site, linkbaits, etc. But if the goal is the latter one, then monetary rewards will have to take a step back and the blogger should not expect to earn lots of money.

    By becoming an authority on a topic, the blogger builds a reputation and once that is built, he can use it in the future to earn money via offline or other means. Adsense or online income from the site will merely be complementary.

  5. this is reality, but everything always start to small things, kaya don’t be discouraged because you dont have that traffic, marghil also do this post to encourage you people to work harder.

    ako talga i really work hard, i have my blog kaya lang kasi di ako maxado blogger and i didn’t put adsense on it i focus sa ibang sites na madaming traffic and less competitors.

    kung baga i make easy sites , meaning madali gawin just content na lang ang kailangan or traffic. kaya sa mga gusto mag adsense wag kayu mawalan ng pagasa lahat nagsisimula sa maliit.

    heheh baka gusto nyo mag proxy? i now bargain myself just to encourage you people to enter the proxy industry. gusto ko kasi na ma engganyo ang mga pinoy sa paggawa ng proxy kasi mejo malaki ang adsense earnings dito.

  6. yeah adsense maybe not for me now…. just now….. but for now happy na ako na ma earn ang #1 spot sa “bank alarm system” keyword (pinagyabang) hope tumagal ako sa position

  7. one needs lots of well-trafficked blogs too. I still have under $2 in two months. getting the first hundred would be a big celebration. hehe.

    thanks for the e-book, Marhgil!

  8. siguro mabuti pa gawin ko na lang porn site blog ko Mar. hahahaha. Kainggit ka at ang dami laging online sa blog mo. Look right now you have 55 readers online huh what a number. galing mo idol!

  9. Earning money from AdSense is not hard, but keeping yourself protected as a publisher is way too hard and everybody from your competition can sabotage you, clicking your ads.

    There is no way that you can later get your banned AdSense account back. I have experienced this on my back.

  10. OFF Topic

    Marhgil check this out http://techathand.net/2008/01/secure-you-wordpress-installation/ your site needs some adjustment.

  11. Now its even more difficult to make money from adsense. I received a mail from them that they are going to remove the sign up referral unit. For details see my blog.

  12. it is not easy getting rich, hehe 😀

  13. tama ka dun kengkay, hirap nga.. pero dapat kayod ng kayod lang..

  14. dati. medyo maluwag ang google kahit MFA SIte ( made for Adsense ) Pwede kaya di na kailanagn yung maraming page view, But now they are more strict and constantly improving their system for their gain and not for publishers gain.

  15. Natawa ako dun sa “Hi KC!”, LOL.

    Right, earning from adsense is not as simple as posting the ads. Great tips!

  16. Very educating! Npaicip ako dun.. anyways… salamat at nakuha ko din ang sense ng adsense. cgro nga ndi para sa lahat un.. dapat tlga pag aralan hehe. salamat sa ebook! 🙂

  17. Haha bilis nung reply ah.. hehe salamat sa pagshare ng knowledge sa SEO salamat..

  18. Its not for everybody but we all can try to earn from adsense right? ako sinasabi ko sa mga tinuturuan ko mag blog na ang blogging nadadaan sa sipag at tiyaga. Yung dalawa nga sa kanila mas mataas pa nakukuha sa mga marunong mag sulat… minsan nonsense pa nga nilalaman ng blog nila but its a hit.

  19. I’ve realized this too but as traffic increases, i noticed the changes in earnings too. Just a little of patience is needed for new bloggers like me. =)

  20. lahat naguumpisa sa wala… yan ang lagi tatandaan.. ok? kikita din kau ng $40 a day parang si marghil $100 a day na yan.. hehehe…

  21. I have found that having more than one blog helps bring in more Adsense money. However, I am sure that my blog that brings in the most is due not only to the higher traffic but to my friends clicking on the Ads…I don’t ask them to do it but I think that they do as when they say they have visited my blog, my earnings go up. I am not saying I agree with them doing this, but just that it seems to happen.

  22. I sadley admit I didnt make more than 10 dallors with adsense.

  23. Oh, I recommened putting adsense on a site that get a tremedous amount of traffic otherwise you will just waste your time.

  24. it can be so hard to make anything from google. Thanks 4 the post!!!

  25. Hopefully, in 2 yrs time sana medyo ok naman na ang kita ko sa Adsense..Kahit pambayad lang sa hosting sa site heheh

  26. Articles like this do really help. It would also help if you know some body na may experience na with good SEO. Yung walang halong pang darambong 🙂

    *Titig sa monitor.. Mag isip ng malalim..* Topic! Topic! Topic! = Traffic Traffic Traffic..

  27. kuya marghil, I got more than 3% CTR pero less than 0.50$ parin. bakit po ganun?

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