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How To Earn $1 A Day In Google Adsense

If you are just starting with Google Adsense, I think, before targeting a $100 a month Google Adsense earnings, it’s better to have an easier goal first, and that is to earn $1 per day or $30 per month. It took me 3 months before I achieved that when I’m starting. But how do you really get that? How much traffic do you really need? Let’s do some math.

For an average CTR of 3% and average cost-per-click (CPC) of $0.05, how many visitors do you need to get $1 a day?

With an average of 3% CTR, it means that you need 100 pageviews to get 3 clicks. With an average of $0.05 CPC, it means that you’ll earn just $0.15 for those 3 clicks. It means that for every 100 pageviews, you got 3 clicks and earn $0.15. Now, to get $1, it means that you need to have at least 20 clicks, and you’ll get 20 clicks only when you have 667 pageviews.

Now, check your pageviews. Do you get at least 667 pageviews per day? Note that 3% CTR is already a good average for a blog. If your blog is not optimized, you might even get a CTR less than 1%, which means that you need more pageviews to get more clicks.

Now, how do you get 667 page views a day? The pinay $candal keyword on which this blog is optimized is giving me at least 100 page views per day. To achieve that 667 page views a day, it means that you have to optimize at least 7 keywords on the first page of Google with traffic as much as that of pinay $candal. Quite tough huh? Not really.

See, I get that $1 a day in Adsense after 3 months. You can have it too in 3 months if you promise yourself to optimize at least 2 popular keywords in 1 month. Make it 3 on the 3rd month. 2 keywords in a month isn’t that hard, isn’t it?

Now, where do you get those keywords to optimize? I already shared my keyword research technique. And some bloggers already followed my foot steps on sharing new keywords to optimize. Bluemumble has his keyword of the day project. Silkenhut has his shawty project. And I also release new keywords from time to time.

Yeah, it takes a lot of time and effort. But if you really want to earn from blogging, you must be patient.

After hitting the $1/day goal, then try bigger goals. Do it slowly but surely.

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. oist lamu ba na mention ko sa yan sa daughter (Jasmine) nung owner ng house ko dito. I mean about how do you earn dollars in your google adsense thingie…it’s not like i can explain it well though hehehe…dont know kase kung panu ang step by step eh, hangkulit kasi niya eh lagi niya ako tinatanung about you and howd you did it…haha kitams me avid fan ka na dito, actually she would want to talk to you if you can spare her some time. she is very interested on google adsense. I’ll ask for her email add or her ym handler. Pls teach her haha! Thanks! ^_~

  2. oo ung site ko na video downloader it took me a month a or weeks to earn on adsense at first i use bidvertiser and i earn $10 , pero ngayun tumatabo na sa $10 approximately a day.. tatakot lang ako baka maban ako.. kasi ang taas ng CTR.

    naku sir macuha, panu to.. kasi ung site ko ay umaabot ng 15% ung CTR.. bwal bato? meron xang 500 ++ or approximately na uniques everyday di ko alam kung ilang pageviews kasi di ko na lagyan ng google analytics e..

    this is ronaldmojica.com just asking lang po..

  3. @Noreen… hahaha! sige, give her my YM, pero sa gabi lang ang chat ha, busy sa work eh.

    @Ronald Mojica… I guess, wala namang problema kung mataas yung CTR as long as you’re not clicking on it. Kung puro search-engine referred visitors sila lahat, you’re safe. Depende rin kasi yung CTR sa niche ng website mo.

  4. uuyy.. another MARHGIL MACUHA fan.! yiheeeeeeeeeeee! ^___^

    thanks for the tips.. sana mag earn na ako $1 per day.. hehehe ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. @Jehzeel… pagkakaalam ko, $1 per hour na kita mo sa PRC Board Exam Results eh. Hehehe

  6. Another great tip Marhgil. At may bago ka pang fan ha! Hehe.

    Nakaka inggit talaga yang pinay scandal experiment niyo. Too bad hindi ako naka join. huhuhu. Pwede pa ba kaya akong maka habol? Ang dami nyo na kasi sa front page. Hehehe. ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. ako fan din ni macuha, araw araw nga ako click sa entrecard nya eh hehe

  8. pwede ka ng mag-artista… dami mo n followers… ehehe

    ganda na analyzation mo ah… nakakuha ako ng tips… nice tips talaga… gawin ko yan… ngaun din… ehehehe

  9. I liked your post very much, I like the baby-steps target approach,
    $1 a day turning to $10 and $100. Also, thanks for the info on allowed sites feature. All the best

  10. A dollar a day to begin with is good advice. But you have to remember the stats will be different on each site. I have a site that does quite well on Adsense without me ever having to work it – but it doesn’t work so well at all on my blog. In fact the results were so bad that I removed it.

  11. Kapatid matanong ko lang. Affected ba ang income pag papa palit ng google ads? Yung $2 a day ba malaking kita na yun?

  12. yahoo! ako pala ang featured sa entrecard mo. laking traffic to sa blog ko thanks! hehehe

  13. @sir macuha

    last na to..
    Depende rin kasi yung CTR sa niche ng website mo.

    Ito kasing website ko.. is video downloader kaya nga angkop sa New keyword mo e.. ang problem this is a redtube, xtube , pornotube, youtube, myspace tv, veoh, dailymotion downloader..

    baka kasi bwal sa adsense ung redtube and pornotube… pero downloader site lang xa wala xang explicit or bad words like , $ex, $candal

  14. mga peeps here.. this post of macuha is really one big thing on earning dollars on the internet..

    My journey on earning on the internet started when i join on SEO.pH ,, try nyo… and then one of the member there suggested to create more sites and i will earn good money and he suggested me creating a proxy because you can earn $8 daw a day.. this is the original thread:


    jan sa thread na yan nagstart ang lahat lahat sa akin.. that’s my first site that really earn adsense and hit big.

    and this is the proof na pd kang kumita ng malaki.. $1 dollar is a good start pero kung mapapatas mo to.. MAS OK!

    @sir macuha
    kung bawal ung forum link na nilagay ko please remove n lang po ung link thanks..

  15. @CatherineL… yup, stats vary on each site. I just made an example of a site with a 3% CTR and a $0.05 CPC, which is seems a reasonable statistics for a personal blog. Of course, there are sites with high CTR and CPC depending on their niche.

    @Ambo… income varies depending on the ads displayed on your blog. Depende rin sa topic mo. May mga ads kasi na malaki rin ang CPC, meron namang mura lang. Yung $2 a day, ok na yun, pero mas maganda kung aabot ka at least $3.33 a day, para may $100 ka per month, monthly Google check na yan.

    @Ulearners… ang alam ko, bawal ang Adsense to sites that encourage illegal activities like porn site and selling illegal drugs. Downloading of copyrighted videos are illegal, right? E-mail ka na rin sa [email protected] to get a straight answer from them.

  16. Wow, 3% CTR, that would be something, I would be rich by now :D… I hear most sites are ate 0.75 to 1%, mine is at 0.58% and at 0.15c per click..

    Still, I am sticking with adsense for a little while. I hear good things about Adbrite though.

  17. @soundtrackgeek…. hmmm, that’s a very low CTR. you might want to read my tips on increasing CTR. hope it might help you. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. totally agree. bago ko nakuha first adsense ko, yung first three months ang hirap. I mean i’m struggling to look for traffic sources. Pero pag na establish mo na pala, you just have to sit back and relax hehe.

    Also let me add, mas maganda kung targeted o specific ang niche mo. magugulat ka na lng bigla sa adsense mo. ๐Ÿ™‚ si jehzreel pala may post ng prc board exam results ha hehe.

  19. kuya mac!

    Great post! This is exactly what I did and it took me 2 months to reach minimum 100 payment. Ill look to have the

    “bluemumble technique” hehe

    Blog Onwards!

  20. i need to dig all your adsense post here marhgil. It’s more than 2 mos and I only got over a dollar during the period.

  21. ok lang yan novz. ako nga 3 to 4 months bago ko nakita umangat yung adsense earnings ko. consistent update lang.

    marhgil pa advertise ha: nursing board exam results for december 2007 will be available at http://nursingcrib.com

    do check other blogs as well if in case something goes wrong. lam nyo na hehe.

  22. Adsence word ads seem to get a lower click rate than the image ads. Google image ads are weak, it’s better to get a bunch of good targeted affiliates with very attractive ads and then write your own random php banner rotator to display these ads. Doing this has increased my revenue ten-fold.

  23. @marhgil – hahaha sana nga $1 per hour.. sana! hahahaa! di pa malapit na ! yiheeeeeeee!

  24. @ derek.. – aba kaw pala kalaban ko sa keyword na nursing board exam results for december 2007.. hmmmmmmm? heheheh ๐Ÿ˜€

  25. hehe i’m sure you’re earning a lot man ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. ayus yan.. ako tagal din ako nagbasa at nagresearch ehehhehe ayun mejo kayang kumita sa adsense ng $40 a day.. kung may pasok lang.. nasa proxy industry kasi ako… seasonal daw mataas kapag may students.

    kaya kapag saturday and sunday mejo mababa. nung first month ko sa proxy laki ng kita kaya ako nagenganyo ngayun dami ko na proxy.. for example may isang proxy ka na nageearn ng $3-$5 a day tapos gumawa ka at lima.. e d pang kuimikita ka ng $15-$25 aday! not baD to siguro.

  27. galing, start small but hit it big.. ma-try nga

  28. I just lost my pr the other day and now i decided to change my whole site drop all my pages and links, and now i will focus on Earning Money on Mysapce Proxy. Hehehehe.. Try lang natin…

    Sir, Macuha baka filtered to Akismet pa approve na lang. Thanks po…

  29. ouch… na pr 0 din po kayo? ganun din sa akin e

  30. Ibang klase talaga mga advise mo.. he he he e.. ako nasa $2 a day na he heh eh ang kailangan ko $4 per day.. More niche site ha ha ha haha

  31. HI, gays ! m eurning $20 p/day ๐Ÿ™‚ and i have idea hw to get more and more payout rate from google and m eurning $300 p/m from google ๐Ÿ™‚ haahahahah

  32. hehehe and labo.. $20 / per day tapos $300 lang per month hehehehee.. pero ayus din yan..
    Guys just want to help you on making more adsense income i suggest to create myspace proxy .. promise mabilis ang earnings dito..

    Sir, Macuha baka filtered to Akismet pa approve na lang. Thanks poรขโ‚ฌยฆ

  33. luckily i’m averaging $1.50 per day kahapon 2.73! yay! Pero magto -two months pa lng aqng ganito sana tuloy tuloy!

  34. That isn’t really practical, you see. This is because each keyword out there has different CPC. If i am running an anime blog, or automobile blog, the CPC would be different, hence probably i need less or more pageviews to generate $!/day.

  35. woowowowow!!! very nice tip! i’ll try this now nah!!!

  36. Tell a way to earn 100$ per month.
    Please some one help me….

  37. is that good to use a publisher?
    If yes say me one.

  38. di ko maintidihan kung panu ung keyword na pinay scandal..under po ba yun sa category??
    haaaay!!nakakabliw magblog…help me mr. macuha…kailangan ko lang ng pera pang tuition ko..hahahaha…………tnx po ulit!GODSPEED!

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  40. sir…can u teach me how to create a website or a blog. 1 week na ako nagreresearch pero nagiging slow ako pagdating sa techie things. hihi. can i create a blog through weebly or blogspot and earn with adsense?

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  42. Hi guys, im new in this industry, i have a unit but i really cant think of putting traffic into the site. Free website ung akin, di kaya hinahati nung web host ung earnings ko kung meron man. Ano ba mas maganda, sariling website o ung mga free webhosting site? at mas advisable ba ang maglagay ng blogsite? as much as possible ayoko kc ng may babayaran MOnthly for the service i get. So meron din bang blogsite na pd ako maglagay w/o paying their service?

  43. pahabol, di ko malaman kung san ko lalagay ung mga search KEYWORDS that would direct traffic into my site.san ba nilalagay ung search key words na yan?yan ba ung MEta TAGS?i really cant understand but i want to learn pra makapagumpisa ako

  44. Hi,

    I’m using this http://www.keylords.com site to find profitable keywords. It’s really cool how it comes up with suggestions that are easy to get into google’s first result page with and then receive all that traffic. Worked for me perfectly.

  45. The argument you have does not stand good if you have quality content on your blog and you have satisfied readers. A simple request to support your blog by visiting the advertisers would result in a satisfied reader clicking upto 3 ads on average.

    By the way your Post is really nice ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep up the good work ๐Ÿ™‚


  46. @Dennis… Adsense strictly prohibits encouraging people to click on the ads. If you are requesting your readers to support your blog by visiting the advertisers (implying to click the ads), that’s a violation of the TOS and could get your account banned forever.

  47. I am currently working on my blog, http://justmytwocopper.blogspot.com/ and I am trying my best to get lots of visitors.

    So far I am making $1.17 per day (the blog has existed for 2 weeks) and I get 93% of my visitors from forums where I have posted helpful information regarding my niche. In this case it is world of warcraft guides.

    But my google reference is a miserable like 40 visitors per day, how do I improve my key words like you are suggesting to do? I will look more through your blog for the answer(s).

  48. @ Marhgil

    Thanks buddy. I wasn’t aware about it .. ( More like I did not really bother reading the entire terms of service ). Well I’ve taken out the ‘Support the Blog). Now I;ve gotta see, how many Visitors are gonna start clicking my Ads LOL .


  49. mag-1 taon na adsense ko ang layo ko pa sa $100 minimum payout!

    hindi ko maintindihan yang cpc at page impressions na yan!

    salamat sa post mo, kahit paano nabawasan ang dugo sa ilong ko, hehe…

  50. wow, thanks for the info sir.. mag 3 years na ko sa google adsense pero wala.. hindi parin ako umaabot sa minimum payout..hay! =p pero siguro kelangan ko ng keywords para tumaas ang blog traffic ko.. =)

  51. Hi i like your web blog. I also decided having a blog. i joined adsens with google but i earn only $0.16 a day, can you help me?
    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. hi…. Very Good tips

  53. ang tagal ko nang member ng google adsense, pero hindi ko alam kung pano to gamitin. tapos naging member ako ng ibat ibang PTC sites, tapos nito lng gumawa ako ng blog (http://earnextraincomehere.blogspot.com/ )at naglagay ako ng google adsense, kaya lng hindi ko alam kung pano magkaroon ng mga visitors na magkiclick sa site ko. kaya ang earnings ko sa adsense ay wala pang $1, Hay…

  54. hi,

    how’s page eCPM different?
    my site earned some amount and page CTR says 0.
    however, eCPM had some data.

  55. hi
    Namaste from nepal!
    I have started blogging 2 years ago. I didn’t earn much. Anyone knows the good place to promote blog?
    thank you so much.
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  56. Many factors depends on the healthy earning like CTR, CPC value, etc. Overall the article is very helpful to get ideas of earning through google adsense and achieve the target per day.

  57. Im officially announced on my blog that I am currently earning one dollar per day in average.
    read it here:

    thanks for the post sir Marhgil.

  58. It is my first to apply in google adsense and I applied through docstoc. It says it takes one week to get reviewed and approved.

    My question is how long does it take to get approved by google adsense in the Philippines.

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