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The Utube, Yotube, Yutube and Youtude Videos Project

It all started with vedio. I realized then that there are many misspelled words we can optimize. Now, I’m giving you 3 more keywords to optimize. If you gained a lot of traffic by joining the pinay $candal SEO experiment, you’ll get more traffic from these 3 keywords.

Just look at the comparison on Google Trends. Can you see the pinay $candal graph? Hehehe. It nearly touches the base, but it is sending me hundreds of visitors everyday. What more can these 3 keywords do?

The competition for Utube, Yotube, Yutube and Youtude is not that hard. They don’t even reach a million results. And because of that, I promised myself, that I will misspell every reference to Youtube from now on. I will dig deep on my archives and misspell every Youtube reference that I can find. Hehehe. I don’t care if you think I’m poor in spelling, I don’t care as long as I earned the money. Hehehe. Mukha talaga akong pera.

Well, actually, I will link every misspelling of Youtube to this blog post. So that my readers will know what’s going on. And so that this blog post will gain rankings. So that this blog post gives me more search engine visitors.

Ok, ’nuff said. Come on, don’t be shy. Have your own Utube project! LOL!

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Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. lol! sali ako…
    isip muna ng maipo post hehe

  2. so that’s the 3 words 😀 thanks for sharingggggggg 😀 hehehe

  3. exactly what I did on the ‘marhgil macuha’ contest..

    i dug deep on my archives… linked every ‘marhgil’ or ‘macuha’ words i can find.. fortunately, I blogged about you more than a couple of times.. 🙂

  4. ayos to master macuha.. alam mo ba itong Redtube Download Site nakakakuja ako ng trafic from vidios, vedios.

  5. Hi Marhgil, as a follower of your keyword research technique, I’ve started my own for the keyword Shawty. What do you think?



  6. SEO for these keywords? LOL! Google will say “DID YOU MEAN” at the top of the SERP. The readers will see that. I Think you will only get traffic if you own those mispelled domain then redirect it to your blog. you may get traffic, but i think just few. Mas maganda pa yung “friendster layout” madaming traffic dun.

  7. kaso nga lang, mahirap ang competition sa friendster layout na keyword. hehehe…

  8. hehe Marhgil! i received your e-mail but was unable to reply. thanks for sharing your SEO experience with me. Anlakas ng impluwensya mo pare!! MEjo busy lang ngayon.. pero I’ll try to text you asap. Salamat talaga ulit!

    At goodluck sa UTube project nimo kababayan!

  9. well ako din pasali mukhang ok to.. sana makakuha ako ng decent traffic dito..

  10. hmm… bat d mo pinublish ang comment ko?

  11. @Shannon… your comment was trapped by Akismet, false positive, ngayon lang ako nakapagonline ulet 🙂 about your comment… kapag nasa first page ka na of those keywords, magkakaron ka rin ng traffic. like that vedio which is sending traffic to my blog 🙂 pero kapag second page nga lang, walang naliligaw.

  12. ganun ba yun? sana moderation nalang. mas magaling pa rin ang tao kesa machine. hahaha…

  13. count me in. weeeeeeeee. sali ako dito sa utube, yotube and yutube project. hahaha.
    link nya ako guys for this topic. lol

  14. well macuha… tnx dito and tamang tama to sa site ko.. and then dahil sayu nagstart ung vedio vidio downloader site ko.,.. at first talga walang traffic pero intay lang at dadating din sila..

  15. tnx macuha for this.. i’m now gainining traffic on this keyword , but still i’m on the 100th page.. i need to work hard.

  16. thanks macuha, its very good to know this

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    me gustaria estar en esta comunidad

  20. wow! Pwede pasali narin? hehe…

    Sali ako ha!..I’m a new blogger. hekz..trying to mkae money online..hahaha


  21. nyok….


    Idol narin kita….aside from kuya jehzlau. hehe



  23. peter please answer the following;

    who did mattew last kiss?


  25. Hi Macuha!
    Thanks for sharing this useful information with us.

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