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My Google Adsense On Valentine’s Day

I really love Valentine’s Day. It just beat all my one-day record on Google Adsense, thanks for people addicted to text messages. 🙂

Here’s the screen shot of my Google Adsense earnings for February 14, 2008. Click the image for a better view.

Valentine’s Day Google Adsense
My Adsense On Valentine’s Day

In addition to this, I also earned $95 last February 13, giving me $225 Adsense money for 2 days. I think, I earned more than some of those people selling flowers on the streets yesterday. Of course, I cannot beat those motels. 🙂

How I wish everyday is Valentine’s Day.

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Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. Congrats pare. hanep talaga seo mo sa textmates.

  2. wow! Idol! laki naman nyan! Gratz!

  3. OMG! Paano ba yan? Me magic ka? Me backer ka sa Google ano? hahahaha galing mo kapatid! amf yung sa akin 100 pa lang in 4 months! Sa yo 1 day lang huhuhuhuhuhu

  4. Congrats! With that amount of Adsense earnings, I’d really wish everyday to be Valentine’s Day! Galing talaga ni Marhgil sa SEO! Hehe…

  5. Congratulations marhgil, put that money into good use. (like treating us, your fans for dinner one of these days.. hehe)

    More power!

  6. Malufet! Ang galing naman…Kainggit…=]

  7. Magaling magaling magaling! 😀

  8. How many unique visitors per day does your website get in order to get that high of adsense earnings? Were all those earnings only from macuha.com, or do you have adsense code on many different sites?

    In any case, congratulations!

  9. pano nga kaya iyan lol sabi ng magpa-seminar at reserve agad ako e 😀

  10. Galing ah.. Tinalo mo pa yung pinaka malaki kong adsense nuong eleksyon.. Mabalasik yang..pagkakagawa mo dyan he he he..

  11. Wow! Ang luffet! Samantalang ako naglululundag na kapag may 2$. hehe!

  12. Congratulations, that would be great.. from now on, you can try improve your earnings

  13. Wow! That’s so good! I also checked my adsense right now and I also got a jump in earnings. Thanks for the great valentine’s idea. ^_^

  14. Woww paree…. galing mo….. oh what happned to ur wonderulproject ads?…

  15. WoW!

    Congrats pre!

    Galing mo, Tips naman dyan oh. email ko: [email protected]

  16. LUPET!! hehe. congrats!

  17. Seems like you had an interesting and profitable valentines day. But, how much did you spent on Valentines day with your girlfriend/wife? :d

  18. That’s quite a nice earning. How many visitors did you have?

  19. That sounds great! You got big earnings from your Adsense.. 😀

  20. asteeg naman to parang nung valentines day eh .20cents lang kinita koh..huhuhu..pano ba rumaket ng ganito?? nainggit tuloy akoh..

  21. tips naman dyan sir.. para ma optimize ko blog ko this coming february .. ma try nga yung technique mo! ^_^

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