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Project Wonderful Is Wonderful!

I tested Project Wonderful as an advertiser to see how the system really works, and here are my findings.

1. You cannot bid if you don’t have funds in your account. The system is on prepaid basis. You put funds in your account via Paypal with a minimum of $5, and then you can start bidding on the different ad spaces on the network. Your funds will be deducted based on the bid and duration your ad is displayed on the publisher’s ad space. If your funds reach zero, all your active bids will be cancelled automatically.

2. When you bid, you set the maximum bid for the ad slot, the duration of your bid, and the maximum amount you can spend on that ad slot. It means that if you already reach that maximum amount, your bid will automatically be cancelled. If your bid expired, it will be cancelled too.

3. You can see your ad performance for each ad slot. How many times it was displayed and how many unique clicks it received. You can cancel your bid anytime if you see that your ad is not performing well. You have total control. I actually bid on a website with 30000 page impressions per day for only 20 cents, but I eventually cancelled it after 2 days after seeing that I only got 2 clicks out of 60000 page views. 40 cents for 2 visitors? That’s expensive, right?

4. Even though you set the maximum bid, your bid will always be 10 cents higher than the lower maximum bid (if the bid is more than 10 cents). Which means that if your maximum bid is $1, but the lower maximum bid is only 20 cents, you’ll only be charged 30 cents per day. When someone bids a higher amount, let’s say, 40 cents, you’ll still be the winning bidder since your maximum bid is $1 but this time, you’ll be charged 50 cents. Get it? You’ll only lose if someone bids $1.10 or higher.

What does this mean for the publishers?

This means that you’ll be assured that you’ll get the money for the ad space since the publisher already paid Project Wonderful before their ad is displayed. They will pay you whether the ad is clicked or not because they are paying for the time the ad is displayed and not for clicks. Of course, you’ll send away advertisers if they see that their ad is not performing well, but if your ad spaces are properly positioned giving enough visitors for your advertisers, you’ll not run out of advertisers bidding for your ad space. This also means that you get the highest rate for your ad since the highest bidder get the ad slot, if your blog/site is popular enough and it attracts lots of advertisers, your price will increase eventually since the advertisers will try to outbid each other.

Another thing that I like on Project Wonderful is that the money you earned can be easily transferred to your Paypal account once it reaches $10, or you can even use it and be an advertiser at the same time. Yup, you can use it, be an advertiser and bid on other’s ad spaces using the money you earned from them.

Earning potential?

Look at my stats now. I set the minimum bid on this blog to 20 cents. With 5 slots, that’s $1 per day minimum earnings if the slots are all taken. Multiply it to 30 days, that’s $30! Get 75%, that’s $22.5 minimum earnings per month (25% goes to Project Wonderful). See, I’m just talking on the minimum, when all my ad space are taken, I’ll get a minimum of $22.5 per month. What if advertisers try to outbid each other? The possibilities are endless.

Because of this, I went ahead and put another Project Wonderful ad spaces on my text messages blog. Same rate, minimum of 20 cents. I think, it will be filled up by advertisers within 2 days, just like what happened to this blog. That’s another $22.5 per month if all the slots were taken. That’s an additional $45 on my pocket per month on my two blogs! And that’s just the minimum!

Project Wonderful is really wonderful!

This is NOT a paid post. This is an unbiased review based on my experience. I don’t even have an affiliate id here.

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Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. I’m starting to like Project Wonderful because of the bidding wars. Kuripot ako so I don’t have money for bidding, but I’m willing to sell ad space. Actually libre pa nga e dahil my starting bid is $0. Ang masaya dito e yung mga nagbibid. Currently yung nanalong mga bidders sa ad spaces ko, ang bid nila ay $0.02. Heheheheeh

  2. @Jamie… Kaya pala naoutbid ako ni Marghil, haha! Nagbid kasi ako nung libre pa, nung $0. Ayoko masyadong makipaglaban sa bidding, maaubos ang funds ko, haha! Saka na kapag nakakapagpabid na ako para magself liquidate siya πŸ˜€

  3. success! andun na ako sa taas hehehehe

  4. ang galing mo tlaga marhgil! kahit maliit na kita basta sure ,kinukuha mo πŸ™‚

  5. @Ambo… hahaha. talagang hindi yung kay Maruel and inoutbid mo ha πŸ™‚ tagal na nya dun sa gitna.

    @Glenn… hehehe. konting trabaho lang naman kasi yan, magpepaste lang ng ad code, and watch people bid and advertise. kung lumaki ang kita, masaya. yung sa entrecard nga na project wonderful, nag-umpisa sa 30 cents ata, ngayon, $8 na ang isang slot. 6 ad spaces yun, so kumikita sya $48 per day. πŸ™‚

  6. Great information! For some feedback from the advertiser perspective, I purchased The Money Kings ad on your site for 0.20 per day and so far have gotten 15 unique visitors from it. Seems to be working!

  7. @Tim… thanks for your comment. it’s good to know that my advertisers get what they paid for: visitors to their site. πŸ™‚

  8. Mar di ko alam eh hehehe. Mabuti na yung poreynjer maalis sa pwesto. Pabayaan mo na sa aming mga pinoy ang slot na yan hahaha.

  9. Mar me kita pala pag na click un ad ko? nyahahaha ang bilis naman meron na akong 391 unique hits kalalagay ko lang. Ayos dapat pala picture ni Tom Cruise nilagay ko jan hahahaha.

  10. @Ambo… hehe. hinihintay ko yung Project Wonderful ad mo, hindi pa ba approved? Gusto ko na magbid. May naisip na akong advertisement para dun. “Click here to see the real Boy Bastos.” Hahaha. Di ba, ang daming naliligaw na naghahanap kay boy bastos dun? πŸ˜€

  11. @Ambo… walang bayad per click. kikita ka lang sa mga nag-aadvertise. kung advertiser ka, wala kang kita. traffic naman ang habol mo dun. πŸ™‚

  12. hahahaha ayos yan ah. mapalitan nga yang ad ko ng The Porno King Blog nyahahahaha. Ewan ko ba bat ang tagal nung reply nila. NAg email na nga ako. Di na ako mahintay hahahaha

  13. dami ko din nakuha site visitors d2 sa macuha nung mag bid ako d2 mga 140+ ata na naghahanap ng pinay $candal hehe

  14. Yahoo meron na din ako sa site ko! hehehehe

  15. wonderful nga! hahahaa.. *nag iisip kung ilalagay sa blog*


  16. Ui, nauotbid na ako. Medyo matagal tagal din ako dun sa pwesto na yun ah. 51 clicks at 47 dun ang unique, pwede na… πŸ™‚ Itutuloy ko pa ba ang laban? $0.40 na eh, haha! Dapat pala seductive na pic ang ilagay ko para magclick sila ng magclick, hahaha! πŸ˜€

    Hindi naapprove yung akin, not enough content daw… Sabagay, nitong January lang talaga ako sinipag magblog uli. Sana next na apply ko eh approve na… πŸ™‚

  17. talagang malaki na kita moh!!! ^_^ weeiii

    salamat nga pala pag visit sa career blog ko please link mo din dito ha please

    salamat ^_^

  18. to bid or not to bid πŸ˜€

  19. Magkano ang minimum payment nila sa iyo at tuwing kelan ang bayaran ?

  20. @Dexter… you get 75% ng kita dun sa bid sa ads mo. Ang bayaran, you can withdraw anytime you reach $10 on your account, direkta sa Paypal account mo. Nasa iyo kung kelan mo gustong kunin yung bayad, basta kailangan lang, lampas na sa $10 yung kinita mo.

  21. I’m also trying ProjectWonderful. Currently, my ad spaces earn $.45 per day and it’s growing. Thanks pala for bidding for one of my adspaces. πŸ™‚

  22. bakit ganun pre? $0.1 lang yung ads ko sa project wonderful pero wala pa ring nagbi-bid.



  23. WOW mar, parang nakaka enganyo naman yang project wonderful. ill try that on my blog.

  24. @Dark Knight… ganun talaga sa umpisa. After your stats started showing up, darami rin yang magbibid sa iyo. πŸ˜‰

  25. You can click the ads on your own page, di ba?

  26. @ MArhgil,

    Naimpluwensiyahan mo ako dito.. Sumali na rin ako.. Di ko lanag alam kung hanggang kailan or mapupuna kaya yung sa akin ha ha ha.. Anyway wala namanag masamang mag try..

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  28. Great post! Thanks for sharing all these tips .
    I will surely take note of all of these. I have in fact bookmarked your
    site. Thanks!

  29. This is a great post indeed. I’ve wanted to give Project Wonderful a try 2 days ago but I was cough up with something else. After reading your review, I will try it for sure.

  30. This makes me laugh. You are wasting your money. 1 cent bids will get you 20 clicks a day from people who will leave right away. CPD is a total scam. Spend a month on ProjectWonderful and you will seen all you are paying for is search engines and other very low quality leads on sites that have no ranking what so ever. Their system was a nightmare to use. Campaigns would not refresh. The CPD model means youÒ€ℒll be out bid constantly and end up paying for ads to run only at early AM hours. We saw nearly 100% bounce rates because most of the leads were search engines and crawler. The same money spent on Google got less visitors but 43% of them stayed compared to none from ProjectWonderful.

  31. Hi. I think you’re the best person to answer my question: Can I register my MULTIPLY blog for Project Wonderful? Also, I’m creating a duplicate of this blog on BLOGSPOT. Can I register both even if they’re quite similar?

  32. @Anna… I’m not familiar with Multiply’s TOS eh. I think, as far as Project Wonderful is concern, walang problema kung saan mo ilagay yung code nila. It’s up to the advertiser pa rin naman if they will bid on your ad spot or not eh.

  33. I tried project wonderful. It looks very interested.


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