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Optimize Your Blog For Free!

No, I will not offer any free services here. But yes, the title is really what I’ll be talking about now.

Do you know that people love to search for anything free online? Whether it’s free movie, free downloads, free ecard, free webhost, anything. People search this because who doesn’t want free anyway?

Well, what to do? Knowing this stuff will give you an idea on what keywords to optimize on your blog, regardless of niche. For example, if you have a gadget blog, think of what people might be searching now. Free ipod? Free Macbook Air? If you’re into SEO, you can optimize for free keywords, free SEO, free SEO e-book, free SEO consultation. If you’re into cooking, how about free recipes, free recipe e-book, free adobong manok! 🙂 Sports blog? Free tickets to whatever sports you are covering. Free tickets to Pacquiao-Marquez II? Get my point?

Of course, you need to do some research. Check Google Trends, check the competition, and write unique content. If you can’t offer the freebies, just talk about it, and have your Google Adsense ads placed strategically where your readers can read it. I’m sure, Google Adsense will give your readers all the links for the freebies they are looking for, and when they click it, you get paid. 😉

Optimize your blog for free-related keywords and get money from it. 🙂

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. hmmm nice tip… anong free kaya ang magandang ioptimize

  2. yeah! especially pinoys, we love free stuff, that why i offered my free service to those who want free friendster tracker to their friendster profile 😀

  3. I feel the title is deceiving. It does not promote value. If I have to put a FREE in my title, I will make sure readers will get a freebie within my content not through adsense links. But that’s me.

  4. @Noemi… Sorry about the deceiving title. Just stirring up some curiosity for the readers to click that Read The Rest Of The Entry link. 🙂 About putting free on the title, well, it’s just a suggestion. If your headline is “Free iPod Here” and they can’t get anything on your content, then, i think, it’s not good too. But we can still optimize for these “free” keywords even if we have nothing to offer. Example, your headline could be “I Want A Free iPod”, then, you don’t need to provide your readers the link to free content, because you’re looking for it too. Don’t let your unavailability to provide free content hinders you from optimizing with these “free” keywords, coz there are other way around without compromising the value of your blog posts, just use your imagination. Thanks for your comment. 😉

  5. hmmm that’s a nice idea ha. let me think…Free Boybastos kaya hahahaha.

  6. @Ambo… si Boy Bastos pa rin nasa isip mo. hahaha. Free Boy Bastos pictures 🙂

  7. Hehe.. the article itself is an attempt towards SEO itself.

  8. Tips you are giving are pretty basic but still valuable. Several times I have come across poor attempts at seo where even though they were using “fancy techniques”, they failed because of not covering the basics. Good job!

  9. thanks for this great SEO tip… bigla kong naalala… ako mismo, mahilig din maghanap ng free softwares sa internet… hehe. 😀

  10. free s*x videos. 😀

  11. Its amazing how attracting the word “free” is to people. That word is powerful, instantly grabs anyones eyes!
    Now for a plug! For free tips on managing your money, check out The Money Kings website. Plus you can submit your email address to subscribe via feedburner and enter a chance to win a FREE book on real estate investing!

  12. @ Jay

    Di ka kikita dyan 🙂 Pero meron akong tinetesting regarding dyan.. soon I will blog about it. It is still under experimentation stage..

  13. Thanks for an idea. I’ll be thinking about a way to add the “free” word to the main keyword phrase.

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