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DreamhostAre you thinking of getting a web host? This blog is hosted on Dreamhost and so far, I just had minimal downtimes that did not last for 24 hours in the last 5 months. So, do I recommend Dreamhost? Well, their 10 years of existence means something to me. A company will not last that long if it gives a really ugly service. So yes, I recommend it.

If you look at their web hosting plan, you’ll see that they offer different payment schemes depending on what you want. Here are the prices as of this moment:

  • Pay Monthly @ $10.95/mo + $49.95 setup = $60.90
  • Pay Yearly @ $9.95/mo: 9% off + no setup = $119.40
  • Pay for 2 Years @ $8.95/mo: 18% off + no setup = $214.80
  • Pay for 3 Years @ $7.95/mo: 27% off + no setup = $286.20
  • Pay for 5 Years @ $6.95/mo: 36% off + no setup = $417.00
  • Pay for 10 Years @ $5.95/mo: 45% off + no setup = $714.00

I am on a yearly payment scheme, so, I’m paying $119.40 per year. And what do I get from that?

  • 500 GB disk storage at sign-up that automatically increases weekly by 2 GB. Unlimited Disk Space
  • 5 TB monthly bandwidth that automatically increases weekly by 40 GB Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited MySQL 5 Databases
  • 1 Free Domain Registration
  • 1 Free Domain WHOIS Privacy (check my whois info to see this at work 😉 )
  • Unlimited domains hosted, subdomains
  • Full Unix Shell support
  • 24 Hour Technical Support via E-mail
  • and many more.

Oopps, before you go. Do you know that you can get $50 off on your first payment on Dreamhost by using my promo code? Yup, so instead of paying $119.40 on your first year on Dreamhost, you’ll just pay $69.40. Of course, after a year and you still want to use their service, it’s only the time you have to pay $119.40 to them. Same thing if you choose 2, 3, 5, or 10-year plan. Using my promo code will give you a $50 discount on your first payment. Note that the discount applies only on your first payment and applies only for first time customers.

And what’s my promo code? Here: MACUHA50. Yup, MACUHA50, no spaces. Or just click this one to make sure the promo code is automatically entered on the sign-up form. Actually, clicking any link to Dreamhost on this blog post will automatically put my promo code in it. 🙂

$50 is the biggest discount that Dreamhost can offer right now for first time customers. Don’t believe me? Read this. You still don’t believe? Go and search for a $51 promo code and above if you can get one, and if you can’t find one, come back here and use my promo code. Ok? 🙂

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Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. Its very much expensive for webhosting pala… why dont you try kuya marhgil ang Ixwebhosting. It much cheapter than Dreamhost… this is because Ixwebhosting offers unlimited space and bandwith for any of thier hosting plans… Ung one year sa dream host its equivalent of two years in Ixwebhosting…

    I just want to share the info… If you subscribe to this hosting company you can generate extra income for giving webspace to potential bloggers…

  2. @… Juler, i’m still using their first year discount, so, I don’t need to transfer pa. I actually paid $9.40 only on my first year, umabot sa 10th anniversary promo code. less than 500 pesos in 1 year. 🙂

  3. You probably posted this one because of me… haha!
    I’m the one who asked you (through e-mail) kung anong web host ang gamit mo!
    Well thanks for this post… I’m impressed with the features of DreamHost kaso napakamahal naman… Hindi siya affordable since na wala pa naman akong trabaho… I’m still a student na nangangarap magkaroon ng .com na domain (na affordable lang sana).

    Pero honestly, mas lalo ako na-impress dun sa ni-recommend ni juler… yung Ixwebhosting. I’m gonna try it first kung reliable siya. If not, then I’ll (probably) switch to DreamHost.

  4. may ma recommend ka na dedicated? may dreamhost ako laging down 🙁 hehehee..

  5. Marami akong nababasa about dreamhost. Pero mukang ok naman tlga.

    @marhgil – waw. only $9.40? cool. sayang di ko nalaman un ah. nakakuha sana ko. kahit na marami akong naririnig d2 hehe.

    @jehzlau – Ha Ha Ha naghanap na talaga ng dedicated hehe.

  6. mganda ba tlaga dreamhost? bandwidth exceed limit nko. gus2 ko na mag shift ng webhost..

  7. @glenn… actually, swertehan lang yan. shared hosting din kasi. kung makasama mo sa server ay problematic sites, malas mo. actually, the trick is maging makulit. hehe. basta makita kong magdown itong site ko, create agad ako ng support ticket. hanggang sa pinalayas na ata nila yung mga problematic sites sa server ko, kaya mukhang ok na ako dito.

  8. @marghil, slamat boss!

  9. I recommend this hosting: http://www.hostmonster.com
    1.5 Tetra Byte space
    15 Tetra Byte transfer
    host unlimited domains
    and for only $6.95/ month
    you get free domain upon sign-up

  10. hi sir marghil, gusto ko ring itry ang dreamhost eh. gusto ko i-avail ang 50% discount for the first year na $69.40. my question is

    yung $69.40 with free setup na po ba yun? or magbabayad ka pa ng another $49.95 setup:
    69.40 + $49.95 setup = $119.35

  11. @skywalkerph… free setup na yun kung 1 year yung kukunin mo. may setup fee lang naman if monthly yung payment mo. so, $69.40 lang babayaran mo for your first year.

  12. hello, nagtry ako bumili sa dreamhost using your promode code. kaya lang, di ako makabili, kasi Google Checkout lang ang payment option. Di tuloy ako makabili using paypal 🙁

  13. @skywalkerph… they support Paypal payment. I know someone who just purchased on Dreamhost who used Paypal to pay for it and used my promocode.

  14. Visit IXCoupon.com to activate exclusive deals and offers for IXWebHosting!

  15. kakukuha ko lang ginamit ko promo code mo

  16. wala silang PayPal :(…. wala akong credit card para sa Google Checkout 🙁

  17. stay away from hostmonster.com, i’ve been a victim of their awful service. they will kick you out without warning if you use a their resources beyond the alloted, and to think they are offering unlimited resources! it’s contradicting! they cancel my subscription without any warning. the “unlimited” part is just a sales pitch to lure people into subscribing to their crappy service. search the net and you’ll find a lot of unsatisfied customers. go for hostgator.com instead.

  18. I was searching for Dreamhost promotional codes and reached this site . What is meant by unlimited file transfer and bandwidth with web hosting ?? Can we host file hosting or streaming sites with this account ??

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