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Learn How To Play The Guitar On Guitartutee

Guitartutee is one of the rising vlogs on Philippine blogosphere. Well, his idea is unique. He’ll teach you how to play the guitar for your favorite song by simply watching a headless man (hehe!) playing it on Youtube.

I think, this one is not for someone who is just starting to learn how to play the instrument. You cannot learn how to play the guitar by just watching a Youtube video. It took me weeks during my high school days before I learned playing it. Weeks of patience and hurting fingers. 😀

This is for someone who already knew how to play the guitar (like me), and just wanted to learn the proper way of playing a specific song. Sheesh, the only song I still know how to play right now are some of E-heads songs (Pare Ko!, Magazine, Tindahan Ni Aleng Nena!). I don’t even have a guitar right now, I think, the passion was lost when I started working. Watching the videos there and having a guitar by my side will really help me learn to play new songs. Hmm, maybe, I’ll buy a guitar one of these days and start hurting my fingers again. 🙂

Go and visit Guitartutee, subscribe to his Youtube videos, and learn guitar-playing instantly. Just a suggestion, let’s have a little guitar jamming session one of these days. But teach me new song. I’m always in Batangas every weekend. 😉

Note to Google: This is NOT a paid post.

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Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. oo nga, ok yang vblog nya.. saw that first from a link from corskie(?) yung vblogger din…

    ok sana yung video, kaya lang like you said kulang sa explanation.. and the missing head. 🙂

  2. “how to play the guitar” – thats the magic keyword

  3. @minor.. LOL! too much competition. just testing kung saan aabot, malay natin 🙂

  4. ahah! 😀

    better watch out for http://elizar.palad.info.. mag video blog yan with how to play guitar..hehehe soon, kung di lang nanakaw yung video cam.. 🙁

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