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What’s Wrong With Metrobank?

My girlfriend who works in a call center in Ortigas called me this afternoon informing me that she’s running out of money. She still has money on her Metrobank ATM but all Metrobank ATMs are offline. She can’t withdraw to any ATMs around their office. She can’t even do a balance inquiry using other ATMs because the connection to Metrobank system is down.

So I asked her why not withdraw over-the-counter? I believe we can withdraw our money over-the-counter if the ATM is offline. She said that one of her officemates attempted withdrawing over-the-counter and was not able to do so because the Metrobank teller told her that the system inside the bank is also down.

So, I went to Ortigas today to give her some money. She said that almost everyone on their office is already having this problem. They are running out of money and are still waiting for Metrobank to go online. Everyone relies on their salary which was released today and they can’t withdraw it.

Hello Metrobank?! What’s going on? What went wrong? I checked your website and I didn’t see any advisory informing people of what’s going on. Are you under attack? Or just doing some data migration? Or system upgrade? Most of them depend on their salary, hope you can put your system back online at the soonest possible time. They are in good hands, aren’t they? Prove it.

Thank God, I’m on BDO. 🙂

Update: Here’s the “advisory” from Metrobank Ortigas:

Metrobank Ortigas
Bankwide Offline

Update: One of the commentor, Ash, says that it’s already up now. Hope it’s true.

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Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. a mad metrobank client

    I also experienced the same problem. Going over the counter won’t work since the problem is their mainframe computers. It’s busted or got hit by a virus – that they won’t tell. I just wonder why such huge company doesn’t even have alternate servers. I pity the programmers working on those mainframes right now, imagine the pressure….. hope they get back online soon as I too am running out of cash on hand.

  2. same with Land Bank, when pay-day comes, their ATMs go offline. Maybe because sabay sabay nagwiwidraw mga govt employee people or is it that their system cannot handle such requests.
    Hahay buhay..
    I agree and in my opinion, BDO is the best in terms of personal savings. 🙂 I also recommend UnionBank.

  3. a mad metrobank client

    forgot to mention that they said their servers will be up by 11pm. It’s 11:17pm on my time and still can’t transact online.

  4. @charles… this one is a different case. they are offline since yesterday, and people can’t withdraw even over-the-counter. they have the money, their servers are down.

  5. there is a risk that depositor’s might panic and withdraw all their savings and transfer to other banks. Well, let us hope it won’t happen.

  6. I was also trying to logon to Metrodirect and Metrophone the whole afternoon. Wala talaga.

  7. are they also having some cash flow problems like most banks who have invested heavily on mutual funds whose investments were place on collateralized debt obligations read: mortgage notes? ergo: subprime crisis? HAHAHAHA! If I were you, I’ll check! baka money problems! hahaha!

  8. wala pang sweldo …

    ahhhh..mamaya meron na @ 11AM daw.

  9. whehehehe… wish ko lang na 11 am nga meron na..as of 10 am kasi, wala pa word kung mag online na nga sila. Big bank! No Backup!?!? buti pa kaming small BPOs, kahit mawalan ng internet, may back up kami just to PLEASE OUT CLIENTS.

  10. same case here. Payday time and yet still no ATM. No Advisory or whatsoever from Metrobank. No more cash and still the officer from the bank told us the ATM will be on line this noon but with the word “daw”. Coming from an officer? he is not sure and yet telling oooooops wait meron na daw…

  11. same as my bf… tsk! bad metrobank. is your gf from SITEL? coz my bf’s payday was also yesterday and he’s from sitel ortigas.

  12. they might have been attacked. their initial advise to us is that the system was under maintenance, which is really inappropriate because of no-prior-notice-which-they-usually-do.

    they say it will resume March 14th, midnight.

    but i hear it will resume this morning.. 9 – 11..

    oops.. let’s check. it’s already eleven an it’s up now. good to know.

  13. me too!

    I’ve been at the bank yesterday and just lately, been calling their office for like a hundred times and still they are offline, can’t they hire better engineers to assure us that we are indeed in good friggin’ hands?!

    Im just pissed because I need a detailed bank statement for a Visa application this tuesday and Im from Mindanao, Im leaving monday morning, What the hell am i supposed to do?


  14. okay.. update on the bank thingy,
    called them already, it’s 11:20am and still offline.

    I heard the tellers talking that manila advised them that the bank will go online at 9:00am..
    it’s still off the hook.

    ill update by 12 noon.
    gooshh! i should’ve sticked with BDO, i just dont like the fact that piolo endorses them. eehehehe

  15. im chatting with a friend.. he said its already up… he just came from the bank.. 🙂

  16. buti na lang ako walang atm.. i receive my salary inside a small brown envelop

  17. Yes, Metrobank is up! Better hurry to the bank or any nearby ATM. Baka mag offline na naman yan. Lam nyo na.. it’s payday!

  18. ok.
    yup it’s up. But the ATM service only..
    guessed they put it on top of their priority list.

    but since Im trying to have a certificate of my account (BC) it’s still not possible as of 12:09 since they cannot process orders whatsoever on the counters. Im crossing my fingers..
    i need the certificate ASAP.

  19. galing ako dun sa metrobank manggahan in cavite still down. Palpak. kailangan pa naman ng pera its a matter of life and death. Tandaan natin no pain on their side. Dapat may penalty din sila sa mga consumer. pag tayo laging may penalty lumiit lang yung amoutnsa kanilang minimum balance.

  20. just got home from the bank
    and everything works fine now.
    able to get my certificate and cashier’s check. 😀

  21. How about in the province? is it already up?

  22. who’s from province here? waaaahh my sister needs cash right now? pwede na ba mag deposit?

  23. Ok na daw po ang Metrobank 😉 Some of their automated machinces are now working – especailly yung nasa Boni 🙂

  24. i hate metrobank as well, mabagal ang service nila.. lalo na pag may deposit.. arrrgggghhh… buti nalang BPI me.. Mama ko kasi metrobank.. pag nag dedeposit ako it takes 3 hours or more!!!

  25. Offline pa rin ang metrobank sa estwood. This is not funny. I’m definitely considering other banks.

    Theyre usually offline pero not this long. This is the last straw.

  26. Unappreciated Cancer Boy-REE

    I’ll tell you, this company does not pay enough to their IT. Maybe their IT resigned without noticed. Many industries today especially in power sector do not pay enough their IT. I’m one of them.

    In this case of MBTC, their hardwares are old. Upgrade now so you will be competitive.

  27. Metrobank online service back to normal

    Makati City, 14 March 2008 – Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company (Metrobank) announced that, as of 9:50 a.m. today, all automated teller machines (ATMs) are online. The bank now able to service Metrobank and PSBank accountholders.

    “We would like to inform our customers that we have successfully completed our system maintenance,” said Metrobank Operations Group head Dennis Suico. “Our ATM machines have been restored to the regular service levels.”

    The temporary service disruption of the Bank’s ATM services was caused by a regular systems maintenance that took longer than expected. Customers, however, were still able to transact at the branches.

    “We apologize for any inconvenience these may have caused our customers and we would like to thank them for their patience and understanding.” added Suico.

    For further questions and concerns, clients may contact Metrobank Customer Service at 898-8000 or visit branch of account.

  28. concerned metrobank client

    tell you, WALANG VIRUS! system upgrading lang po for the long weekend…

    to polongi hu ses “Tandaan natin no pain on their side” = are you so sure?

  29. I think this is not the only thing that is wrong with Metrobank nowadays. They also deducts 100 pesos if you’re balance is below the minimum average daily balance allowed. Think of the millions who has this situation in this country who are Metrobank ATM holders and think of the profit it is making just by defrauding its depositors.

    They also deduct 1 THOUSAND PESOS for checks deposited in a Metrobank ATM account if you also did not maintain the ADB for a certain period. Metrobank should be investigated by the Senate for this instead of the overdrawn ZTE mess that has not really affected anyone except Gloria..

  30. ok, in that Gloria comment, yes the ZTE has not affected anyone because the ZTE contract was CANCELLED. Jun Lozada is ALIVE nad the Senators are grandstanding to high heavens for media coverage.

  31. The deductions are mandated by BSP or banko central ng pilipinas. So its the policy of all the banks. I dont think metrobank has to be investigated. Wag na natin dagdagan problema ng pinas. Making irresposible comments like these only makes the situation worse.

  32. System maintenance on a weekday????!!!! Without prior notice? Give me a break! We are not suckers! Walang pagmamalasakit sa mga customers nila who they owe a lot that is why they are the biggest bank…. Yan ang problema, pag masyadong malaki ka na nakakalimutan mo yung mga taong pinagkakautangan mo ng loob….

  33. i’d rather put my money in a bank that values its customer. I have never ever felt that Metrobank values its clients. Most of the time I had to queue for more than hour just to deposit/withdraw funds… They don’t value the ordinary depositor’s time! And they are supposed to be the biggest bank in the Phils.????!!!!! We deserve better service than this!! Can’t they even invest in additional teller booths in those branches where there is a very long waiting time? Their management should go around their branches and see how their customers are suffering….. Mas matagal pa ang waiting time sa loob ng Metrobank branches kesa sa umupo sa traffic sa EDSA!!! As for me, I’ve had enough of this maltreatment. I’m moving my money elsewhere……

  34. I also experienced the same crap! The hell was just last night! BRRRR

  35. August Yapching

    I rarely go to Metrobank, because I’m a Balikbayan. But, everytime I do, always leave with a heavy heart. The employees – from the tellers, down to “the fat lady behind a chair in the lobby” are very rude! They hardly smile. Even in some of their email responses – they’re rude. My Metrobank is on F. Ramos, Cebu City.

  36. what’s also wrong with Metrobank is that it’s subsidiaries are investing in dirty energy projects that contribute to climate change!

    ask Metrobank to save the climate visit http://www.greenpeace.org.ph/metrobank

  37. Metro Bank philippine Scam?
    October 11,2008, Tuguegarao Metro Bank main branch.

    My father went to Tuguegarao Metro bank to withdraw from my international cashcard what happened was, the receipt came out but not the money, being specific- P10,000. THinking that it was not successful transaction, he withdraw again the same amount. The second time, the money came out…but as he check the balance, P20,000 was already deducted. He went to the counter to tell them what happened so they told him to file complain, so he did as he was told. My fahter called me right away to inform me of what just happened. So I ppersonally called the bank and ask them why does that happen. The woman (Cynthia is her name) in the bank told me that these things happen when someone withdraw and the bank happens to get offline at them same time. She told me that after two (2 weeks) the money will be back to my account. after one month, there is nothing yet in my account. So I called the main office of metro bank in Manila. The woman there told me that I have to file complain to my origin bank and they will be the one to file complain against metro bank- its a bank to bank transaction. This doesn’t make sense to me but I did what she told me. I called my bank here in Korea and told them about the case…..Yet until now…there is no money being back to my account. even called the Pusan Metro bank branch but they told me they cannot entertain my problem. WHAT’S THE MATTER METRO BANK? HOW COULD YOU LET THESE THINGS HAPPENED? IS THIS SOME KIND OF METRO BANK SCAM? 10,000 PESOS IS NOT A SMALL MONEY FROM SOMEONE WHO IS TRYING TO FIND LIVING ABROAD.

  38. @ Anneth: I can relate to your frustrations on the kind of service the f***ing Metro Bank provides. My live-in partner often pays some of his credit card bills at Metro Bank. To save his time going to banks (he works at the office and I work at home), I always give my initiative to pay the bills for him to save his time. Just last week, I’ve had enough with Metro Bank employees here in Cavite City. The system here (of Metro Bank) is that once you entered the bank, you are given a customer number. I don’t know but it always takes me at least a minimum of one hour just waiting for my queue. I tried to get the average transaction time of the tellers to their customers. And it was a freaking 2 MINUTES per customer. NOT TO MENTION METROBANK EMPLOYEES LET PEOPLE “CUT IN LINE” BECAUSE THEY KNEW THE PERSON. Good thing I’m with BDO. I believe they’re the biggest bank now here in the Philippines. I spend less than 2minutes in queue if there is any and less than 1minute to do transactions with their tellers. And YES, BDO employees always smile and greet you! I LOVE DOING MY BANKING TRANSACTIONS WITH BDO! There was this one time that I used my debit card (from BDO) to purchase an item online. To make the story short, my debit card was debited for the amount of the transaction that didn’t happen. I called my bank (their phone banking and customer associates are very friendly too and no long wait-time as well) and they said that I will be credited within 8 banking days. On the 8th day, my account was credited for the amount that was lost. I LOVE BDO! MetroBank SUCKS A LOT! I hate their (MetroBank) services!

  39. not only in metrobank ,,, all banks are the same even banco de oro( bdo)…. so stop ….think …listen..thank you

  40. why do you hate banks like METROBANK, i love them specially in dasmarinas branch, they don’t live in and we are partners….. you think bdo is good…well… 3x …they forgot to make an entry in my account e.g. 10,000.00…every banks has it good and bad….every dog ,every supermarket, every person, every anything or whatever has its good and bad…..it just your luck…..stress can kill you… breathe in and breath out…. see it makes you enjoy the air if you are in your house….bye….good day

  41. Am here in abu dhabi and i brought my metrobank atm with me. I often check my account but beginning last week i began to worry because all the atm i acces here says my atm is in accesible. i dont know why..

  42. I’d like to share also a funny experience with metrobank Philippines. As they say they the biggest bank in the Philippines. You be the judge: Today I went to Metrobank in Fairview, commonwealth ave. I have an account with Metrobank but it’s my payroll account. Im resigning, so my account will be closed. Since i have a Metrobank mastercard, it was easy do internet banking to pay my credit card. So I decided to open account. so i went to metrobank Fairview, and the new accounts guy said that i need 2 id’s in which i provided. But the guy said that i need a xerox copy, and he told me to copy it outside and come back. HUH? duh… what? You mean, you don’t have a xerox copier. And i’m a client and you’re asking me to do something for you? And you want me to believe that Metrobank is the largest bank in the Philippines. But how come when i opened an account with BPI and BDO, they never asked me to make a copy of my id’s. they did it themselves. Now that’s great customer service. Ah, Metrobank is the biggest bank in the Philippines, cuz they’re so cheap, so cheap in investing items from for their branch and that’s why they have so much funds. But, i must say, that their the worst in customer service!!!
    So, I went to the branch manager, and said not all have copiers, okay fine. but do all banks ask their customers to go out and make the copies for their file. Wow! No f…. way i’ll be treated like that. The branch manager’s name is Rochelle M. Molina, when i spoke with her, she said that it’s been a complaint. And yet she’s just tolerating the complaint. Wow, Ms. Molina, if you cannot handle and resolve a simple complaint like that previously, to all metrobank customers especially fairview branch, please be worried with your investments with Metrobank.
    The funny part is, this Rochelle Molina stands for her operations. You don’t do your xerox copy of your ID, thus, no account for you. She also stated that all her customers call first and they tell their customers over the phone to bring xerox of their id’s. So what about walk in clients??? Oh well. I’ll stay with my old bank. And just cut my credit card with Metrobank.

  43. Based on my experience, Metrobank does not transmit remittances to the beneficiary bank (bank-to-bank transfer), UNLESS YOU CALL METROBANK’S MAIN OFFICE. If you have not tried sending money via International Funds Transfer yet, it is most likely that your beneficiary will be waiting for his remittance to be credited to his account – FOREVER! Metrobank simply ignores the “VALUE DATE” mentioned in the International Funds Transfer transaction statement. I wish Metrobank to be more considerate to their clients’ URGENT needs.

  44. than`x to the who open this blog about Metrobank i experience also what else experience not only at the A.t.m. also in Remmitance if over the counter magpadala it takes 1 week b4 matanggap ng family yung money dapat 1 day only in other banks hey Metrobanks please more considerate to you clients urgently needs b4 its to late!!!!!!!!! they said your in good hands in metrobank well pls prove it!!!!

  45. Metrobank seems to be taking its sweet time. By now, August 17, 2010, it should be familiar with this problem of its online network going offline nationwide. I tried to encash a check before noon today at the Escriva branch along Shaw Blvd. The guard said they’ve been offline since last night, and have had no advice as to when they’d be getting online again. Which means that after the same incident in 2008, Metrobank still hasn’t found a way to protect the integrity of its online system, or to activate a back-up immediately after its main system goes awry. Metrobank depositors ought to press their bank for changes (I used to be with Metrobank, years ago, but am now with BDO). Why shouldn’t a branch where a checking account has been opened be able to service that account even if the central system bogs down? Aren’t branches supposed to be autonomous and able to function at least locally? Maybe Metrobank should go back to typewriters and manual systems.

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