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My Google Adsense Story

In the beginning, I have a blog. But I didn’t have Adsense ad on it. And then I discovered Adsense last August 2005. I learned that I could earn some money on it. So, I put all their ad code on my blog and waited for the money to come. But I was disappointed. Here’s my post, dated March 03, 2006, telling how I was disappointed with Adsense. I even preferred Adbrite ads. 🙂

ano ang mas maganda, adsense or adbrite? matagal na akong nakasign-up sa adsense, kaya may mga ads dyan sa sidebar at footer ng blog ko, na ang sabi, powered by google. may bayad sila dyan kada page impression. lately, nadiscover ko ang adbrite. at kung mapapansin nyo, unti-unti kong pinapalitan yung mga ads ko sa sidebar ng adbrite naman. bakit? kasi naman, sa tinagal-tagal ko nang nakasign-up sa adsense, i’m just averaging 2 cents per day. at sa adbrite, kakasign-up ko lang, at isang text ad pa lang yung nilagay ko dyan sa sidebar, 7 cents per day ang kita ko. so, i’ve decided na yun na ilalagay ko dyan. referral na lang at google search ang iiwan ko sa google. tsaka sa adbrite, pwede ka nang padalhan ng cheke if you earn $20, sa adsense kasi, $100 pa. medyo matagal tagal yan kung ang average mo lang ay 2 cents per day. hehehe.

so adbrite or adsense? obviously, alam nyo na kung ano ang choice ko.

yun lang!


Loose translation:

Which is better, Adsense or Adbrite? It’s been a long time I’m signed-up with Adsense, that’s why you’ll see ads on the sidebar and footer of this blog labeled “Powered by Google”. They pay every page impression. Lately, I discovered Adbrite. And you’ll notice that I’m slowly replacing the Adsense ads with Adbrite ads. Why? Because, despite being signed-up for a very long time on Adsense, I’m just averaging 2 cents per day. And on Adbrite, I just recently signed-up, and I just put a single text ad on my sidebar, and I’m already earning 7 cents per day. So, I’ve decided to use it instead of Adsense. I’ll just use the referral ad and the Google search box here. And on Adbrite, they will send you checks if you earn $20. But on Adsense, you need $100. It will take me a longer time to reach that especially if I’m only averaging 2 cents per day. Hehehe.

So, Adbrite or Adsense? Obviously, you already know my choice.

See. I just jumped on the Adsense bandwagon when I first discovered it. Put the ads everywhere and waited for the money to come. And I only earned a whooping 2 cents per day. Hehe. That was more than 2 years ago.

During that time, I don’t know search engine optimization or SEO. I don’t know ad optimization. And there’s scarcity of bloggers talking about SEO. It was a puzzle to me on how those blogs on top of pinoytopblogs got thousands of visitors everyday.

Good thing, Marc Hil Macalua, the father of SEO Philippines, started an SEO contest. I did not join his first contest because I can’t afford to buy a domain name yet (or I didn’t know how 🙂 ). What I did was I googled for an SEO e-book and found one that really helped me a lot. And to see if what it says is true, I started my text messages blog. I applied all the knowledge I learned on that SEO e-book, and the rest, they say, is history.

My Adsense earnings slowly went up, from a measly 2 cents per day, to 10 cents a day, to 50 cents a day, and to a dollar a day. By September 6, 2006, my Google Adsense earnings was already $94, nearing the $100 target. And Google already sent me my PIN. Here’s my blog post that day:

kahapon, nagtext sa akin ang father ko. sabi nya, “may dumating kang sulat dito, galing US, from Google!” well, tama nga sila, it takes 3 to 4 weeks bago mo mareceive yung sulat nila, sa akin, 3 weeks. ano bang sulat yun? no, hindi pa yun cheke dahil hindi pa naman ako nakakaabot ng $100. $94 pa lang ngayon eh. e ano nga yung sulat na yun? yun lang naman po yung PIN code ko. sabi kasi ng Google, magpapadala daw sila ng PIN sa postal address mo after your balance reached $50. it happened 3 weeks ago, at kahapon ko nga natanggap yung PIN nila. to know more about Google Adsense PIN, read this. Anong itsura nung sulat nila? hayaan nyo at scan ko next week. hehehe. pero ganito daw ang itsura. click here.


Loose translation:

Yesterday, my father sent me a text message. He said, “There’s a letter for you here, from the US, from Google!” Well, they are right, it takes 3 to 4 weeks before you receive their letter. For me, it took 3 weeks. What’s that letter all about? That’s my PIN code. According to Google, they will send you a PIN to your postal address once your balance reached $50. It happened 3 weeks ago, and yesterday, I received my PIN. To know more about Google Adsense PIN, read this. What does their letter look like? Don’t worry and I’ll scan it next week. But according to them, it looks like this. Click here.

By November 2006, I received my first Google Adsense check which I posted here.

My First Google Adsense Check
My First Google Adsense Check

And every month thereafter, I always reach the $100 quota. Increasing a little every month. It’s more than 2 years already. Before, I was earning just 2 cents per day. Today, $20 in a day is a bad day for me. Thanks to SEO.

How about you? What’s your Google Adsense story? Create a blog post and I will make a Google Adsense story list here. 😉 Let’s share some inspiration to the newbies. (We could hijack the keyword Google Adsense if we unite! 🙂 )

Their Google Adsense Stories

Marhgil Macuha

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