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Eraserheads Reunion Concert is Officially Cancelled?

This is really a sad news for all of us, E-heads fans, if this is true. Marlboro cancelled the concert. DOH did not issue a permit. I got this info from Odysseylive.net.

This is really a very bad news. Now, I’m calling other sponsors. Pepsi! Chippy! Converse! And all other companies who can legally sponsor this concert. You already saw the marketability of an Eraserheads concert. I think, if Marlboro cancelled it, you can save it, can’t you?

Oh, Dyos ko, ano ba naman ito? Di ba?! T*ng in*! Nagmukha kaming tanga. Pinaasa nyo lang kami! Letseng DOH to! Peace!

Update: The concert is pushing through! Marlboro is no longer the sponsor.

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. o hindeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. ano to, sabihin mong hindi to tototoo wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nag file na ko ng leave a. syet

  2. haha, kakatuwa naman kanta mo marhgil hehe,, badtrip nmn malboro.. gandang concert event sana to.. sana matuloy parin

  3. Kasayang sa concert.. Magprotesta nalang tayo mga bloggers write tayo ng post about this..hehehe Eventhough hindi ako makakakita sa concert, ok na sakin kahit pics lang..basta matuloy lang reunion concert ng E-heads.

  4. As expected, the government acts when it’s not needed. Dapat pati FHM-sponsored shows bawalan din. Dumadami ang… ehem…. sa pinas.

  5. ay cancelled na ba e-heard concert! hehehe ayus lang. no comment

  6. ayan kasi marlboro is trying to circumvent the law. sana iba na lang mag sponsore para matuloy na.

  7. Ngeks! Nagsubscribe pa man din ako don sa Marlboro Red List. Makapag unsubscribe na lang pala. LOL

  8. Talk is rife that the Eraserheads reunion concert has been cancelled.
    If this is true, there are so many factors why the voices of fans who simply want to see them together were trampled on.

    1) Thanks to obviously inside information that leaked out initial information regarding the reunion, made its way to a holier-than-thou blogger who’s anti reunion blog made hits by fans wanting the concert to push through. Sources said that unethical people from the agency Leo Burnett couldn’t keep their excitement and their mouths under control, hence the blogger had confidence to fill in details that were supposed to be privy.
    The anti reunion blog was picked up by an anti-smoking group and so the circus transpired with the D.O.H threatening to sue Marlboro for putting up the concert.

    2) Thanks to the narrow minded mentality of those who blindly believe that fans will become die hard smokers when they attend the concert.

    3) Thanks to Marlboro’s negligent foresight that indeed there would be these witch-hunters and paranoid “cause” oriented groups that they didn’t have a back up plan to push through with the concert.

    4) Thanks to the media who made a big deal out of this reunion.

    We may never get the chance to see the Philippines’ most favorite band together again. It’s sad and fans are once again taken for granted.
    But then who cares about fans in the Philippines anyway?

  9. Hindi nga planado kung alam ng marlboro na aatake ang DOH. At yang mga taga ahensya na kalat ng kalat ng info, ayun nawala na tuloy ang pag-asa naming makanuod sa eheads. kainis!

  10. I was surprised that in one blog all the details that Marlboro didn’t relay like the One Night, One Nation, One Brand tag came out. I was wondering…how come Marlboro didn’t give out these details on their website but some blogs have it? Marketing strategy? Who else would make a tagline for a company’s event? Mapipikon talaga ang DOH. One Brand?? Leo Burnett screwed this one up big time!

  11. kaya pala walang announcement wala na pala. kawawa naman ang mga fans na tulad ko umasa sa lekat na announcement na yan

  12. O, diyos ko ano ba naman ito
    Di ba
    Tangina nagmukha kaming tanga
    Pinaasa niyo lang kami
    Lecheng bansa to ohhh…
    O diyos ko ano ba naman ito

  13. sabi na eh, malamang mangayari yan. hindi lng dahil sa DOH, kasi malaki na rin kinita nila. t@n_ !n@ nila, kakainis sila!!

  14. sayang naman ung concert… parang yosi…

  15. too bad.. sana may mag sponsor na bago 😀

  16. yah ferns that’s right…ang bigat talaga sa pakiramdam nito!!!!ine-expect ko na dumating yung “ticket ko this week.nangangarap na nga ako ng gising kung ano yung mangyayari! sh*t talaga. isang malaking sh*t!!!

  17. Bat ganun????? kung kelan naibsan ang pagnugnulila ng libo libong fans ng heads nag cansel pa ang goverment natin!!!!!! Ang dami namang puede icancel na mga alang kwentang bagay para sa pilipino ito pa!!!!!!!! this will go to the history books…. i will tell stories to my future kidz about this tapos macacancel langa!!!!!!!! LIFES A BITCH!

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