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Sapati International School Scam

They posted a job advertisement on BestJobs.Ph here. One of my readers applied, submitted her CV and other credentials via e-mail. After a week, they replied accepting her for the job, offering her a salary beyond her imagination. She was so excited.

However, upon doing some research online, she found out through this blog post that there is still a travel ban for Filipinos to Nigeria. She decided to go to the Nigerian Embassy in Makati to verify the authenticity of her application and upon investigation, they told her that it was fraudulent.

So, this post is a warning to all of you. Don’t send your application to that job opening for Sapati International School in BestJobs.Ph. Some people are using the name of that school to scam other people.

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. I also applied for that post at bestjobs.ph and true it is a scam.
    As well as the job opening at Rochas Foundation.
    Golly, can’t they do anything worthwhile? Bestjobs should screen the employers first before
    allowing the ads to be posted on their site

  2. I just received a confirmation letter from sapati international, they told me to wait because screening is still in progress. I applied through bestjobs and sent my resume and credentials last week. Thanks for this advisory. I will just wait for the reply from sapati, what ever it is….gudluck to them not to me. thanks.

  3. I noticed that the email ad of the school is different from the e mail ad as advertised in best jobs. Thus, I was alerted by it that it might be a scam. so you will just waist your time and effort.

  4. i just applied also to sapati int’l college a week ago through best job and they send me already the offer letter and they want me to resume the job by nov 30,2009.I,m wondering that how they process my visa with that short of time and they dont even ask me for the copy of my passport.thanks for this blog, now i have an idea on this scam.Best job should block this ads of Sapati.

  5. u know i am very confused, i applied this school as storkeeper, as to their reply first they required me to submit school papers online for verification, then i was sent online interview, i answered it and sent, as they say successful aplicants will be called-up, so i wait, upon days passed not a week, i received an offer with the terms and conditions, well i accepted it by signing and sending it to them. but til now i am confused how can i be there in london uk this 27th day of this month? i don’t have any requirements for abroad. thanks God i’ve read this page. now i’m clear.

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