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The Pinoy Hangaroo Traffic

After releasing the Pinoy HangARoo in the wild, I spreaded the word via blog post, Twitter, Project Wonderful ads and Stumbleupon.

Pinoy HangarooNow, Pinoy Hangaroo is one of my most visited pages. Traffic mostly came from referrals rather than search engines. Plurkers talk about it here, here and here. Stumbleupon users liked it. Bloggers blog about it here, here, here, here and here.

Now, did I earn anything from it? Actually, the CTR is very low, because most people just come, play for hours, and go. Just an additional 50 cents per day on that page. That’s still $15 in one month. ๐Ÿ™‚ Not bad for a 2-hour work I spent modifying its database and a little bit of elementary HTML coding.

Pinoy Hangaroo gets harder everyday because I add new categories everyday. It has already 1000+ words in its database, and growing. If you want to suggest a new category, or report an error or wrong spelling, feel free to contact me.

That’s all for now.

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. i just played pinoy hangaroo, and it is now more easier to play because all the questions are now related to pinoy.

  2. my dad loves it! natutuwa sya sa mga questions. Not that he can’t play it in English, but I think proud sya na may pinoy version na yung one of his fave games. Thanks for the fun

  3. Congrats! Actually, natutuwa ako kasi nasasagutan ko agad pag FPJ movie e. Alam mo bang super idol ko yung mula ng bata pa ako. Nagugulat nga family ko kasi, kahit kapirasong eksena lang, alam ko na agad ang title, kahit 70s film pa nya. May 3 photo album pa nga ako nun e.

    Anyway, pati asawa’t anak ko naglalaro din nun. By the way, I hope you can include some more historical events, and any topics not can help our children understand our history.

    Good luck!

  4. haha astig ๐Ÿ˜€ congrats sa pinoy hangaroo! sikat na sikat n ๐Ÿ˜€ hehe

  5. nice info marghil. try ko ngang maglaro nito one time ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. wow congrats…. kung ikaw ang mag mayabang ala akong masabi…

  7. hi mr macuha! actually this is the first i ever contacted a problogger. an intro about myself first, I was a graphic designer in the philippines and to support my wife and baby I had to work here in south korea as a factory worker. add me on friendster to know more about me, [email protected]. anyway, i started making an online tv streaming collection site http://www.keybol.blogspot.com and it gathered a lot of traffic worldwide. but i cant have adsense on it, I have already applied a lot of blogging tips on it by reading and scouring pros like you. now im plannning on problogging, here’s the start http://keybolmovies.blogspot.com I hope I could learn more from you so I could go back to the philippines and earn there. I see this as my opportunity. BTW im already earning much,but i think only because my site still has live tv. I dont want to piss google off soon though I think live tv isnt part of their copyright policy as i see many live streaming sites with adsense. Whew, long comment huh? Thanks and God bless.

  8. Great tip on how to publicize a blog post! I’ll be registering for accounts in Twitter, Project Wonderful ads and Stumbleupon. Thanks!

  9. congrats po brother.. at least yung $15 na un magiging passive income na at sampu pa na ganun 150 na.. i really learn a lot from you, actually i recommend sa mga friends ko na gusto magblog ung guerilla ebook nyo.. keep it up po..

  10. Since discovering Pinoy Hangaroo earlier today I can say that I am hooked! In fact, I have made an entry about it with the game embedded in the post. Hope many more will play it. Galing! Syempre, Batangueรƒยฑo eh!

    BTW, I played and saw Jinggoy categorized in politcs. Di ba pwede sa Pets and Animals yun?! LOL. Just kidding.

  11. nabasa ko na rin po ang guerilla blogging nyo and thanks a lot for it. im trying to open up blogging to fellow ofws like me. we have three things at hand kasi to accomplish this.

    1. high speed internet – optic fiber ata tawag ng dsl nmin dto s korea at kadalasan free pa sagot ng kumpanya
    2. exposure to english language – obvious ba kung nasa ibang bansa kami
    3. boredom -with boredom we have a lot of energy to release and time in our hands

    sana po matuto ko ng husto sa SEO! i tried posting sa forums (me pinuntahan kajojoin ko sa mga forums hehe) joined and posted links on digg and sulit, and joined topsites

    still, ang nakukuha kong traffic is from digg and my old traffic. Hope you could help. pero madami na po ako natutunan sa inyo thanks talaga. Sana makauwi ako ng Pinas dahil sa blogging hehe

  12. bro sabi nang asawa ko maliit daw yung size niya. baka daw pwede palakihan ng kunti….

  13. astiig naman kasi taLaga Pinoy Hangaroo!

  14. ang dami naglalaro ngayon ng Pinoy Hangaroo!!!!

  15. I like the game. A job well done…

  16. Interesting! Are you trained to work and produce flash based applications?

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