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Eraserheads Reunion Concert Part 2: “The Final Set” Is Set On March!

Yes, this is another Eraserheads post. Forgive me, but I can’t help it. Hehe. And this time, it’s all about the part 2 of their reunion concert. We all know that the reunion concert last August 30 was cut short because of Ely’s condition.

Now that Ely is in good health, the part 2 of the reunion concert will finally push through! Report said that it will be called “The Final Set.”

The date: March 7, 2009. The producers are MTV and Smart. And the venue? They are still deciding between The Fort and SM Mall of Asia grounds.

My source? Philstar. I think, that’s a reliable source, isn’t it? 😀

Ang saya saya! Ha! Ha! Ha! Spread the mono virus! 😀

Additional reading: Menard shares his excitement on his blog post: Eraserheads Reunion Concert Part 2 On March 7. 😉

Update (January 13, 2009): Here’s the news video from News On Q.

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Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. Thanks Marhgil!

    I have Eheads info overload today 🙂
    I linked my post to yours.

    Handa ko na boses ko, malamang mapapaos na naman ako sa March 7.

  2. Napolexander Santiago

    That’s good to know, should start saving..meh

    Does “final set” mean they won’t be performing songs already sang on the first concert?

  3. Thanks a lot for the info,cousin! Can I borrow your CD?hehehehe!! Anyway, some of my officemates asked if I have known about the concert of Eheads, I told them, I will ask you. But, seeing in your blog, I don’t have to..I will spread the news..

  4. Hi there!

    Wow! At least we will get to see the second set that everyone missed!

    My wallet’s going to cry starting this February-March! Fallout Boy is Coming back as well this February! 🙂

  5. I also missed the second half, i guess we finally can have a full view of the concert now

  6. weeee! ganda ng pasok ng new year a!!!!! good news

  7. Masaya ito makagawa na nga ng post para magkatraffic na rin he he he

  8. goodnews to sa mga eheads fan!

  9. wow. very timely din yung Mcdonalds tv ad dito sa concert!!! I’m lovin’ it. hehe. napanood nyo na ba guys???

  10. Thanks sa info brother.

  11. Salamat.. Sa wakas makakapunta narin ako sa concert nato… last time di ako nakapunta.. thanks for the info Mr. Macuha…

  12. i missed the first concert…i really wanna watch this one…huhu, how much will it cost?????????

  13. im definitely gonna watch this one. I missed the first one because of lack of info of the venue and where to buy the tickets. Now Im gonna do research in advance. Can someone please tell me where to buy and the cost of the tix??

    – bmg records…saga events.. although there were already staffs from MTV,IT IS NOT MTV. MYX pa ang nagcover ng event.remember? THE PART TWO CONCERT will be sponsored by MTV and SMART but im really complaining about their price. I’ll go for the VIP kaso, I heard kasi na 10 songs lang. isn’t it too much? Kasi ung last year’s concert, 1800 pesos, 800 pesos gud for the 30 songs na. it was good for 3 sets. I hope you know the whole thing. I have a copy of the program though din a sunod ung time and there have been problems with some of the effects(ung sa tv screen). Kaso un nga, 15 songs lang. after that 15 songs kasi, another 10 ata ang ipiplay…then there will be the encore.. as for the last five songs. I have the complete list.:) then, yun na nga, inatake na si ely.

    RR, you were saying sumthing.that’s true. A true eraserheads fan will do everything to watch the concert.although I also get iris’ point.
    Did you know guyz that it took 1 WHOLE YEAR for THIS EVENT TO BE POSSIBLE? YES, its true. It took a year for this 4 ex buddies to be reunited. I can still remember, 3 days before the concert, I was in Bicol and my boyfriend gave me a call, saying they were drinking kasi cancelled ang concert.i told him, that can’t be(since Marlboro had to backout kasi di papaya gang government.wala pa silang kikitain dun.) sabi ko meron at emrong sasalo so thanks to BMG.. then un nga, I even had to lie to my mom, saying na it was my schedule for nurses license application kahit dpa naman just to watch the concert. Thanks to my boyfriend who gave me a VIP access ? regarding sa SCAM that Iris is saying, it really CAN BE but come to think of it. I have to admit nagtaka din ako ng lumabas si buddy,sabi ko “honey, its not in the program.it isn’t a joke’. And who wud do a joke thing para lang makapagconcert ulit and to get another money. May point ka iris. Pero I know ely won’t do that. Also, why did he need to go for angioplasty(unclogging of fat deposits in veins) diba?

    Regarding naman the tickets, u can get it at the prices mentioned earlier. It’s not P2000sumthin…wala pa yung 3%charge dun.also, take note of the things na bawal. Im telling you, sandamukal na bouncer yan to do check up.. although big deal sakin ung price kasi nga I heard na 10 songs lang.. ganung mahal na amount to 10 songs? Its not really that fair..they can still do that to 30 songs.they just have to split it into several parts para di exhausted si ely. Right? And I know eto na ung last time na mangayayri yun(though im still hoping that in few years time again diba?)… sana magawan ng way na wag lang 10 songs. Bitin talaga un.. un lang naman…

    Im going to watch the concert, im gonna use my salary kahit sobrang mahal tlaga.ill even print a personalized tshirt for the concert. That’s how I love eraserheads since I was a kid..thanks to my influencial co-atenean brothers.haha. RR hope to see you at the concert. VIP Karin para jam tau.wala ako kasama nyan eh.muwahmuwah.


  15. grabe malapit na concert nila masaya to!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. ,,,,ely!!!!!!!kw first crush q!!!!

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