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The Car That Google Adsense Saved

Four years ago, I took a car loan at Equitable PCI Bank, now BDO, to buy a brand new Toyota Altis. Down payment came from the money I saved while I was in Kuwait. My father agreed to help me on my monthly payment, he sent me Php 5000 every month while the remaining Php 10000+ was shouldered by my salary. My father was an OFW back then, so, we had no problems on the monthly payments.

However, due to his health conditions, my father lost his job and went home. I was then faced with a problem of how I could continue paying the car because all I could afford was Php 10000 monthly. Where should I get that extra Php 5000?

On the first few months, I was able to get P5000 from my savings. But it was not enough. It could only help me pay for the next 6 months, after that, I would be in real trouble.

I had the Adsense code for 1 year on my first blog on which I didn’t mind whether I earned or not. This situation changed that. I should make money online, or my car will be gone in 6 months. My main goal back then was to earn at least $100/month after six months on Google Adsense, (Forex back then was $1=Php 55) to solve my problem.

To make the long story short, I was able to achieve my goal, getting my first Google check after 4 months of optimization. You can check my Google Adsense story here. Fast forward today, I don’t even have to touch my salary to pay for my car loan. Yesterday, I deposited my last monthly payment for it. All is paid up now. This car is officially, 100% mine now.

Toyota Altis

Yeah, I did not try making money online just for the heck of it. I was trying to save my car. I could have just give up back then, let the bank take the car and continue my life. But I just don’t give up without a fight.

Just a thought. If I have not been into that situation, where am I right now? I might still be blogging today on my blogspot blog. The Adsense code will still be there with occasional clicks. Still waiting for my first $100 check to come.

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. very inspiring… sana ganito din ang maging outcome ng adsense story ko! wahehehhe… thanks for sharing!

  2. congratulations! sana ako din makapag-invest man lang sa online earnings someday.. sana makabili ako ng bahay! wahehe..
    magkano nga pala yung car?! (if you don’t mind)

  3. Four months of optimization?? Wow! I deeply admire your patience. Thanks for sharing this inspiring story. I’m new in blogging, and in just two weeks, I’m about to quit. Hope I can buy a car also from my adsense earning (which is only $6/ day). hehe

  4. panalo! nakaka inspire talaga mag blog dahil sa mga ganitong experiences! I can say for myself na npapakinabangan ko na rin ang blogging, tahnks to you guys!

  5. I bought my first Samsung flat screen tv because of my online earnings. I never dreamed of earning online and I never thought that I could make such amount of money on the internet. I learned SEO and I applied it in all my blogs. Although I’m not a 4 figure blogger, but still the extra hundreds of dollars that came in every month was worth the while. 🙂 Masarap pagpinagsisikapan mo ang bagay na nabibili mo..

  6. Congrats on paying for your car in full!

    I’m still a long way off in my paying-for-my-car-loan quest. 3 years and 3 months to go! 🙁

  7. Very inspiring talaga yung story mo. Pero extra ordinary talaga achievement mo. Congrats!

  8. nice, joyride natin!ahehe! maingat ka din sa oto ah, makinis pa eh! saludo ako sayo. ako naman sinesave ko adsense earnings ko pra makabili ng residential lot. thanks for sharing your tips, malaking tulong talaga yun mga yun!

  9. another inspiring story.. ako din. salamat sa adsense dahil kung walang adsense, wala akong titirahan at kakainin ngayon. hehehe

  10. Galing naman! Makakakuha din ako niyan soon! (Law of Attraction!)

  11. Help! Somebody is trying to sabotage my blog.. Somebody is pretending to be me and is posting comments to other blog asking to click my ads. I would not do such because I am aware that it is prohibited. Thank you Ceblogger for informing me.

    Please email me your advise. Where can I inform blogger of such abuse. here is my email: [email protected]

  12. Bibili na rin ako ng car para mapilitan akong ayusin blogs at adsense ko.

  13. wow! another awesome and inspiring story! wish ko lang mapatayo ko din yung bahay ko using my adsense earnings, kaso di ako marunong mag-SEO. kaya nga araw-araw akong nandito sa blog mo e.

    way to go idol!

  14. teka lang, nakalimutan kong sabihin na idol ko din si Jay ng PMT at ang kanyang House That Blogging Bought

  15. congrats!

    tiyaga and the right information can really help us make money from adsense. Inspiring post ulit. Am sure marami na naman ang ganadong mag blog nito..hehhehe..

    oi tanong ko lang, did you notice any drop in adsense ecpm lately?

  16. hi there! congrats! this is truly an inspiring story. sadly, i still do not know how to fully optimize our blog!

  17. Thanks for the motivational story. I’ve been making money (a little here and there) with affiliate marketing and was thinking about expanding to Adsense in order to diversify. You story just convinced to get started. Thank you.

  18. Kudos to you my friend. 🙂 When I get back, ako naman ay magpapayos ng kotse. truly inspiring story… adsense is really a nice advertisement program for publishers like us.

    Jayl was here.

  19. Some bloggers – stopped blogging. There are others who challenge themselves to learn how to monetize their blogs. Glad to hear that you had challenged yourself – and found a way to fund your needs and wants. 🙂

  20. Now you make me think about transferring my blog Blogspot to WordPress. My host is ready but I need to make sure that I know how to do the transfer. My blogspot blog has more than 400 posts already and I want to preserve everything.

    How I wish i could earn as big as you with Google Adsense.

  21. kelan kaya magiging per month checks ko… 🙁 Maybe I need the “push” in the right direction… Parang Altis mo…

  22. wow very inspiring story indeed. sana ako rin, kikita ng ganito. 🙂

  23. wow, ang galing naman sir! salamat kay adsense. Hope that my adsense will also help me in the future 😀 more power to your blog! 😀

    ahm, pwede po ba palink? na-add ko na po kayu sa site ko, Godbless!~ 😀

  24. Sir, pwede bang palink? I already added you. Thanks. And by the way, very inspiring story.

  25. Hi sir,

    my present condition now somewhat could relate to your situation…

    hope I could survive the trying times that I am facing..

    your blog is surely my guide for making money from adsense..


  26. Maganda.. Talagang malaki ang naitutulong ng Adsense Earnings. Sa akin kahit OFW ako it helps me alot ,, to buy gadgets that I like, So I don’t have to get it from my salary.

  27. Very inspiring! Makabili kaya ako ng H&L sa pagbaba-blog! *lol* 🙂

  28. wow naks nmn.. for di ako maguglat even if you can afford to buy a car in cold cash…sympre ikaw pa 😀 pero I am thankful nlng cgro someday if my first Adsense $100 will come knocking at my door.. dahil up to now di ko parin nakukuha kahit $2 a day.. saan kaya ako nagkulang? hahaha cge po more adsense and cars to come 😀

  29. You said that you’ve been blogging for two years now…
    too long, but im ready to wait.

    congrats markgil !

  30. wow! congrats bro! that is really an inspiring story for all bloggers.. now , sweat, the car is all yours courtesy and witht he help of blogging…could it be, “the car that blogging partly bought?” ahahah…kudos

  31. Nice car Marhgil.
    As for me? maybe someday. hehe

    OT: I’m having a hard time with your captcha, the one with the invalid word on it. can’t get it right man. LOL!

  32. Wow naman! Kelan pa kya ako maka.earn ng ganyan sa blog ko? Congratz ido! Very inspiring talaga! Hangang iPod Touch palang ako sa blog earnings ko! hehehe!

  33. Wow naman! Congratz idol! Very inspiring ah! Nice car! Hangang iPod Touch palang ako sa blog earnings ko. I’ll get there though. Good luck sa lahat ng bloggers!

  34. congratulations…successful talaga kayo sa blogging ninyo at marami pa kayong natulungan sa blogs!

  35. inspiration talga ang blog na ito for everyone! Hope you can post more tips so we can follow!

    Just added you on my twitter….

  36. that is quite interesting story , I would love to repeat your success

  37. Congratulations Marghil! Would like to see those adsense income coming in to my accounts also. 🙂

  38. Idol tanong lang.. medyo off-topic but still about adsense.

    May pagbabago ba sa adsense earnings mo this past few days? Actually parang question ko nalang to sa lahat. Bigla bang tumaas?

    Salamat in advance sa pagsagot. More power on your blog idol!

  39. Congratulations and a very inspiring post. I will follow your example and keep going with this business

  40. Wow! very nice! congats on your car i hope i can do what you just did man. very nice

  41. Whew… very uplifting indeed.. nabuhayaan ako ng loob sa mga na testi mo. God Bless you bro.

  42. well done

    It is a good experience for you that could afford the car by google adsense

  43. I wish I can buy new car from my adsense revenue, as of not it is enough for me to pay may online budget. Good for those who already making good income and welcome to all newbie who wants to learn more about adsense.

  44. hello! salamat sa pagpapahayag ng iyong magandang karanasan… at talaga naman napakagandang inspirasyon ang ibinahagi mong karanasan sa buhay… God bless! i hope i can make it din… mabuhay tayong mga pinoy… – PG ng KSA

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