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Introducing Macuha.com Photos!

Me and my wife don’t have any high-tech cameras yet. We only have a Sony Cybershot camera which my wife bought on a second hand store. She also have an N95 cellphone and I have an N79 cellphone, both with cameras.

We love taking pictures of anything interesting. Our shih tzu, places we’ve visited, flowers we see, simple things such as bench, glasses, foods and even tissue papers. We literally have hundreds of pictures on our hard drives, taking up space, doing nothing.

So, we’ve decided to make a photoblog. The pictures are not high quality coz we’re amateurs. But hey, it’s our domain and we’ll do what we want to do, whether you like it or not. Hehe.

I think, with the help of SEO, we will be able to make money from these photos. Keyword hijacking, you know? 🙂 After making enough money from this photoblog, then we’ll buy a better camera. Hehe.

We’ve just uploaded 4 photos initially, just to have something to look at as I still tweak the template. When everything is done, expect hundreds of pictures to be uploaded there. Maybe, we’ll upload 4 to 5 pictures per day, depending on our mood. 🙂

Visit Macuha.com Photos!

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. yeah.. pag dating ng araw may DSLR na u 😀 ako din.. hahaha.. tiyaga muna sa cybershot 😀

  2. Hi

    I m very much interested in photography but I always fail to get useful resource for making money from my photographs. I hope I can do something now. I am going get something. Your blog is truly inspirational….

    Thanks a lot!

  3. Wow! Me Photo page ka na rin! 😀 Drop by photo page din! DLSR na! 😀

  4. Ayos yang Photoblog. Balak ko rin gumawa nyan eh, saka food blog =)
    dami ko ng pictures ng mga kinakainan ko, sayang naman.

    @Jehz – wala ka pa DSLR? yaman mo na eh. Namimigay ka nga ng $$$.
    @Ron – yabang porket may D90 ka lang! hehe

  5. Ikaw nga bibili ng MacBook eh! @_@

  6. nice! tama ka nakakatulong din sa seo ang photos kasi karamihan e dun galing traffic ko, inaadd ko n lang yun url ng image search ng google sa allowed sites ko sa adsnse

  7. hahaha! nice new venture? ehehe. well, this is another test for your skills and for sure you will deliver, and have a high tech camera…ehehe

  8. Cool! I’m also thinking of the earning potential of a photo blog. Good thing you started setting up yours. When you become successful with it (which i believe you will!) please don’t forget to tell us the tricks you did.

  9. By the way, when was the photos taken? I was there in Laiya, Batangas last sunday. A friend of mine is one of the owners of the resort.

  10. wow naman a new website!

  11. gusto q ung cute flower na pic, hehe

  12. @superdraftsman… the laiya photos were taken a year ago.

  13. Hi Marhjil, i think you should invest with DSLR …. worth it naman lalo na if you really wanted to be into photography… I never had a digicam.. jump ako agad sa DSLR (installment nga lang)…;)


  14. @char… yeah. we’re saving money for it. siguro, next year, bili kami kapag kumikita na yang photoblog. 😀

  15. hi..
    this article is so nice. i really like take picture everywhere i go. but to make a photoblog, i think i will consider the idea.
    great information. thanks..

  16. palink nmn dun, lagay ka link page! hehhehehe! may photoblog din ako! outdate nga lang! hehehe!

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