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10 Signs and Symptoms You Are Addicted To Restaurant City

Just a quick list from the top of my head after playing Restaurant City for 2 weeks.

Sign and symptoms you are addicted to Restaurant City.

1. When you entered a restaurant, you look for some trophy displays showing their achievements.

2. While cooking in the house, you wonder if you can trade one of your ingredients to the missing ingredient on your recipe to your neighbor.

3. After eating at a restaurant, you wanted to give them the thumbs up or thumbs down depending on your satisfaction.

4. You started collecting trash on other restaurant.

5. On the restaurant, you rate the food you eat between Level 1 and Level 10.

6. When paying your bills, you are surprised that the food you eat doesn’t cost $2 per meal.

7. You think that having a maze in a large restaurant is normal.

8. You started checking the trees around your neighborhood to see if you could get some coins in it.

9. The only reason you go online is to check if your employees are still ok.

10. You have 30+ friends on Facebook you didn’t know personally, all are your neighbors in Restaurant City.

Anything more to add? The comment is now open for your suggestions. 😉


11. You started blogging occasionally and when you blog, it’s all about Restaurant City. 😀

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. LOL, adik nga.
    Apir 😛

  2. 12. You’ll never waste a glass of drinking water ever again! You would think it costs more than a full meal. Hehe

  3. wooot! ano kaya tong restaurant city at ang daming na adik. wah!

  4. 13. You’ll create another Restaurant City account by creating new FB account so you’ll get free ingredients.

  5. oi i never thought of doing that… makagawa nga ng madaming FB accounts! hehe

  6. What In The World is Restaurant City?

  7. sorry i also dont know whats restaurant city is??? keyword to optimize lang ba toh?hehehe

  8. anu restaurant yan?hehe update talaga c sir…hehe..sir pa add naman po dito ang website ko po..new domain pa po yan..salamat po…naa add na kita sa links ko…salamat po…

  9. Seriously, I don’t have a single idea about Restaurant City..Whats that guys??

  10. More info on the game please. Baka magustuhan ng misis ko yang game na yan!

  11. restaurant city is a flash game on facebook, in case you still haven’t catch the facebook fever.

  12. Love love love restaurant city game check it out on FB!
    Jd Webb

  13. very addicting game! hehe.. some more tips for RC adiks:

    – join RC groups on Facebook so you can have more friends – more free ingridients!
    – cheats are available online.. hehe! money hacks, unlimited employee energy, quick waiters, quick cooks, quick eating, the list goes on.. just hope Playfish doesn’t patch them up!

    sa mga ndi pa naglalaro, try nyo rin, nakakaadik to, hehe..

  14. Addict din ako dito hahaha!
    Kaya tinigil ku as in hehe, nakakaubos ng oras and productivity! 😆

  15. 8. You started checking the trees around your neighborhood to see if you could get some coins in it.

    HAHA! i wish it were true, because if it was I have a lot of trees to check up on.

  16. Cornelia Cunningham

    There are actually a number of facebook games that is addicting, especially if the game is played with or against your friend.

  17. It sounds like a really addictive way to broaden your horizons? Have fun!

  18. isnt 8 for pet society? i remember clicking trees in pet society but not in rc

  19. Hi Marhgil,

    I quit Facebook applications because am starting to be addicted with it. I have actually listed my personal reasons why I quit them. http://alxjm.com/2009/12/06/top-ten-reasons-why-i-quit-facebook/

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