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How I Make Money On Twitter

Can you really make money on Twitter? Yes. How? Ok, let me share with you my experience.

Making money on Twitter, just like making money on blogging, is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You also need a little patience. But with Twitter, you don’t need to pay for hosting bills. You only need internet connection. Very minimal money-out with a huge money-in potential.

Ok, here’s what I did which you can follow if you want.

1. Build a huge Twitter follower. I already blogged about it here. I did it religiously every night. After 30 days, I already have 10,000+ followers.

2. Sign up for an affiliate account. There are many affiliate sites out there. I personally use and recommend Paydotcom.

3. Search for a product that are directly targetted to your Twitter followers. Paydotcom has lots of affiliate products you can choose from. Go on and navigate the marketplace.

4. Schedule a daily tweet using futuretweets.com. Tweet your affiliate links at times where most of your followers are online. In my case, I have a daily scheduled tweet at 11:30 PM (Philippine Time) because most of my followers are in the US. I promote 5 products from Paydotcom, tweeted while I’m sleeping. 😀

5. Wait for the earnings to come. Some of your followers will click it. Some of your followers will buy the product. And if they buy, you earn. This is just a numbers game, the more followers, the more chances of having a sale.

After 2 weeks of tweeting those affiliate links, I already earned $230. Proof? Here’s a screenshot of my Paydotcom account (click the image for a better view):

paydotcom earnings
Paydotcom earnings

I’m getting a sale at least 1 every 2 days. Not that big, but more than enough to pay my monthly hosting bills for this blog.

Follow me on twitter for more Twitter tips. 😉

My lawyer in me told me to write this:

Disclaimer: All these are based on my experience alone. I don’t guarantee the same results with you. If you try it and it doesn’t work for you, don’t sue me, ok? Don’t ever try it if you plan to sue me if it doesn’t work. All I can say is that it works for me and I don’t know if it will work for you too. I hope it will. Good luck!

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.

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