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Cafe World Tips, Tricks and Cheats

Since I’m currently hooked on this new Facebook game, I decided to blog about more of it so as not to have my playtime go to waste. At least, I don’t feel guilty playing it since I’m doing some research on what to blog about. Hehe.

Ok let’s go and discuss some Cafe World tips and tricks I learned from experience.

1. Plan ahead. Always plan ahead on when are you going to go online again. If you plan to go online after 2 days, then cook foods that take 2 days to complete. So that when you go online, you have freshly cooked foods waiting to be served.

2. Your cook doesn’t need direct access to the counter. When the food is cooked, it will be brought to the counter magically when you click the oven.

3. You can close your cafe by removing the door. Close your cafe if you run out of foods.

4. You can earn more cafe coins if you visit your neighbors regularly and eat their foods.

5. You can earn more experience points if you cook foods that have long cooking times.

6. You can have two doors if you want.

7. The longer you cook the food, the longer it takes for it to spoil.

8. Highest Buzz rating is 105. The higher the Buzz rating, the more customers will enter you cafe, the more dishes you need to serve, the more coins you earn.

9. Buzz rating freezes when you go offline. Buzz rating goes up for every satisfied customer and goes down for customers who were not served properly.

Ok, let’s discuss some cheats.

1. Trap your waiters in one corner so that they can’t reach the tables. The foods will magically be served to your customer as soon as they sit. No more waiting time!

2. Unlimited stove and counters. This can be done using another software called Cheat Engine. Refer to this blog post for the detailed video procedure.

You can visit Cafe World Domination and Cafe Secrets Guide for the latest Cafe World Tips and Tricks. You can also check out Cafe Kings for more cheats. 😉

For more Cafe World tips and tricks, visit Mrs.Macuha.com. She’s more addicted to this game than me. 🙂

You can also check out Menard’s post for more Cafe World Cheats.

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If you have more to add, just comment on the comment box below. Happy cooking!

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. more games added. nice tips bro marami na nman maaadik dito.

  2. Nice tips! My wife is in the game too, so I guess I need to accept her Cafe World app invitation (and do the usual guerilla tactics blog post soon) 😀

    btw, I like the tag team post/links: macuha+mrs.macuha 🙂

  3. I haven’t played cafe world yet. Nakakatamad kasi. Farmville at Mafia wars lag nilalaro ko ahahaha.

  4. Thanks for the tips bro 🙂 I love Cafe World 🙂

  5. Count me in Brod! Adik din ako sa cafe world hehehe

  6. kainggit naman sana i have time to play on line games din. thanks for sharing anyway. 🙂

  7. restaurant city copy ang ang cafeworld…parang farmtown at farmville… hehehe. pero ayos ang tips.

  8. got some tips on Cafe World on my blog as well. be sure to check it out. just click on my name to get to my blog.

  9. I already share .. in comment Macuha.Com
    CHEAT BUZZ Faster

    how to cheat coin?
    I have not found …

    I can only cheat the timer to cook …
    for 1 day, 2 days, 2 hours or all the cooking, be finished in 1 minute fast food


    I have been playing for a week now and finally got my cafe up and running…USing some of your tips THANK YOU !!!!! But for some reason I am serving many customers and my cafe number will not go up..So that I can level up ???? I am recieving coins but it wont add my customers… What can I do to fix this…


  11. I need some help!

    Sometimes my waiters don’t serve everyone in the restaurant! At first I thought maybe it was because I had trapped my waiters in the corner, but when I freed them, they still didn’t serve every person that came into my cafe! Does anyone know what could be the problem??


  12. Your waiter needs ‘theoretical’ access to each table in order to serve to it. If you block 4 tables together and put chairs on two sides of the 2×2 block of tables, your cook can access every table from each side. However, if you put a 2×3 block of tables together, the server cannot access the two tables in the middle and will not serve them. The same rule applies for walls and chairs – even if the table is open but there would be no direct line to walk, she may not serve your customers.

  13. Wow this are very helpful tips. I have made a print about Cafe World and this game is absolutely famous around the Philippines.

  14. sir, saan kayo nakakuha ng referral link sa paypal wishlist?

  15. It’s been happening to me so many times I’m beginning to be pissed at Cafe World. A lot of times I have connection error and more often than not, when I come back all my food are gone. My 2 days, 1 day and even the food I’ve waited for 3-8 hours disappear. I wonder why. I stopped playing this game for a while because of this already.

  16. panu ung cheat.pasend naman sa email ko [email protected] tnx…

  17. Hello…..
    I would like to knon why I am never getting TIPS, even if it says that a am getting tips when I go visit others restaurants ???
    Also, Can I get more FV Or dollars I am stuck at 3 dollars only …… why ?
    Of course I dont want to buy any….but is it not supposed to go up ???

    tks for answering me ! :o)

  18. U can actually have many doors- i’m only on level 9 and have 4 doors. Easier access for potential customers! 🙂

  19. Guys i have a new cheat that does not require cheat engine. It allows you to level up FAST! U can use this with any browser.

    Ok here’s the concept. Burgers allow you to obtain 6 cwp (cafe world points) from each stove. That’s 1xp from each of the 3 prep tasks and 3 for serving. Let’s say you have 8 stoves at the moment and u cook burgers on all. That’s 8×6=48xp for a whole set of stoves in each sitting. Ok now let’s assume u cook burgers for an hour without stopping. Each burger takes 5 mins and let’s add an extra min to clean the stoves. That’s 6 mins everytime. So in 1 hour we can cook 10 sets of burgers. That’s 6×10=60mins.

    So what’s 10x48xp? That’s 480xp every hour!!

    But who can be bothered to cook burgers constantly like that? Not me that’s for sure! That’s where my cheat comes in and I hope u use it cos I levelled from level 13 to level 23 in just 3 days of running the cheat… So here we go.

    Step 1. Download a keyboard and mouse recording program. There’s many. I’m on mac and I use Keyboard and Mouse Recorder 2.1 and there’s many also for windows.

    Step 2. Lauch your recording program and start cafe world.

    Step 3. Record your mouse movements as you buy burgers for each stove, prep each stove, wait 5 mins, serve each burger and clean each stove. (don’t rush this it’s very important the screen doesn’t ever budge so click carefully).

    Step 4. Once your stoves are all cleaned up, stop the recording.

    Step 5. Set the preferences on your recorder to playback the actions as many times as you want.

    Step 6. Sit back, watch your mouse cursor move around on it’s own and watch yourself level up everyday!

    Tips: be aware that yes you can leave the room and let it do it’s thing but u have to check on it now and then. Sometimes a connection error may pop up or something and youll have to set the program to start again.

    Use short cooking dishes to gain xp quick and minimize the time period for popups.

    Don’t let the screen budge once when clicking because it will eventually move away from the stove being clicked and won’t work for one or more stoves.

    Use the front centre point of each stove as your click point for reference so if u do need to reset the recorded actions to play back u know where to manouver the screen so it’s clicking in the right place.

    I’m using this cheat to level up high enough so I have a good number of stoves for big dishes to cook on. I hope you guys enjoy it and eventually get the amount of stoves you want with the technique for reduced levelling up time I’ve given you.

    A special thanks to the cheat engine geeks that are still working on new hacks. I know the recent October 21st update caused a set back. Keep up the hard work and we look forward to hearing from you.

  20. There is a great guide to cafe world at http://cafeworld.invantix.com. There are some great tips for playing cafe world. There is also an awesome dishes table that you can filter on your level and sort for max xoins or CP.

    Bon Apatite,

    Chef Dijon

  21. For more of Cafe World Cheats, Tips and Tricks, you may want to see this:


  22. how to rich in cafe world pls tell me!

  23. pls make my cafecoins 500,000

  24. how can they do unlimited cash and coins? pls. help me

  25. how can they do unlimited cash and coins? help me pls…

  26. thanks for helping me out for my Cafe. I’ll try those tips. no wonder my neighbors are so fast leveling up.

  27. Anyone know how to get coffee brewed & served automatically ?

  28. How do I trap all my employees please ?

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