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SkyBroadband 15-Day Free Trial

I am using Smart Bro Plan 999 for more than a year now. I am a satisfied customer but after typhoon Ondoy, things changed. Speed is not the same anymore. We already contacted Smart Bro, they already changed our antenna but still, they can’t bring back the same speed that we are enjoying before.

So, I’ve decided that it’s time to switch. But to whom? By googling, I found out that SkyBroadband is offering a free 15-day trial. I called their hotline number (6310000) immediately and inquired about it. After talking to their customer service representative, I’ve decided to avail of the trial for Plan 1 mbps.

Here are some information you need to know about their 15-day free trial:

  • It’s not totally free in the sense that you need to have Php1000 in cash as a deposit for the modem they will install. But it is refundable after the trial if you decided not to continue your subscription. So, it’s free, but you must have a Php1000 cash at hand initially. You’ll get it back anyway. This is true if you are not a Sky Cable subscriber just like me.
  • If you plan to continue your subscription after the 15-day free trial, you’ll be in 1-year lock-in period. Pre-termination fee is P2000.
  • You must submit a valid ID and proof of billing.

So, how do you apply? You apply over the phone at 6310000. They will schedule the installation immediately. Not as fast as I think, though. I called today and they scheduled the installation on October 16. Almost 1 week waiting period. Required documents and P1000 will be collected during the installation.

Having a free 15-day trial is a good offer. They give us enough time to decide if they are really a better alternative.

I’ll blog about my experience with Sky Broadband in the future. Will I switch with them after the trial? Abangan.

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. Why aren’t you on PLDT?

  2. The speed is better day by day by using this. I am very much satisfied.

  3. I’m on Smart Bro too and after Ondoy, things did change. it has been 3 weeks already and I have been having an intermittent connection. I already had a site visitation two times but to no avail.

    It’s good to know that the termination fee is only 2k. For Smart, it’s the remainder of your one year lock in! Dang! I’m really wishing it’s May 2010 already so I can say bye-bye to Smart!


    thanks for the tip,
    -Nhoel of http://keywordspeak.com

  5. Balita ko sa mga ganyan ay mababagal.

    Please do update us on your trial!

  6. Is this promo available in Cebu too. I am using smart bro and since we are not affected by any typhoon that passed manila service is still the same. Yet i still wanted to try this free 15 days and hoping a little faster

  7. aw.. im planning to avail of their plan 12MBPS.. pero mahal. haha.. sulit na ata yang 1MBPS. weird. yung tumawag ako. dapat SkyCable Subscriber ka daw para ma avail ang free trial. Pwede naman pala hindi. wah!

  8. yeah, my friends tell me that smartbro considerably slowed after Ondoy; Currently im on PLDT; i can’t tell if its faster that sky or smartbro, but i think its speed is good enough for me =D
    Please do update us Master Marghil! (naks,parang rapper, haha =D )

  9. i’m interested in hearing your feedback about Sky’s service too

  10. Thanks for sharing Bro. I’ll check on this one.

  11. please make sure that the technician they will send over to your house will remit your payment. I had a traumatic experience with skycable (not broadband) wherein I called their 6310000 to subscribe to their cable. I paid for a one year subscription fee to the technician who installed the cable. A few months later when I was having problems with my connection, I called the hotline again only to learn that I don’t have an account with them, my payment was not remitted (although I have receipt), etc. What made this worse is that skycable now has the gall to demand payment from me from the months that I was already using their cable. As in their law office was threatening to sue me! I was so pissed off with them that I reported them to DTI. DTI in turn passed my complaint to NTC who in turn demanded an explanation from skycable. Ayun, mabilis pa sa alas-kuwatro na ni-refund ng skycable yung subscription fee na binayad ko for the months where I had no connection!

  12. its a good thing its available in your area. Sa min hindi eh tapos bastos pa ung rep na sumagot when we called, para lang nagtitinda sa palegke – when we told him where we live ang sumagot ng pabalang sabi “ah wala kami don!” so I guess we’re not getting it anyways.

  13. Nagdadalawang isip talaga ako kung aaply ako sa globe or just avail sky’s newest offer, wala pa maxadu kasing nakakatry sa broadband na ito kung ok ba o hindi. I’ll wait for your updates tol. thnx.

  14. I used both smart bro and globe. Sa smart ok ang connection ko before with or without typhoon but pina-terminate ko then nag subscribe naman ako sa globe. Naku saksakan naman ng bagal! Kaya pinaputol ko nalang! Ngayon gamit ko sun which is ok sya at mabilis. Siguro dahil and2 ako sa ortigas!

  15. hi brother.. meron kaya wireless ang sky broadband? I’m currently using sun cellular, kaya lang kung may alternative mas maganda cguro matest din at sana unlimited din, ehhee

  16. I’ve been hearing a lot of good feedbacks regarding Sky Broadband. Well, for me I’m using Globe Broadband Wired DATA Only. Walang landline. Basically, even though I subscribed for 384KBPS plan, the technician said that I’m getting 1MBPs of speed because it’s data only. And I’m paying 995 per month.

  17. Kakapakabit ko lng ng Sky Broadband. 2mbps 15 days free trial period. So far okay naman sya. Mabilis just like my 3Mbps PLDT account. I havent tried sky on torrents. Ang ayoko lang dun sa installation is that ang kapal ng cables nila. I know they are using coaxial cable that makes the lines and connection better— I just wish it was thinner. Color white and tube like cable.. konti n lng para na syang hose ng tubig. Oh well– we cannot ask for perfection. The cable needs to stretch out hanggang sa living room (hindi ko muna pinalagay kc hndi pa ko sure kung magcocontinue ako- ayokong masayang ung mga nilagay nila)
    Habol ko dito is yung speed, cable tv (discounted 15%) and cheaper than 3mbps PLDT. 🙂

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