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Johnny’s Increase

So, little boy Johnny got a promise from his dad. If he performs well in school this year, gets high grades, he will be awarded an increase in allowance next year.

So little boy Johnny believed his dad. He studied well. Forgets playing with other kids just to have good grades. After a year of studying hard, he got good grades. He expected so much of the increase in allowance. He was so excited. After all, he worked hard to get those grades to have an increase.

Then, dad came. He said,”Very good Johnny! Here’s my promise to you. You now get a 1-peso increase in allowance for this year! Congratulations!”

WTF. Right? Yeah, really. WTF. Juice mommy.

Bato bato sa langit. Tamaan sana ang dapat tamaan. Magalit na ang magagalit. 😀

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. Oh, and what will Johnny be up to next, now that he has been sorely disappointed?

    Abangan! 🙂

  2. Reading between the lines, I can relate how Johnny feels. WTF! WTF talaga yan!!!

    Looking at the bright side of life, Turuan mo na lang mag blog si Johnny baka dun makuha nya deserved increase nya 😀

  3. WFT talaga. well, we can’t have everything we want in life right?

  4. This was so disappointing, i won’t do that to my daughter, besides we don’t allow her to have money allowance at school.

  5. Best if we should give specific amount para di ma disappoint ang bata.

    Btw, meron po bang particular na pinanahahagingan itong short story?

  6. I can relate to this with my previous employer. Promising big thins but they could never deliver.

  7. Amen! Kaya kung pagod na kayong magtrabaho, magblog na lang kayo. hehe

  8. Di kaya mag suicide ang bata?

  9. Kanila na lang piso nila. >:[

  10. sino nman na walang pusong ama yan! the kid deserve a better increase than 1 peso ano nman mabibile ng 1 peso ngaun..

  11. I can also relate to this… broken promises… pero okay lang… time to move on… hehe.

  12. Well. I guess pay increases are relative. It is similar in the corporate world.

  13. I can relate to this with my previous employer. Promising big thins but they could never deliver.

  14. this happened to me with my previous employer. Nakapunta pa nga siya sa abroad dahil ang taas ng earnings namin then ang salary increase? — WTF din!

  15. Sounds like Johnny’s dad should be a politician – making promises and delivering the bare minimum he can get away with. Johnny should stage a coup. 😉

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