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Local SEO: My Side Of The Story

Someone’s link baiting. I’ve read his blog post yesterday. I should have let it go. But it kept me sleepless last night. Nice link bait man! He is telling people I’m fooling newbies on my post: Localized SEO. Ok, I’ll bite the bait. Now, let me defend myself. (Update: 11/15/09. The link to my post was taken down by the blogger to make this post appears baseless. He now wants to remove all the comments on this blog in which I disagreed. )

The blogger is insinuating that I am telling newbies to optimize for localized keywords ONLY so that I can enjoy less competition on the international keywords.

First, I did not advise newbies to optimize ONLY for those localized keywords, did I? I am advising newbies to ADD local SEO to one of their focus, not to focus on it alone. Why? Because it’s much easier to gain rankings on it. Less competition, the higher chances of ranking even if you are competing with some established blogs already.

Second, I am actually giving myself more competition by sharing it. Instead of only me enjoying traffic from local keywords, I shared it with the newbies so that they can join me. Do you think, they will avoid international keywords after reading it? Of course not. They will just add the local keywords to their arsenal of keywords to optimize.

Now, he says that it’s not advisable to optimize on localized keywords because:

“… even if you will try to use highly localized keywords, the tendency is that you will still be eclipsed by the other blogsites, like his own, and you will not be able to rank high. Remember that Google also considers the authority factor of the site which may be a combination of the blogÒ€ℒs age, link backs and overall number of contents. So how will you fare? Tell me.”

Now, that’s pessimistic thinking. Localized keywords have less competition. You might be outranked by other established blogsites, but it’s easier to reach the first page on localized keywords because you are competing for a less number of established blogs. Yeah, you will always fail if that is your mindset. But if you are really determined to succeed, you can beat the s#*t out of those established bloggers too! However, if you think you can’t beat established bloggers against localized keywords, what more on international keywords? Tell me, what keyword should newbies optimize then if you think they can’t rank on an easier localized keywords?

If you think I am malicious on that post, think again. I give SEO advise on this blog from time to time to help people, not to take advantage of them. I could have kept all the knowledge to myself and enjoy it alone. But I want to help others. I want to change lives in my own way. I’m sure, a lot of bloggers are now enjoying monthly Adsense income because of the things they learned from this blog. I just felt sad that despite all those things I did, some people think I’m fooling them on my advise.

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. inggit lang yan sayo….. i am so greatafull that you shared your SEO secrets on your blog….

  2. Pag nailabas nyo na po siguro yung mga testimonials sa bagong guerilla blogger ebook nyo matatauhan yang kumag na yan eh.. hehe. Pwede pa po ba mag-submit ng entry?

  3. naku papansin lang yan.. he further specified in his post \”not to listen to expert bloggers\”…

    So bakit sya nagpost ng mga sumususnod:
    Yuotube Peru, Utube, Yotube, Youtune, Yourube keywords
    Freindster or Friendster?
    Watch Pinoy Scandals
    and others…

    Well Filipino bloggers must win the Philippines local search first, to get more exposure to Filipino Audience. Further more, I being a year old blogger, noticed that most of the local searches gives more reader and comments..

    Eg. yung eskandalo nung sikat na actress with the doctor.

    However, after conquering Philippine local search, I started hijaking more keyword from popular bloggers like problogger.net

    example lang to ha!

    Want to dominate local seaches sa one country: eg: China, Japan, US

    Make your blog optimized by the country you are targeting.
    Alam kong alam to ni kuya Marhgil!

    Target the keyword \”Pinoy\”

    URL = Pinoy related domains / url with the target keyword
    Page Title = \”Pinoy\” must be included in the title
    Description = included din dapat sa desc
    Keyword = included /or ignored
    Content= 3% of the content contains proper keyword

    so pansinin nyo tong site ni kuya! He dominates saan?

    Oh ang kagandahan ng localized SEO ay getting more visitors locally, as in Philippines.

    If you want to target US, I personally know the proper keyword searches, I used to ad US or AMERICA, American.. and post more related to US like American Airlines… more..

    In US, get the hot topics then run your blog with that:

    US Popular General
    +New Gadgets
    +and some are secret na!

  4. thanks for this post si Marhgil… I’m following every post and read it kasi nakakatulong ito sa akin to continue to blog about my specific niche.

  5. dapat alamin nya ang HITLOD tapos na ang usapan! abah friend nya si kuya Marhgil ate, nasa blogroll..

  6. Google knows where you are, offers localized search results!

    Am I right with that statement Kuya Marhgil?


    Hehehe I can always prove this statement!

    Again nais kong emphasize

    Google knows where you are, offers localized search results!

  7. Kapal naman ng mukha nyang humingi ng xlink after ka nyang siraan sa blog nya. At ang kapal nya din gamitin ang mga tinuturo mo at shinishare mong keyword dito kung sa tingin nya eh nanggagago ka lang ng readers mo.

  8. wag mo pansinin yan marghil, wala lang magawa yan…gusto lang nyan magkaron ng backlink sa post mo.. mrami ka natulungan na bloggers, at nag earn using localized SEO, isa na ko dun.

  9. That guy is funny!

    Ung next post nia is titled “Cheap Motorcycle Philippines Γ’β‚¬β€œ Brand New and 2nd Hand Motorcycles”. Eh di ba localized un?

    Actually nagamit ko ang tip ni marghil nung nagsisimula pa lang ako. Matindi ang competition sa keywords na “2009 NBA playoffs schedule”. Pero nung nilagyan ko ng Philippines sa dulo, ayon, nag-number 1 ako at dami ko visitors sa whole duration ng playoffs.

    Eh ang dami pa namang pinoy na mahilig sa NBA at naghahanap nun, hehe.. In fact #1 pa rin ako until now.

    Kaya isa talaga si marghil sa nakatulong sa akin to earn online just by reading his tips and his e-book. Kaya idol, never mind mo yang mga haters na yan.

    Inggit lang sila! πŸ˜€

  10. Hey Mr. Macuha,

    I have been following your blog posts and I admire your techniques. In a way, you have helped me increase my Alexa ranking by following some of your tips. I am also close to dominating the main keyword that you are optimizing. I have taken that number 1 spot when you were silent and did not have any post. But glad you’re back. =)

    With the issue at hand, I don’t know if this is for real but definitely it would boost the website rankings of you both.

    Anyway, great job again and keep on stirring! =)

  11. Ginagamit niya yung name mo Marhgil at expense para makilala din siya.

    Gusto mo gawan natin ng ORM. πŸ˜€

    And notice that don’t have any BASIS to what he is saying. He is just a blabber mouth and pretending to be a “know-it-all” guy.

  12. Hmmm.. ano kaya itira ko kay Marhgil para mag link sya sa akin. hmmm…

  13. yeah….the guy thinks he’s smart enough to outwit you…well…he’s barking the wrong blog…:)) cheers…

  14. @tonex sabihan mo xa ng supersakit to the extent na tagos hanggang buto! Sabihan mong peke ang picture nya!! Mas pogi pa ang nakita mo sa personal… πŸ™‚

    Ay may lumutang pala jan…

  15. While I agree with raintalk’s point (not all bloggers are to be trusted), I don’t see the validity of his example.

    Mali na itong blog na to ang ginamit nyang example. Ang ganda ng content dito. At ang ganda ng presentation – simple at direct to the point.

    And the localized SEO idea actually works. I tried it at naka-outrank ako sa ibang popular blogs for some time – bagay na di ko magagawa sa international keywords. hehehe

    more power sir!

  16. Naku naman ang daming nang-away sa akin hehe. Pero guys wala akong sama ng loob sa mga nagsabi ng masasakit na salita dyan. Anyway, here\’s my side of the story, to tell you the truth I am a peace loving person (naks). Actually I do not have anything against Marghil. If you will take a look pa nga sa isang entry ko nasa TOP sources of information ko sya. And of course obvious na ginagamit ko ang ibang natutunan ko sa kanya (walang halong kaplastikan yan). So in this case Mr. Macuha pasensya na kung di ka nakapagpigili pero actually tama ka tinry ko yung link baiting, nabasa ko kasi sa isa pang blog, hindi dito ha, na linkbaiting is parang nangeengangyo ka to discuss things and it does not necessarily be a bad thing. of course merong ibang tao na ituturing na sobrang sama ko pero you cannot please lahat. Tingnan nyo naman wala pa akong 2 months hehe pero I am very eager to learn. And I am very humble at that. I am not saying anything na napakaexpert ko dahil hindi nga ako expert. So in this case, I just applied kung may kahihinatnan ba yung linkbaiting kung gagamitin ko pero hanggang dun lang yun and I\’m not going to argue with your fans Marghil, I am one of your fans. I even sent you an e-mail for the blogroll di ba hehehe. Weird no tapos bigla ako magsusulat ng ganun pero honestly, from the bottom of my heart it was just for linkbaiting. And of course wala naman akong panama sa goliath, you are even a Professional Blogger to my eyes kaya nga nandun ka. Sino ba naman ang makikinig sakin hehe. So i reiterate ha wala akong balak makipag away sa inyo fans ni Marghil πŸ™‚ I am a fan too. Please get over the bitter thing hehehe. Thanks Marg, I appreciate all the SEO tips here.

  17. @ Rian… marami talagang mang-aaway sa iyo at isa na ako doon, kasi di ka muna nag-iisip bago mo ginagawa moves mo. Peace loving person ka pero nangpoprovoke ka ng tao? Ano iyon? If your purpose is just to link bait… may point ba mga sinasabi mo? With your post you sounded like you know what you are talking but the truth is you don’t. Ang kapal naman ng mukha mong manghingi ng xlink tapos sisiraan mo iyong taong hinihingan mo ng link? Tanga ka ba or nagtatangatangahan lang? Titirahin mo iyong tao sa blog mo pero palihim sa email eh nanghihingi ka ng advice? G*go ka ba? Just to quote from you…

    “I am one of your fans. I even sent you an e-mail for the blogroll di ba hehehe. Weird no tapos bigla ako magsusulat ng ganun pero honestly, from the bottom of my heart it was just for linkbaiting.”

    It’s not weird… you just sounded like STUPID… siniraan mo asawa ko sa blog mo tapos iyon lang ang sasabihin mo? You’re just link baiting? If you want to link bait, make it credible naman, you’re aspiring pa naman na maging one of the best blogger in the world tapos ganyan? You’re blog talks about how to make money online but what you are posting is just a pointless one kasi gusto mo lang makipaglink baiting? Naman!!! Papaano ka magiging one of the best blogger in the world kung ang mga sinusulat mo ay di mo kayang depensahan? May pa bottom bottom of my heart ka pa… Know what? Plastik ka din pala noh? Nagmukha ka tuloy tanga sa post mo.

  18. Ouch, you took the bait. Surely, that PR0 site wants Marhgil to link his site here. Anyway, I checked out his site. He has the nerves to teach SEO, when his site is not SEO’d properly, what a moron.

  19. Ian and Lester, I just don’t get you guys. Mas bitter pa kayo kaysa sa may ari ng site na ito hehe. Ang haba ng message ko dito pero di pa rin yata nagets kung ano ang linkbaiting. Ian Edzone, FYI lang po, lahat ng bagong site has PR 0, Tingnan mo muna yung site mo kung SEOptimized din baka matawag mo rin sarili mo na moron. If you happen to be uneducated, moron is the rudest word you could say. Cool ka lang ok? πŸ™‚

    Mrs. Macuha, ok lang kahit anog sabihin. Walang effect sakin kasi like Marghil, open ako for criticisms. And in fact I received an e-mail from him saying na we are on a democratic country and entitled to all our opinions and that is my blog. If you think I’m plastik then that’s your opinion. If you are mad, then you have a problem. I’m not mad. πŸ™‚ I’d be elated if Marghil will still post this message. I hope he still will to get an impression there is openness in this site and can add up further to its credibility. May mga tao talaga na kahit anong explanation mo, sarado ang tenga at utak. Gustong gusto pa rin makipagaway. Hay.

  20. @Rian – YOU TESTED A LINKBAITING technique at the expense of Marhgil. TANG@ ka ba?

  21. Sa tingin mo ba magpopost ako ng message kaagad kung hindi ako sincere sa explanation? Actually kung hindi ako nagpost ng reply ko dito, pwede ko pa pakinabangan lahat ng additional traffic na manggagaling dito kasi macucurious yung mga tao kung ano yung site na sinasabi ni Marghil. Pero all of that will change kasi nagpost ako ng explanation ko so in effect may resolution na kaagad sa issue and I won’t be able to take advantage of the traffic anymore. If that won’t still satisfy you then you have a big problem.

  22. Guys, kumalat na ba toh sa pinoy blogosphere?

  23. Sana maayos na problem na ito..

    @Rian, ung mga comments ng mga readers dito are just clear manifestations that the blogger behind this blog is really an icon (a hero) on the blogosphere. Kaya ung post mo na his making fool out of newbies, sorry pero mali ka dun, and I know you know you err on that.. Masakit talaga yan especially on people like marghil na gumagawa na nga ng maganda, napipintasan pa (na sa itingin ng mas nakararami walang basis ang pintas).. If you are sincere, make a public apology sa blog mo (just a suggestion though)..

    @marhgil, alam ko you are a nice person enough para mapatawad ang nagkamali sayo.. I know if you will do this, many people will look up to you more, at isa na ako doon.. At sana, this kind of issues won’t hinder your intention to help the newbies more.. The blogosphere need people like you..

    I wish for the resolution of this problem.. Pero of course, its human na mapatawad man, mananatili pa rin ang sugat.. Pero sana, maayos..


  24. @Rian… It’s ok to link bait. It’s ok to be controversial. You can post anything in your blog because it’s your blog. I’m open for criticisms. I still don’t consider myself an expert. There are still many things to learn. But make sure you can stand on what you write. Make sure you can defend yourself when the people you provoked fired back. Because if you can’t, you’ll end up a foolish person to the eyes of others. “I’m just link baiting” is not a valid reason. It’s foolish. Really.

    Apologies? Of course, everyone makes mistakes especially when you are just starting. No one is perfect. And everyone deserves a second chance. But when you apologize, you just don’t say “I’m sorry.” It’s just a sentence. If you are really sincere in your apology, you must make things right. How could I accept your apology if anyone who can read that post still thinks that I am fooling everyone on my advise? No, I’m not asking you to delete the post. Retract. Post your apology in that post. And let’s all move on.

  25. You don’t get the whole point of what I’m saying is “pangalan ni marhgil” ang tinitirada mo dito. And by doing that, your credibility is also at stake.

    And not because you post an explenation, may resolution na agad.


  26. Tamang-tama, PART 1 pa lang yung post niya. May kasunod pa yan. πŸ˜€

  27. Which brings us to the logical question: what makes an effective linkbait? Rian, would you say you did the right thing the first time? A link to your site is a vote of confidence by those who link to you. It’s saying your post/blog has value. If you foster enmity and bad blood would you say you’ve achieved your purpose? You’re just starting out – do you think notoriety helps your blog SEO wise?

    Surely, you’d get eyeballs for your controversial post. That’s short-term. But did you gain friends? It’s not all about SEO, you know. It pays to develop a powerful network in the blogosphere. Putting Marghil to task with inane accusation is a blunder. I hope you’d be able to live this down.

  28. @Rian, kung gusto mo sumikat e mag-artista ka di yun maninira ka ng taong di mo naman lubos na kilala. tanungin mo un mga kilalang SEOers jan na sikat na at kumikita na ng malaki kung san sila nakakuha ng idea. bago ka magsulat isipin mo muna.

  29. @itot54joni and jan basahin nyo muna maigi yung latest post ko, then you can sue me in court.

    @jan actually Marghil has sent a comment to my post a few moments ago and I am still waiting for the response. Who would want an enemy? Now Marg, if you think you still can\’t take the situation let me give you an option. As I still DO insist you are merely assuming and paranoid at that. The only part that references to your site is the \”localized keyword\” anchor text. If I will delete the link to your site there are no reasons for you to assume na ikaw ang tinutukoy doon at wala na ring readers ko ang mag-aassume na ikaw yun. However, this post of yours will no longer be valid and you have to take it down or kill the same link to my site for it will serve no purpose at all. Send me a message of your thoughts.

  30. @Rian, sobrang bait lang kasi ng mister ko kaya kahit na ginag@go na sya eh nakakaya nya pang palampasin. I’ve read your email to him, and I don’t feel you are sincere of asking an apology to him. Still in your blog post nothing had change… you are still insinuating that my husband is fooling newbies here. If you are sincere enough you should modify your post and ask for a public apology. Yes, it’s true we are in a democratic country and we can do whatever we want to do.. but do you think it is fair na manira ka ng tao na wala ka namang point? Ni di mo nga kayang depensahan iyong pinost mo eh, if you have arguments to make dapat handa ka sa isasagot mo sa response ng inaakusahan mo, pero tama bang isagot mo lang eh naglilinkbaiting ka lang tapos sabay… hehehe ka pa? May sayad ka ba sa utak? Ano ba namang sagot iyan? Sumusugod ka sa giyera ng wala kang dalang matinong armas? You are not starting a discussion if that’s what you think kasi you don’t know how to defend your post. Nagmumukha kang T@nga dahil sa pagkahaba haba ng post mo na sa tingin mo ay sobrang informative nito sa mga readers mo eh isang maikling “tinatry ko lang makipaglinkbaiting” ang maisasagot mo sa sinimulan mong argumento na di mo naman kayang panindigan?

    Well, sabi mo nga, kahit na anong sabihin ko walang effect sa iyo… natural lang iyon, alam ko na iyon… makapal ang mukha mo eh, may makapal ba ang mukha na naaapektuhan kahit nakapanira na ng tao ng wala namang basehan?

    Natawa naman ako sa iyo… di mo nagets iyong response ng asawa ko when he said he’s open for CONSTRUCTIVE criticism? hindi basta “criticism” lang ang sinabi nya and with your post it is not CONSTRUCTIVE but DESTRUCTIVE. Sino sa atin ngayon ang hindi nakakaintindi? Sabi mo nga sa post mo… please read between the lines… Hindi mo nabasa ang gusto nyang ipahiwatig? Kawawa ka naman.

    Quote ko lang from you ha , ” May mga tao talaga na kahit anong explanation mo, sarado ang tenga at utak.”? OO nga agree ako diyan kasi IKAW iyon eh… di mo gets ang pinasok mong gulo at ang kapal pa ng mukha mong ipagmalaki na napakapeace loving mong tao na ikaw naman ang nagsimula nito… Manhid ka lang ba talaga? O talagang G@go? Kung sincere ka sa paghingi ng apology, di ka ganyan dapat sumagot, pero di ko nakakitaan ng kababaang loob ang mga sagot mo kundi puro kayabangan, sarcastic ba ang dating. Di ba sarcastic ang sabihin mong ” May mga tao talaga na kahit anong explanation mo, sarado ang tenga at utak.”? Tapos may pa “Hay” ka pa sa dulo… iyon ba ang taong nag-aapologize ng matino at sincere? You deserve to hated by most people who have read your post, most especially nung mga taong NATULUNGAN ng asawa ko. My husband is KIND ENOUGH TO SHARE WHAT HE HAVE LEARNED FOR FREE AND I DON”T THINK HE DESERVE SUCH INSULT FROM YOU RUINING HIS NAME AND CREDIBILITY. At huwag kang maghuhugas kamay na wala kang menimention na tao, dahil ang ginawa mong ehemplo sa mga expert blogger na sinasabi mo sa post mo ay isa sa mga post ng asawa mo. You may not directly named him but with your example sino ba tinitukoy mo? Link ng asawa ko nilagay mo G@GO!!! So, now, sincere ka pa din ba sa paghingi mo ng apology? then why ask for an apology kung di naman pala asawa ko tinutukoy mo? Ano iyon? Nung una humingi ka ng Sorry na di naman totohanan sa iyo, nagsorry ka dahil you have accepted na may MALI kang nagawa but all of a sudden ito may bago kang post…Iba na ang ihip ng hangin, naghuhugas ka na ng kamay ngayon. Hindi kami B0bo katulad mo… eng0T!!!

    May bago ka na namang palusot? You may not mention the word example but the fact that you provided a link to his post that you are questioning, is an indirect action that you are trying to tell your readers na iyon ang tinutukoy mong site g@go!. And nga pala… walang ibang blogger ang nag advice about LOCALIZED SEO asawa ko lang. Sinong tinatarantado mo? Lasing ka ba? Sarili mong post di mo naiintindihan kung ano iyong gusto mong ipahiwatig? Maghugas ka man ng kamay wala ka pa ding lusot… lalo ka lang nagmumukhang isang malaking T@NGA!!!

    Yes I am MAD, dahil ginag@go mo asawa ko and I don’t have a problem but, YOU HAVE A PROBLEM. Paninirang puri ang ginagawa mo at pwede kang kasuhan dahil wala ka namang basehan sa mga sinasabi mo. Kaya matuto kang rumespeto sa maaaring maramdaman ng ibang tao lalo pa nga at di mo naman kayang panindigan iyang ginawa mo. Dapat sa post mo ang title alam mo kung ano? “YOU SHOULD NOT LISTEN TO NEWBIE BLOGGER THAT TALKS ABOUT SEO” and that is YOU! You are just a trying hard SEO student. Estudyante ka pa lang sa SEO, wag kang epal! Now you know ano resulta ng MALING pakikipaglinkbait mo… GULO at KAAWAY. Bago mo itry ang linkbaiting, siguraduhin mong may matino kang argumento hindi iyong basta na lang makapanira ka ng tao.

    Now, tell me… How do you define SINCERE? Sa pinakita mo at sa turing mo dito sa mga nagreact sa iyo… akma bang sabihing sincere ka nga sa paghingi mo ng apology? Hindi insecure ang asawa ko sa iyo G@go!!! PANINIRANG PURI ang ginawa mo… alangan namang tumahimik lang sya sa mga maling akusasyon mo sa kanya. Huwag mo ng subukang magpaliwanag kasi SUPALPAL ka na.

    With your new post, it is clear enough that you are not SINCERE of asking for an apology. Kapal ng mukha mong humingi ng advice sa asawa ko at makipag ex-link habang sinasaksak mo sya patalikod.

  31. Mrs Macuha nakakatamad na basahin lahat ng salita mo. Opinion mo lahat yan. kaya lahat yan tama para sa iyo. Kaya nga ngayon pa lang magfile ka na ng case sa Supreme Court titingnan natin kung saan aabot lalo na kapag nakita ang technicalities ng situation. Mahirap kasi talaga kapag nagpepretend na open minded. Magbasa ka muna ng last message ko dito para matapos na. Sorry di ko binasa lahat ng message mo Madam.

  32. @Rian …. Natural di mo babasahin… wala ka na kasing lusot kaya iyan na lang ang kaya mong gawin. Yabang mo!!!

  33. Sorry I’m not mayabang, mali lahat ng impression mo kasi naunahan ka na ng galit wala nang laman ang isip mo kundi galit, di ka man lang marunong magbasa ng message ng ibang tao. Wag mapikon, laging talo ang pikon. Napaguusapan lahat ng bagay. I’m still waiting for Marghil’s response to kill the links to his site and to my site. Or we can both take down this article of his and my “Claim Problem” article together with the inactive link of “localized SEO”.

  34. I’ve seen link baiting before but this is ridiculous. I’ve learned a lot from marhgil and I’m sure a lot of people out there feel the same, which is why I don’t get it, why do something like this at the expense of someone like marhgil who is really helping a lot of people?

  35. @rian, i read your latest post, siguro isang timbang pawis ang naipon mo kakaisip kung anong palusot ang gagawin mo. yun pla e di si marhgil ang tinutukoy mo e bakit di wikipedia ang nilink mo. second, bakit pa kita isue e sayang pera ko sayo at wala din ako pambayad ng abogado, baka may pera ka e abonohan mo muna. common sense lang tol, sabi mo nga natuto ka sa kanya, consuelo de bobo sana di yun natuto ka na nga e susuwagin mo pa, abay sala. last, ang nursery rhymes pla e possibleng iba ibig sabihin sa 2nd stanza. ahahaha, yun lang. you win big time, happy now? friends? by the way, you remind me of carlo ople and the patay gutom post. kung di mo siya kilala, just google it! πŸ™‚

  36. @Rian Wow!!! Trying to educate me. CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! I’m reading your post stup1d guy!! and not just your post but all the comments here. Hindi mali ang impression ko… at saka marunong akong magbasa… pinag-aral ako ng nanay at tatay ko. Di kagaya mo, nagdudunungdunungan. Ikaw ang hindi marunong umintindi, ikaw ang makitid ang utak. Ngayon nasasabi mo ng “Napapag-usapan ang lahat ng bagay?” Di bale ng pikon, natural lang naman sa taong magalit… di lang MAGMUKHANG T@NGA sa maraming taong nakabasa ng post mo at post ng asawa ko. Sabi nga ni Jan Geronimo… “Have you gained friends?” No you did not. Sino ngayon ang talo? Ako o Ikaw?

  37. Mrs Macuha eto sagot ko—-“Sabi Mo e”

    @itot sorry 4 minutes ko lang ginawa yung post.

    Marg I’m waiting for your message.

  38. Peace offering!!! LOL!!! PAMATI kaayo ka dong… kasabot ka? Taetok kaayo ka ug utok ba.

  39. hala, nigawas ang kagka bisaya ni Mam Macuha, Hehe.

    Oi, sabi nga, to-its his own. Pero respe-respeto lang tayo. Madali lang naman mag create ng stir dito online- wala naman nagbabawal. Pero, since tao tayo, there’s such thing as – maghunos dili muna, mag isip muna.

    In the end, kahit ano pa motives mo, kung sarili mo na achieve mo yung intensyon mo, good or bad, it doesn’t matter, sayo un eh. The online world is free… But but… there should be limits. Common sense lang yun. Self check lang – if you want to prove something, do it, but don’t hurt other people.

  40. Hayaan mo na lang kapatid. Marami lang talagang taong “nagmamarunong”. When i was starting i’ve learned a lot from you until now. No one can put a good man down.

  41. Ha! kapal ng mukha mo, ikaw pa nagbibigay ng option?

    “To my eyes, he is an expert or professional blogger if you may. So I donÒ€ℒt understand why such a generic article that is NOT ABOUT HIM will give him sleepless nights.” Not about him you say? And then you have a link directing to marghil’s post?

    Who’s uneducated? You surely don’t know what you are saying bro. Gusto mo magkasubukan??

    Ah ganito, Link Bait ang gamit mo? Social Media Optimization gagamitin ko. Tignan natin.

    And also, in the eyes of a SEO Specialist/Expert or whatever you may call it. What you did is clearly flaming/trolling.

    Tapos pinaninindigan mo na tama ang side mo? You really think na tama ang side mo huh? Kahit kanino natin itanong mapapatunayan na ang side mo ang mali.

    Alam mo, pwede mo namang testingin ang Link Bait ng walang pangalan na na-iinvolve eh. Tarantado k lng tlga.

    Tignan mo toh – “You Should Not Listen to Expert Bloggers” if you don’t listen to expert bloggers, who will you listen to?

    Tignan mo pa toh – “DonÒ€ℒt Claim a Problem If ItÒ€ℒs Not Yours” ??
    Ginagawa ko toh dahil ayokong pamarisan ka ng ibang pang mga baguhan. Kung lahat na lang sila ay gagaya sayo dahil nabasa yung mga post mo, anu na lang ang mangyayari sa blogosphere natin?

    Bloggers – HAVE REPONSOBILITY COMPARED TO A JOURNALIST, tandaan mo yan tang@.
    Journalists never ever will write an article to persuade others if there is no evidence to back it up.

    Gawan kita ng blackhat dyan eh, para mangayaw host mo sayo.

  42. @Rian: I read your follow up post. That’s not a gesture of someone who wanted to apologize or someone who’s sincere to bury the hatchet.

    You’re enjoying every minute of this, aren’t you? Perhaps you think yourself very smart getting the goat of a big name blogger and even his wife. Well, it’s your call. It’s your blog anyway. I just hope this thing doesn’t bite you in your ass in the future.

    Do you think it’s fair to lump those who strongly disagree with your foul method as uneducated? Saan mo naman natutunan ganyang thinking, Rian?

    I went to your blog to check out what’s the big to-do, thinking there’s a chance I’ve judged your arguments prematurely. Well, Rian, I’m sorry there’s nothing redeeming in your follow up post. It’s hogwash.

    Good luck in your make money online blogging career, Rian.

  43. @Jan Alvin

    Wag ka masyadong hot, nagmumukha ka lang [email protected] matalino ka pa naman. Sige try me. Madali lang naman gumanti sa website mo.. Cool ka lang dyan…standby ka lang at may hinihintay akong message kay Marghil to put an end to this.

  44. Sue me in court?

    Na-interbyu ba ni Winnie Monsod yang si Rian? Hek, hek, hek!

    To Rian — Nagtanim ka, kayo ngayon aani ka.

  45. Jethro. Anyone can freely bring this issue to court para matahimik sila. May mali raw ako eh. People can say what they want to say. The consensus of 99.99% of opinions does not make the idea true. I may be at the .01% but if I believe my opinion is valid, then it is and will always be valid.

    I don’t know if he is benefiting or enjoying this stuff dahil hanggang ngayon hindi nagrereply yung may ari ng site na ito sa proposal ko. I even initiated to first cut the link to his site and now you can cleanly see there are no other references of “Why You Should Not Listen to Expert Bloggers” to his site. I hope he will send me an e-mail today and do the action that I have proposed.

    O ayan peeps kakalagay ko lang ng message na ito, dali react na put your comments here. Lagyan ng mura at rude words ha pampaganda yan and even make this conversation truly exciting. Maraming matapang dito kasi hindi sila involved. I haven’t received any foul remarks or rude words from Margh.

  46. Ang init ng bakbakan dito ah hehe.. kumain ng attention ung ginawa ni Rian, ngayon ko nga lang nalaman na may RianTalks.com hehe, mali nga lang ung paraan nya at marami pa nagalit sa kanya..

  47. Pare namiss kita… πŸ™‚ May nagtip sakin may nangaaway daw sau, tutulungan ko cia…lol

    “For us newbie, we do not have this kind of luxury, the person is already an established blogger for about 3 years. Therefore even if you will try to use highly localized keywords, the tendency is that you will still be eclipsed by the other blogsites, like his own, and you will not be able to rank high.”

    @Rian: Hi, correct ko lang, if you guys will just learn seo deeper, you will know that even a new blog can rank higher than the older one with a better strategy.

    Peace na lang kau, bawal away magpapasko! Inuman na lang \m/

  48. @RIAN
    After looking unto your blog:

    Website Title:
    Riantalks – Let’s Make Money Online Together
    Title Relevancy
    Meta Description:
    Ideas How to Make Money Online
    66% relevant.
    Meta Keywords:
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    31% relevant
    SEO Score:
    1139 (Unique: 469, Linked: 433)
    43 (Alt tags missing: 3)
    203 (Internal: 196, Outbound: 7)

    Alexa Trend/Rank:
    #1,389,673: Down 33,606 ranks over the last three months.
    Compete Rank:
    #837,386 with 1,410 U.S. visitors per month

    wala man lang pinagbago… mas bumaba pa.. of-course syempre pag magsulat ka ng post dapat magkainterest naman sana ang mga readers mo na magkomento.. at saka iiwanan ka nila kpag nang aaway ka or if you are rude!

    1 moth site can jump ahead kapag marunong ka lang..

    Even without SEO’ing you can rank well sa search engines. May secreto jan eh 5 bagay lang…

    Tignan mo yung mayari ng GOOD TIMES MANILA, a freak who screw people in a form of work in satire/lampoon. Hindi tulad mo, hindi ka marunong kahit linkbaiting yan, pero dapat huwag kang mag stir ng blood and never ever destroy other people! Yun nga following your comments around the web napansin kong ugali mo yung manghamak ng kapwa pinoy.

  49. @rian – good job (sarcastic) madali kang makakakuha ng kaibigan nyan (sarcastic ulit)

    not a good idea to troll din dude..

    peace na lang.. lapit na pasko.. ika nga ni major.. inom nalang natin yan πŸ™‚

  50. lester honestly I don’t know what your saying na ugali kong manghamak ng pinoy around the web. Yun nga rin ang problem kasi hindi na nakikita yung isang side ng equation. So talagang kahit anong explanation wala nang magiging tama kundi lahat ng mga sarcastic at nagmumura around here. May psychological effect kasi yung degree of anger para matabunan and isa pang side ng argument.

    If I care less about these things, I wouldn’t have posted my very first reply here and simply let the issue go on forever. I will benefit from it in some sort. The more na tumatagal ito the more exposure my site gets even with a negative impression. Exposure is still exposure no matter how bad it is (tapos maya maya may magsasabi naman dyan “yeah you will not have any networks of friends”) Marami kasing matatalinong tao e. That’s why Margh should eliminate the links to my site now and delete all our exchange of comments with each other. Since the link is cut from my site to his page, then this post of his only brings in an impression of insecurity dahil wala nang basehan yung claim. I suggest Margh you check my e-mail to you and put an end to this.

  51. lester honestly I don’t know what you are talking about na pinapahamak ko mga pinoy

    Margh should now cut the link to my article now and i proposed na magdelete na ng comments namin with each other’s sites. May mga link references dun na nagtuturo sa bawat isa sa amin so they should be removed.

    Of course my article will never be modified of the contents since it is a personal opinion. What gave him paranoia is the “localized keyword” anchor linked to his post. Now that it has been removed, this article of his is baseless and he should do something.

  52. link-baiting? i think rian got the strategy wrong. he also put malice into marghil’s post. though the last paragraph is generic, the first three are not and it points to where his link is actually pointed.

    in one of shoemoney’s post (i forgot where), he claimed to have harassed make money online experts (both anonymously and not). but he implemented their advices and replicated their successes. now that he’s famous, he got the same attacks as well. is this the path rian would like to follow.

    @marghil, we support you on this bro. you’ve helped a lot of bloggers, including me.

  53. parang pacman vs cotto to ah, masyado mainit.. ang mali lang ni rian, hindi sya gumawa ng homework nya… hahaha

  54. mrs. macuha easy lang.. di pinapansin un mga ganyang mga noob..

    now his suggesting to cut all the links and forget about it.. lol. ang dali sabihin.. scary tlga pag dimo ginawa homework mo..

  55. @Rian, wag ka ng mag-expect ng reply from my husband. Hindi sya bob0 kagaya mo. What an offer, ginawa mo na namang gag0 asawa ko with your offer? Sya pa ngayon mukhang may atraso sa offer mo? LOL, pinagtatawanan ka lang namin ngayon ng asawa ko. Nga pala, alisin mo man iyong link sa site mo or not, IKAW pa din ang nagmukhang TANG@ sa ginawa mong post, kahit pinakabatang blogger ang pababasahin mo sa post mo, IKAW pa din ang MALI and don’t you say na YOU DID NOTHING WRONG dahil in the first place you have accepted it and humingi ka pa ng apology thru email, gusto mo ipost ko iyong email mo para magmukha ka pang MAS LALONG TANG@? Which is which nga ba? Inamin mo nung una iyong mali mo dahil sabi mo naglilinkbaiting ka lang tapos ngayon YOU DID NOTHING WRONG na? Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

    Correction din nga pala RIAN, this post won’t be baseless kahit na inalis mo na iyong link, or kahit idelete mo pa iyong post mo, we all have your comments here… detailed at may google cache din. It won’t remove the fact na siniraan mo sya. Nag-iisip ka ba? Now, pinaliit mo ang mundo mo dito sa blogosphere… goodluck in your blogging career.

    Regards daw sabi ni Marhgil. LOL

  56. Rian, na-miss mo ang reference to the Winnie Monsod – Mikey Arroyo interview. Yung ibang tao kasi, napakabilis mag suggest ng “sue me” o kaya “bring me to court” para maliwanagan ang lahat.

    Kaya pag mahilig ang tao sa banat na “sue me” eh alam mo na kung gaano kalakas ang pundasyon ng mga statements nya.

    As far as I’m concerned, ask my lawyer. πŸ˜‰ Mwahahahahahahahahaha!

    (To Marhgil: We support you! Thank you for all the help you have continuously freely given to the web community. It is quite unfortunate that some people choose to ride on some bloggers’ popularity in such a negative way. Hayaan nyo na… maglalaho din ang mga negative trying-hard failures na yan.)

  57. puro palusot huh! nasan ang credibility ng new blogger na ito kung yung post nyang yun ay for link b@iting purposes lang? he cannot even give justice to his post. mas rerespetuhin pa siguro yan kung i-retract na lang nya yung sinabi nya.

    this is my first time to comment here. i can’t really say i’m marghil’s fan but i really look up to him with respect. nadagdagan ang respect na yun ng milya milya after reading his post now and i like how he handled this situation. swerte nung link-b@iter na yan kasi mabait si marghil.

  58. @rain isa kang tampalasang duwag!! Duwag ka pala eh!

  59. @marhgil
    We support you all the way!
    kung anong itinanim nyan, aanhin din nya yan in the future. (parang farm town or farm ville lang yan πŸ™‚

    @Mrs. Macuha
    keep cool po πŸ™‚
    Ambait talaga marhgil, Ganyan na nangyari tapos cool pa rin sya.

  60. waw !
    yan lng masasabi ko

  61. Ang daldal mo naman Mrs Macuha, again di ko binasa message mo. Haha. First and foremost nareceive ko ang email ni Marg and he does not want to settle. I was expecting that kasi alam nya may benepisyo sya makukuha sa ginawa ko, oh c’mon I wasn’t born yesterday. In fact alam nyang may benefit syang makukuha sa eksenang ito kaya di nya tatanggalin. I don’t need crediblity, para lang ito sa mga taong umaasa sa ads sa kanilang blogs. I can be the only reader of my own blog forever, and will even pay for its hosting all the way. Also, I don’t need friends and a network of friends, marami na ako nun. I can write all a lifetime on my blog even without earning a cent. Kahit walang bumisita sa blog ko for 2000 years that’s ok. I looked foolish, bobo, idiot and tanga? So what? Haha I don’t care.. Eto para sa iyo kung wala kang alam sa marketing bigyan kita ng quote of the day, “there is no such thing as bad publicity” which obviously applies to my site and to this site. Gets? No? Wag ka na magreply sir ha promise mo yan sa e-mail.

  62. Grabe ang init ng labanan dito he he he.. Ang tapang pala ni Misis Macuha πŸ™‚

    I do believe that as bloggers we should respect each other tips and technique and let the readers decide on what to do..

    I have know Marghil both online and offline and I think his intention is always to help other newbies or oldies.. Many time he teach and correct some of my post regarding seo..

    So if he is just teaching for his self gain I don’t think so.

    In blogging in order for you to have credibility you should always make sure that when you comment and link to somebody post , you have to stand about it, and not to remove the links later on if it will lead to a heated discussion.

  63. @RIAN, sure? di mo binasa reply ko? Oh come on! LOL, di nga halatang di mo binasa, lol, sino niloko mo? Madaldal na kung madaldal ako, di lang maging bobong katulad mo. Naks! Talaga lang ha… CREDIBILITY is not important for you? Hahaha!!!! Pinatatawa mo ako, paano ka kaya paniniwalaan ng tao mapa online or offline kung walang credibility mga pinagsasabi mo. Hayyy naku, mahirap talaga iyong nagmamarunong dahil lalo lang nagiging tanga at mangmang.

    Nga pala, di kailangan ng asawa ko ng publicity kasi in the first place di naman sya ang nagsimula nito kundi ikaw. IKAW ang may kailangan nun, kulang ka kasi sa pansin at ang TAYOG NG PANGARAP MO, hinay hinay lang, di mo pa man naaabot iyong “TO BE THE BEST BLOGGER IN THE WORLD” (naks! in the world talga ha) eh ngayong pa lang eh supalpal ka na.

    Yabang mo talaga noh? Ikaw na may kasalanan eh ikaw pa ang nagmamalaki. Kawawa ka naman, patingin ka sa doktor, malala na iyan.

  64. @ Dexter grabe talaga labanan dito, bilib lang ako sa kalaban dahil kahit na bugbog sarado na eh tumatayo pa din para lumaban, Ginajustify pa din sarili nya kahit na alam nya namang mali sya. Mahirap kasi sa taong HINDI MARUNONG TUMANGGAP NG PAGKAKAMALI, mahirap talagang paunawaan iyon. Sya na nga mali sya pa ang arogante. Mabait ako sa taong mabait sa akin, since asawa ko tinatraydor nya, alangan namang tumahimik lang din ako. Huwag lang akong kakantiin at di ako iimik, pasensyahan na lang or pasensya ako dahil ang isang ito ay may sayad sa ulo. LOL

  65. Engot, best blogger in the world ba kamo? Kaplastikan lang sinulat ko doon kala ko pa naman matalino ka. Sige paki damihan pa comments dito. Alam ko naman i-aapprove ang lahat ng comments ko dito para humaba pa yung issue, which is good for me. Check out my new article ok? Thanks peeps. πŸ™‚

  66. Thanks for this post Marhgil! I find it very useful. I’m having some SEO problems and your blog helps alot.


  67. I learned things from this website, it has been a good source of information. Sige kung ano ang opinyon nyo yun ang tama. Ok na? Punta na lang sa website ko if you have questions. Gaya ng sabi ni Margh, over and out. Thanks

  68. “Ang daldal mo naman Mrs Macuha…” <– True colors of Rian are showing. Binabastos mo ang isang babae dito mismo sa blog ng asawa niya. Ok. Enough talk/commenting for me.

    Time for action.

  69. @RIAN, sabta ni dong ha… uli ug bukid, pananom ug kamote basin naa pa kay mahalin. Why would I visit your site? It’s not useful to read, walang credibility mga pinagsusulat mo dun, so why waste my time. As what I have said… uli ug bukid ug pananom ug kamote or kaya kulikuta imo ilong basin naa paka kugmo makuha. Di mo gets? Sensya ka na lang. LOL, WAHAHAHAHA!!!

  70. Wow! Astig! Ang daming comments! Ganun ka kakilala marhgil! Hehe…

  71. I have been optimizing a lot keywords on my site too most especially in the field of personal finance, business, investments, and self-motivation. And I am happy my site has been gaining a lot of traffic not just locally but international as well.

    Marghil and Jehz are the best SEO bloggers here in the Philippines! Thanks to both. The fact that your post has been referenced to proves that you are an icon on SEO.

  72. Mrs Marghil o sige kahit di ko naintindihan ang last post mo ok lang. O ayan lantaran ko sasabihin na nagkamali ako (ayon sa opinyon) mo. Sige gaya ng nasabi ni Marg sa e-mail nya, let it be he does not care anymore, I will suffer na lang daw the consequences and he wished me luck on my blogging career. Ok na ba sa iyo yan. Tutal pinipilit mo naman na mali yung ginawa ko. Ok I lost my credibility na and wala na maniniwala sa sasabihin ko. Sige pabayaan na natin, charge to experience na sa akin. Ok na ba?

  73. Eh sioke yata yang comment ng comment na linkbaiter na yan eh. Masyadong uhaw sa webtrapik.

    Patol pa ng patol sa babae.

    Gusto mo maging ok, Mr. Linkbaiter? Di mo yata ma-gets eh.

    Tumahimik ka na jan. Hirit pa kasi ng hirit. Bobs talaga.

  74. mananahimik yan pag-nilagyan ko ng malware yung site niya, na-ban sa google at ma-suspend yang hosting account niya. yayariin ko yan. mabuti na lang hindi ako kasing baba mag-isip nitong taong toh.

    yung sinasabi mong “Bad Publicity is still publicity” sa showbiz yun boy. Marketing Grad ako at kahit kailan wala akong na-encounter na ganyan. As much as possible good publicity lang ang dapat lumabas when you talk about business.

    pang-showbiz lang yang sinasabi mo brad.

  75. Everyone has different opinion, but you should always remember this. There are many opinions but there is only one fact.

  76. Jan Alvin, the last one is supposed to be my last comment here, wala ako plano makipag away dito forever, nananahimik na ako pero umeeksena ka, payo ko ingat ingat ka lang hindi ka involved dito pero pinipilit mong makisawsaw. Kung kaya mo lahat yan marami rin kayang gumawa para sa sakin nyan for free, all of them my employees comsci and comengg. In fact you can check with Hostgator.com, my host, and you can find your name there on the record, I submitted your name and site. Hinay hinay lang bro. Cheers.

  77. If you could, please don’t give me the credibility, malware, banning, etc. threats. I can do the same to macuha.com so you will carry the burden of guilt for Marghil. If you have the resources and capabilities, I have my own too. Wag na tayo umabot sa ganoon. Idol nyo naman si Marghil di ba just do this for him. Wala (na) akong gagawing malicious dito kung wala namang magpoprovoke. Mananahimik na ako. Pero kung gusto nyo pa, game ako. I’ve got so much time on my hands. Cheers.

  78. “Peace offering!!! LOL!!! PAMATI kaayo ka dongÒ€¦ kasabot ka? Taetok kaayo ka ug utok ba.”

    AGREE jud ko!
    Bitaw, in full support ko ni Marghil!

    @Marg, pasagdahi na lang na si Rian. We know you. we believe in you. Many believe in you and many bloggers owe a lot from you… I’ve been a reader of your posts ever since. I know you are really sincere in helping many filipinos. I’ve tried a lot of your tips and they do work, so I’m convinced just like the many others out there, that you are not fooling us. You’ve got a name already Marg! Daghan lang nasuya! ! hhehehe.. Haay, life sa sikat! Keber ana ni Rian!

    Anyway, nakurat ko ani baya. .Just came from a trip.. Na shock ko ga-away na diri..hehhehehe…

  79. @Alvin… appreciate your concern. but attacking his site is going over board na. he already suffered the consequences of his actions. lahat naman ng sinabi nya, supalpal. lalo lang syang nagmumukhang tang@ sa lahat ng mga sagot nya. no need to attack him. the more he comments, the more he looks foolish. wag na nating patulan.

    Lastly, I’m closing the comment box on this post now. Masyado lang nag-iinit ang lahat. I already aired my side. He already aired his side. Although walang peaceful resolution since he is unapologetic and proud of his “credibility”.

    Sa lahat ng nagcomment at sumuporta sa akin, maraming salamat sa inyo. Appreciate all of it. Let’s all move on. Maraming maraming salamat.

    Lesson learned. “Don’t argue with a fool, They will bring you down to their level, and beat you with experience.” Ok na, panalo na siya. Case closed. Comments closed.

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