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Fishville Tips, Tricks and Cheats

I’ve been playing Fishville on Facebook for quite a while now. Here are some of my tips, tricks and cheats for playing Fishville which I learned thru experience in a Q and A format. You can also get more tips at Fishville Secrets.

Q. How do you earn money on Fishville?
A. You earn money by selling your fish. You can also earn money by selling the gifts given to you. You can also earn money by showing love to your fish, visiting your neighbors and helping them on different tasks like cleaning their fish tank or cooling it.

Q. How do you level up in Fishville?
A. You level up by accumulating experience points. Each task you make gives you experience points. When you buy fish eggs, when you sell your fish, when you decorate your tank and when you help your neighbors.

Q. How do you level up fast in Fishville?
A. You can level up fast by buying fish eggs that grow in a short period of time. You can sell them immediately in minutes and buy new fish eggs again. Sell them when they are already 4 years old to maximize your coins and experience points. With this technique, I was able to reach level 5 in about 2 hours only. Do not buy those fish that grows in 1 day if you are just starting up because you’ll have to wait 1 day to sell them. You can’t sell your fish if they are less than 1 year old.

Q. Am I limited to just 15 fishes in a tank?
A. No. The number of fish you can have in a tank depends on your current level. If you reach level 4, you can have 30 fishes. If you reach level 10, you can have 50 fishes.

Q. How much are the fish food?
A. Good news! Fish food is free. So, you can feed your fishes anytime you want and not worry running out of coins. Always feed them when they are hungry!

Q. Do you know of any Fishville cheats?
A. As of the moment, I don’t know any Fishville cheats. I like the game experience and I don’t want to ruin it by cheating. 😀

You can read more Fishville tips and tricks from Fishville Secrets, Mrs.Macuha.com and MenardConnect. 😉

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That’s all for now. If you have some tips or cheats to share, just leave them in the comment box below. Happy fishing! 🙂

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. Thanks for the tips! Im only level 3 in fishville. lol

  2. i know a super fast way to get money
    easy 1 buy mini dart goby
    2 wait til 4 year old
    3 sell them
    4 do this 3 times ( an hour )
    you should have over 1000 coins and 400 exp every time meaning x3 this

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