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Shoemoney As Macuha.com Model

Yeah, you read it right! After watching his video introduction about Shoemoney’s new venture: Shoemoney Modeling, I did not have a bit of hesitation and contacted him immediately on the comment box. I know, $2,500 is a bit pricey, but he agreed to a 50% discount as his first customer!

Getting Shoemoney to be Macuha.com’s model for only $1,250? That’s a steal! I’ll be shouldering all his expenses on the way to the Philippines for a 1-hour photo shoot!

I’m really excited about this! Finally, I’ll be personally meeting one of my online mentors and idol! Can’t wait! 😀

Update: As the date implies, this is an April Fool’s Joke! Sensya na sa mga naniwala. 😀 Wish ko lang, totoo!

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. wow! that’s really great! looking forward to that. you’ll be making a history among filipino bloggers. good luck marghil!

  2. Wow.. Is this for real? Or an April fools day from Marhgil… Hehehe

  3. Oh, how does that work?

  4. Wow si Shoemoney!! Astig!

  5. This is another milestone for you as well as for Pinoy bloggers.

    Pwde ga sumama sa photo shoot? he he he


  6. april fool’s? woooooooot!

  7. This is a great opportunity for your blog. Great ROI for sure! Hope I could afford the same for my blog.

  8. Is this another April Fool’s joke ? hehehehe 🙂

  9. kaya pala nun makita ko sa Buzz parang di attractive. hehehe. Macuha using Shoemoney System? Guerilla blogger now doing it systematically? hehehe. I believe you dont need him Marhgil

  10. LOL… what a perfect joke! I read about SM, but thinking that Shoe will be here in the Phils. for a photo shoot doesn’t make any sense.. hahaha… happy april fool’s day bro!

  11. Damn! I was fooled again !!! Happy April Fools day!

  12. waaaa, forgot ko april fools day na pla, nadali mo ako marghil

  13. Happy April Fools Day Macuha! Hehe 🙂

  14. Joke joke joke…April fools day nga…hehe..Naniwala na sana ako..His the best man…Shoemoney pa? and tindi non…Well, your getting in there my friend…goodluck! 🙂

  15. Sino si Shoemoney? Sorry ha. I’m not that updated… eheh…

  16. You got me there.. lagpas na april fools pero na yari ako dun..

    Are you going to IBlog6? see you there again.

  17. hahahaha. na yari din ako ha..

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