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Cherry Mobile P1 Review, Price and Pictures

We bought our Cherry Mobile P1 at Cherry Mobile kiosk in SM City Lipa. We chose the color pink because it’s the new addition to the Cherry Mobile P1 family. It’s not part of the original Cherry Mobile P1 phones. Actually, the box says it’s Cherry Mobile P1i model phone.

Cherry Mobile P1 looks like a calculator. It’s like a calculator with a mobile phone feature. It can receive calls. It can make calls. It can send SMS. It can receive SMS. Most of all, it has a calculator application in it. 😀

It’s a basic call and text phone. It has a phonebook, but it relies on your SIM card’s memory to store the data. You cannot even add a ringtone. There are only 6 built-in ringtones to choose from.

Actually, we bought it because it is so small and cute. It can fit in your coin purse. It can fit inside your polo shirt’s pocket. And people will think that you only have a calculator in your pocket. You can even put it in your notebook. Or make it a bookmarker. 😀

And lastly, it’s so damn cheap the price is not even 4 digits in pesos. It’s only Php 999.00 (~$22), open line. Just buy a 40-peso SIM card and it’s good to go.

Here are some photos of the Cherry Mobile P1 phone we bought (click on the image for a better lightbox view, click outside the image to close the lightbox effect):

Cherry Mobile P1 Package Pink Cherry Mobile P1 with Yakult Cherry Mobile P1 with ATM and Credit Card

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. is that really a phone? lol

  2. my 7-year old son actually wants that as his first phone. mura nga and the features are just right for him, pero how about durability kaya?

  3. the first time I saw that phone to a friend I thought it is a calculator but it’s a phone. for it’s cute

  4. Is that a really phone. It looks like a toy.

  5. Astig talaga ng pinoy, parang calculator.. heheheh

  6. I’m new to that mobile, when i first saw that in the internet i really thought its just a calculator, to think that its not. Its a Mobile wow so fantastic.

  7. dapat po may side view, especially mentioning it to be a bookmark.

  8. hi, i want to buy this phone contact me soon here is my contact +919927325097

  9. Hi, How about the battery life? How many days till it last?

  10. Cool stuff! It looks like my old calculator.

  11. ill buy this phone tomorrow. its so cute! especially the pink one! love it.

  12. hello .. does cherry p1 can store some musics ??

  13. my classmate has this. it’s so cute that i want to buy one for myself 😀 kala ko talaga nung una calculator eh. i was dumbfounded when i found out that it was a cellphone. CREATIVE!

  14. sana may mastore na kanta para mas cute cya…. i buy it yesterday

  15. It’s cute! Can I know where can I buy a phone like that? Here in pampanga…………

  16. haha kala ko din nung una calculator un pla cellphone hahaha n loko pa nga me nung friend ko sabi ba nmn try this one its so cool its a calculator aun ang tanga naniwala haha but the p1 phone is so cool and cute^^ i like to buy that phone my girl^^

  17. dapat ganito lan standard ng cellphone, no cam or anything just call text and mp3 lang pwede na.

  18. excuse me, pede ba yan gamitin sa pag load? yung sim na may smartload or globe automax?

  19. @Chesca May nakita akong CherryMobile sa Marquee mall. Kaso bumili ako ng saken sa GreenHills nung pumunta kame doon 🙂

  20. p1 nlng bilhin mo hnd kna mananakawan iisipin nila calcue hawak mo..
    s batery pla gnun din ung akin 2days lng lobat n ..

  21. HEY…how much is your P1?? if im going to buy 30pcs.??? thats xure..

  22. Grabeh! yung sis baliw s na balis sa P1 mibile

  23. mine is very defective. bought it at sm calamba. pink din. nakaka-dalwang palit na ako and to think na kahapon ko pa lang nabili at hindi ko pa talaga nagagamit ng ayos. nagha-hang siya tapos pag tinanggal ko battery at ibalik hindi na siya nago-on. ganun din yung pinalit nila. eto nasa bus pa lang ako sira na. so bukas ibabalik ko ulit. gusto ko nga irefund na.

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