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Smart Unlisurf: Why You Should Avoid It Like The Plague

Why? Because Smart Unlisurf is NOT unlimited as advertised. Any time, any where, any site. That’s what they are shouting on their advertisement! But is it true? My experience with Smart Unlisurf says it’s a big fat lie!

Any site. Whatever site. Right? But try doing this after you availed of their Smart Unlisurf service: Visit m.facebook.com. Of course, you’ll be able to login as an ordinary FB user. You can surf Facebook. Of course, you will think that you’ll not get extra charges since you are on Smart Unlisurf. Just check your balance after surfing and see for yourself. Here’s my blog post about it. They gave me back my 20 pesos load after I complained, admitting to the mistake. But did they fix this bug? It’s for you to find out!

Any site. Whatever site. But if you simply browse http://messaging.nokia.com or http://email.nokia.com, they will charge you with additional 10pesos/30 minutes! Yeah. Even if you don’t have an account with Nokia.com. Even if you don’t subscribe with Nokia Push Email. Even if your cellphone has no mailbox setup for push email. Even if you are on Smart Unlisurf already! Just visiting those sites will give you additional charges! I knew this because it happened to me and SmartCares was good enough to inform me! Smartcares DM’ed this to me on Twitter: “Pls b guided that Nokia Push Mail is a different service than d UNLI Surf promo. It connects to Nokia Server which is charged with the regular browsing rate of P10/30mins.” Question. Why is this fact not stated on the Smart Unlisurf terms and conditions???

To Smart, why aren’t we informed of these things? That if we visit certain sites, we will be given additional charges? What other sites aside from what I mentioned above will give me additional charges if I visit them even if I’m on Unlisurf? Can you enumerate them for us so that we can avoid those sites as much as possible? Can you update this page and remove the ANY SITE phrase there?

I already decided not to use Smart Unlisurf for the rest of my life. I might still use my Smart SIM for texting and calling, but for surfing the net, I’ll avoid Smart Unlisurf like the plague. You’ll never know what charges they might deduct from you everytime you surf with it!

Smart Unlisurf. The not-so-unlimited surfing service from Smart that is ready to suck your load with unlimited charges for visiting certain sites they don’t even want you to know!

Please pass this to any Smart user you know to get them informed of what Smart Unli Surf really is all about.

Disclaimer: This blog post is mainly based on the blogger’s first hand experience on using Smart Unlisurf and the information he got from SmartCares. I’m not sure if SmartCares’ opinion reflects the opinion of Smart Communications, Inc. on this matter. But I assumed it is.

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. Mag-Globe na ser. Lipat na. 😀

  2. it’s better to use Sun Unlimited Internet 50(24 hours unlimited) REALLY UNLIMITED, no hidden charges I guarantee that. I used it every weekend when I have to write new blog posts

  3. too smart talaga, and with marhgil’s followers, they should really get worried.

  4. dati smart din gamit ko pero lumipat na ako sa globe. madami ring nakakaranas sa kapalpakan ng smart kaya lang walang magawa. thanks to this post!

  5. Me too, i changed my sim to Globe.

  6. Like sun, Globe is also unlimited.
    Kaya siguro ang laki ng kita ng smart… tsk tsk

  7. Hmm did smart resolve this problem? or will they wait till they receive too much bad publicity?

    Can we report this to newspapers? This is clearly false advertising. 🙂

  8. Lipat na sa globe. : )

  9. ttssskk… lakas mandaya ng smart.. he he he.. pero sigurado makakatulong ang smart sa traffic mo ha ha ha

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