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Wowowee Out, Pilipinas For The Win In!

Willie Revillame will not be coming back to Wowowee after all. Because Wowowee will be replaced by Pilipinas For The Win!

According to ABS-CBNNews.com, Pilipinas For The Win will be hosted by Kris Aquino, Robin Padilla, Pokwang, Valerie Concepcion and Mariel Rodriguez. It is going to be a game and a variety show.

Pilipinas For The Win will start airing on July 31, 2010.

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. I think di na Pilipinas for the win ang title ng show

  2. It’s a good thing that Wowowee is out ’cause I don’t want to see the f*ing face of Willie Tutule again. Not to mention hearing his f*ing voice, redundantly singing his corny songs.

  3. For all the people who said that the show will survive without Willie here’s the answer of your comments. Now that it has changed and produced a new program which is we know the reason why. Even with your Pambansang Utol and your Kris, the rest of the previous program co-hosts and now they stuffed more people still they can’t surpass the rating of Wowowee. I doubt if they can survive for 2 more years when Showtime already took their place and they were moved another schedule. A lot were talking against Willie and maybe the station was convinced by it now it was proven wrong. Congratulations and good luck Willie! You just won over them!

  4. I agree, all the other shows they replaced wowowee with is obviously just trying hard so very hard. they can’t very well live up to its successor’s name, without the man that made the show. no matter which big superstar they top bill the show with, there’s only one willie that can reach out to the hearts of the masses. that’s why there’s nowhere to go but down, for ABS CBN’s noontime shows.

    they just have to let go of willie, in a professional way. not by pulling him down, when he’s got better opportunities in another network. that’s why the case that willie recently filed against the network giant is proof that its not about money, because he can easily get it in his millions worth of offers. but by giving him a just and square treatment, without any sour graping. because he did rake in the billions for his big bosses in ABS with wowowee’s successful run.

  5. ABS-CBN can still stand without Willie. It’s not about the high ratings wowowee brought to fame to the network but after all its the joy & good values of the hosts is more important to be shown to the national viewers. Willie has been given many chances already but he’s got attitude problem that will never change. I was once a great fan of Willie for a long time and used to watch wowowee everyday outside the Phils. but sadly I stop idolizing him cause of his obnoxious behavior shown on TV. I still wish him luck working in another network hopefully he will be more conscious accompanying his responsibilities of his action.

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