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Bloggers Association of the Philippines, National Bloggers Association Or Whatever They Call It

Bloggers all over the Philippines are abuzz with this topic right now. Are you in favor of having a National Bloggers Association, or Bloggers Association of the Philipines, or anything of that kind?

Let me share my 2 cents since I’m a blogger by heart and by profession right now.

Personally, I don’t need any blogging association whatsoever. I have my own blogs where I can air my opinion and I don’t need any association to stand for me on any issue. Bloggers have their own opinion on any topic and they have their own blogs to say what they want to say. That’s what happening right now and that’s what it should be today and in the future. I don’t agree for a single organization to speak for bloggers since bloggers have their own opinion and it’s impossible to come-up a single unified stand about any issues.

It’s like having a National Religious Organization of the Philippines. It’s impossible for them to have a single stand since they have conflicting beliefs. You can have an organization for Protestants, Catholics, Muslims but you cannot have a single organization that will represent all of them on any issues.

So? My stand? No to National Bloggers Association. It’s ok to have niche bloggers association, such as Food Bloggers Association, or Tech Bloggers Association, but for a National Bloggers Association or anything of that kind to represent all of them, sorry but I’m not buying it.

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. Actually, all religions have one organization. It’s called… humanity!

  2. @Wow… i don’t agree. so you mean atheists are not part of the humanity? 😀

  3. i really dont see the point of this national bloggers assoc thing.

    (for the nth time. same comment to all who blog about this)

  4. I share the same sentiment as Idol Marhgil. Blogging is based on personal beliefs and experiences. However, some would want to politicize this industry. Who knows, baka sa 2013 may Party List na itong bloggers na ito.

    Actually naisip ko na rin yang idea na yan pero di ko na tinuloy. haha

  5. kawawa naman kami, hindi kami kasali sa humanity. 😀

    I agree with everything you said, man. I’m really not a big fan of hijacking the names “national” and “blogging” as if they had a mandate.

  6. National Blogging Association? Then what? Ano rin gagawin ng mga bloggers dun? Ok lang sana mga convention or gathering, but association hmmm… No. There are already too many site and social networking sites where bloggers can interact with each other. I don’t find the need of a National Bloggers Association.

  7. The national association is needed when Google starts abusing their subscribers. The national association will fight for the rights of adsense publiahsers especially those who are banned by google for unexplained reasons! A national association can also push for international laws which will protect the right of global workers. When you are banned by google by some unjustiable reason, or any US company , whom would you turn to? This national association of bloggers will be revolutionary!!. It will fight for the rights of the filipino adsense publishers !!

  8. @Marhgil

    Atheism is also a religion, minus the deity!

  9. maybe we can have online marketer’s association instead of bloggers association… 🙂

  10. We share the same sentiment sir Marghil. Go for independent blogging!!!

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