AIM World NPP Package: Why Do You Need To Buy It?

    AIM World is just around the corner and new AIM Global members are asking their uplines: Why do we need to buy the AIM World NPP (New Product Policy) Package?

    Here are the reasons:

    AIM World NPP Package

    Credit: AIM Global FB Page

    1. The AIM World NPP Package is the key to activate your AIM World account. This is a special privilege for AIM Global members only. Instead of buying the AIM World Global Package to become AIM World member, you just have to buy the AIM World NPP Package. This is much cheaper. It will also transfer your AIM Global downlines and waiting points to your AIM World account!

    2. So that you can try the products of AIM World, iProtect 24/7 and CareLeaf, as early as possible.

    3. So that you can learn how to use the AIM World website and how to order online. You will also know by experience how long the shipping of products would it take to reach you country.

    4. The AIM World NPP Package will also activate the Freedom Sunday Encoding to all your AIM Global accounts. You just need to buy 1 AIM World NPP and all of your accounts will have Sunday encoding enabled.

    5. So that you are fully ready and can start recruiting and marketing AIM World on March 18, 2016*, the date when AIM World will be opened to non-members of AIM Global to 200 countries.

    *Start of NPP encoding was moved to March 28. AIM World opening to the public will be adjusted as well. No official announcement yet on the exact date of opening.

    What if you did not buy the AIM World NPP Package? What will happen?

    1. If you did not buy the AIM World NPP Package and your downlines bought it, you will not earn anything on all their AIM World activities. No points will be credited to you in all their product reorders and Global Package encoding in AIM World! 🙁

    2. If you are given a spill-over AIM World account downline by your upline, you will also not earn anything from it. No points will be credited to you.

    3. In essence, you are not an AIM World member, you will not earn anything from AIM World activities of your downlines and you cannot benefit from its presence in 200 countries. You are still an AIM Global member, so, you will only earn from AIM Global product reorders and Global Package encoding.

    Update: Learn about AIM World Marketing Plan here!

    There’s nothing to lose and more to gain if you buy the AIM World NPP Package! You can already order online thru your AIM Global DTC, payment options include credit card payments from Visa and Mastercard, and remittance to AIM Global BDO account via BDO Remittance partners worldwide. It only costs $102 exclusive of shipping fee (ranges from $5 – $40).

    What are you waiting for? Buy your AIM World NPP Package now!

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