Christmas Text Messages

Just a little collection of Christmas text messages you can copy and save on your cellphone so that when December 25 comes, all you have to do is send these messages to all your friends.

OpenDNS Gives Different Google Search Results

I was again surprised when Jehzlau informed me that he had already beaten me on Google for Marhgil Macuha keyword. He even have a screenshot to prove it. He is not signed in on Google account.

SEO For Mobile, Anyone?

A lot of people are now using their mobile devices for surfing the internet. And they increase everyday.

Proof Of Real Blogging Money

Do I really make money online? I could show you some checks, screen shots of Paypal payments, but still, people doubt it. How about a picture of me holding the dollars after I got my Google Adsense payment for October? I earned $600+ last October, I asked the Western Union … Continue reading


At The Avenue Of The Stars, Hong Kong

The TTDS And Why I Did Not Buy It

I bought 2 Nintendo DS Lites here in Hong Kong, a pasalubong for the girlfriend, and one for the officemate who asked me to buy one. So, right now, I got 3 NDSL in my room, because I brought my NDSL here in Hong Kong too.

Google’s Personalized Search and Some Contest Clarifications

I was suprised this morning when Jehzlau informed me via twitter that his entry for my mini-SEO contest just beat my blog on the number 1 spot. However, when I tried googling, I could see that my blog is still number 1. You can’t beat me that fast. Hehehe.

The Virtual SEO Contest

Ever wonder why would almost every probloggers blog about the same topic at the same day especially when the topic is hot? Like, when Western Union was offered in the Philippines for Adsense publishers, Yugatech already mentioned it on his blog, why will others blog about it too, where in … Continue reading

The 13th Month Pay

What does an employee has that probloggers don’t have in the Philippines? It’s the 13th month pay. The Philippine government requires it. Employers are required to give 13th month pay to their employees before the year ends. On the other hand, Google will not send you a 13th month check. … Continue reading