Dwight Howard’s Superman Dunk Video

That’s what they call it. The Superman Dunk. That’s the dunk made by Dwight Howard on the NBA slam dunk competition. And it is really amazing. If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the Superman Dunk video as posted on Youtube:

Project Wonderful’s Effect On My Google Adsense Earnings

On the first week of testing Project Wonderful on this blog, I found out that putting them here did not affect my Google Adsense performance. There’s no change in my Google Adsense CTR and earnings, hence, Project Wonderful is a good source of additional income. Even up to now, Project … Continue reading

My Google Adsense On Valentine’s Day

I really love Valentine’s Day. It just beat all my one-day record on Google Adsense, thanks for people addicted to text messages. Here’s the screen shot of my Google Adsense earnings for February 14, 2008. Click the image for a better view.

Heavy Traffic On My Text Messages Blog

History repeats itself. Just like what happened last Valentine’s day, heavy traffic is flowing on my text messages blog right now. 400 unique visitors per hour is not a joke.

Project Wonderful’s Withdraw Funds Feature

I tested Project Wonderful‘s Withdraw Funds feature after earning more than $10 last week. I decided to withdraw $10 to see how fast the withdrawal could be processed. The result? The $10 is sent to my Paypal account after 1 day. Here are the steps:

Getting Targeted Traffic At 1 Cent Per Visitor

I’ve been experimenting with Project Wonderful these past few days. And I found a way to maximize my money by advertising on it and get targeted traffic at a rate of almost $0.01/visitor.