How To Make Dancing Elves

You saw it on Youtube. You saw it on other blogs. Now, you want to make your own dancing elves with your family pictures or friends’ pictures in it. Is it possible? Of course!

There’s A Shih Tzu Puppy In The House

Last week, we bought a new puppy. Doogle is no longer in the house because we gave him to my parents in Batangas. Since my wife really wanted a new puppy, we went to a pet shop in Batangas last week to buy a new puppy. Here’s what we got. … Continue reading

Why Dreamhost PS Rocks

Because it has scalable memory resources that you can adjust anytime you want. Like if I want a guaranteed 4GB memory resources for just 30 minutes, or just one hour, or a whole 24 hours, or a whole month, I can simply set it without contacting the technical support and … Continue reading

The Global Translator Plugin Effect

I have this little idea before that for me to attract more search engine traffic, I should start translating my blog to other languages. Like creating a sub-domain such as for Chinese version of this blog, using the Google Translate tool manually to translate my posts.